How UoPeople Is Changing Lives: Student Stories

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Education is a powerful tool that transforms the future. Read students’ stories of how UoPeople’s revolutionary system has changed their lives.


Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The stories of the students who have passed through our virtual, online classroom doors at University of the People showcase how education has truly changed both their world and enlightened those around them.


With the goal to offer affordable, quality, online degree-granting programs to students globally, the revolutionary model of education has quite literally changed lives.


Here’s a look at a few stories from those who have graduated from our various degree programs and how the model of education has enabled them to achieve dreams they once thought they never would have otherwise been able to accomplish.



John Christopher Piedad

Business Administration – Philippines


Studying out of the Philippines, John Christopher Piedad is the youngest of four siblings. Raised by a single father meant that all four children couldn’t earn higher education because of the financial burden. As the youngest, John Christopher pursued his Associate degree instead of a Bachelor’s or Master’s because it requires less credits, and in turn, less fees. He received his Associate degree in International Hospitality Management, and worked hard to become an Assistant Front Office Manager in a 5-star hotel run by Dusit Thani Davao.


Although his position is satisfying and rewarding, he still always felt the desire to earn more education. Rather than remaining complacent and putting his dream of earning a Bachelor’s degree to the side, he came across UoPeople, which has offered him the opportunity for tuition-free education to earn his Bachelor’s in Business Management. With this knowledge, he will increase his management skills and boost the qualifications in his resume to continue to excel in his career.





According to John Christopher, his favorite thing about studying at UoPeople is that it provides him “access to higher education while working at the same time.”


His story shows how financial burdens and familial responsibilities don’t need to hinder one’s goals to access higher education, no matter where you are in the world!



Nkeangnyi Yimnai

Health Science – Cameroon


It’s not always family and financial burdens that can impact one’s ability to achieve higher education. In war-torn countries, the political climate majorly impacts education.


For example, in Cameroon, Africa, Nkeangnyi Yimnai shares how her country is embroiled in civil wars which has halted her schooling on several occasions. Yet, it still hasn’t stopped her from earning her degree in Community and Public Health from UoPeople.


Growing up in a home of seven, with four siblings, Nkeangnyi believes that her education will pave the way for the future of her family. One of her primary motivations in achieving her degree is to inspire her friends and relatives to follow in her footsteps.


Since she graduated from high school in 2009, she has enrolled and studied in three universities in her country for one to three years at a time. However, because of the political climate and distress, she was never able to finish her degree as the programs were halted or canceled. This means that in total, she lost eight years of her academic life and resources due to situations completely out of her control.





While most people would just give up, Nkeangnyi’s perseverance brought her to UoPeople, where she can be assured that nothing outside of her own choices will stop her from earning her degree. Regardless of Cameroon’s government and politics, she has the ability to finish her degree with nothing else but her determination and an internet connection.


After all is said and done, what’s her favorite thing about UoPeople? She states, “The opportunity to meet, befriend, and share ideas with great minds around the world, while simultaneously building yourself for a future career through higher education, wherever you are, and at your own pace.”



Natalia Lebo

Business Administration – Uganda


At just 24 years of age, U.S. citizen Natalia Lebo works alongside her husband, a Ugandan national, for the Global Outreach Mission as a missionary to Uganda.


Together, they are currently serving in some villages outside of Jinja, which for those who like a little trivia, is the source of the Nile River. As a missionary helping to teach older primary school children about identity, healthy relationships, and sexual education, the Global Outreach Mission requires that they raise their own funds to continue their selfless work.


From what Natalia learned studying at University of the People, the couple prepares for one-on-one fundraising meetings and public presentations. The hands-on practical skills she has learned in her classes has provided her with the foundation, confidence, and communication required to raise funds to educate the people she teaches day in and day out.





Natalia says that she chose to study Business Administration at UoPeople because “it allows me the freedom to be in the classroom no matter where in the world I am. I have studied in the bush of Africa, the comfort of my bedroom, and my favorite cafe.”


Along with the value and security she says that the program has added to her life, the education is literally changing the lives of the population of Uganda.



Looking to Change Your Life?

From just these three unique stories, it’s easy to see how education can help you and also enable you to help others. With UoPeople, the online degrees allow for flexibility and can be the saving grace to achieving a higher education when all the odds would otherwise be stacked against you.


This just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique stories from students around the world. Over 17,000 students from over 200 countries have enrolled and completed degrees from UoPeople with a 95% satisfaction rate.


Education will forever be the one thing you have that no one can take away from you. If you’re interested to learn more about how UoPeople can change your life, you can read the FAQs here and find out more today.