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How to Code for Beginners: How to Start Coding for the Future

Updated: August 4, 2023 | Published: May 16, 2019

Updated: August 4, 2023

Published: May 16, 2019

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Though you may not realize it, we interact with computer code daily through our phones, smart watches, digital assistants, TVs, and much more. Everywhere we go, code is there! In our modern digital world, learning to read and write code can greatly benefit your career and personal life.  

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Why Choose to Learn Code for Beginners? 

Learning to code is similar to learning a new language; it takes dedication. But if you consider all the career options opened up by these skills, it’s worth the effort. The fields of IT, robotics, website development, app development, and even gaming are all looking for coders.  

Coders, or developers, have unique designations depending on what they do and how they do it. They could be front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers. However, each developer knows a certain amount about the process and they all work together to create your favorite technologies and keep them running. 

Front-End Developers 

Those who have dealt with website issues, login problems, or had a website built for their business have interacted with a front-end developer. Mainly, these coders write in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, the front-end developer uses various coding languages to create interaction, and animations, or to allow file access. 

Back-End Developers 

Back-End Developers work to ensure that the front-end developer’s codes function well and efficiently. They write the code that allows devices to read and follow the programming, ensuring it can logically interact with the consumer and perform its tasks. Essentially, their code acts like the brain, taking input and making sure the programs react correctly. 

Full-Stack Developer 

Full-stack developers are a combination of the other two developers. They can provide the front and back coding, eliminating the need for two separate coders. This position is becoming a fast-growing position as companies look to become more efficient and cost-effective. 

How to Begin Code Classes 

When you are ready to begin learning to code, there are many places that can teach basic coding. However, taking courses through University of the People (UoPeople) will go beyond any of the simple and free coding classes found online. Look into earning a Computer Science degree to obtain the best education in code and kickstart your IT career. 

It’s quick and easy to get started, but before you begin, you’ll first need to choose which language you want to learn. Will it be JavaScript, Python, SQL, Ruby, or one of the other many languages? Consider your career goals before choosing as different positions require knowledge of different languages.  Once you’ve mastered one, there is no stopping you from learning them all!  

JavaScript Code for Beginners 

JavaScript is one of the basic scripts and is now celebrating 25 years of service. JavaScript combines a collection of property inputs to create a virtual entity. Creating this entity allows you to create a whole world of objects, creators, installers, and more with the proper combination of properties. Further coding can combine these entities to create more objects and spaces. Many early games for computers began with JavaScript coding. 

Python Code for Beginners 

Python has assisted with website building, scientific development, education, business, and software development, and even helped the GUIs run smoothly and correctly. It can compile, test, manage, and assist many web development applications. In addition, learning Python will assist in your computer science courses and numerical and scientific analysis. 

Structured Language Query (SLQ) Code for Beginners 

SLQ is well known for creating and searching databases. Whenever you search the library, the internet, or even your computer database, SLQ coding works to bring you the results. You can also use the code to create and manage databases. 

Ruby Code for Beginners 

Ruby is an open-source programming language that promotes productivity and creates simple programs. Ruby works by treating every code as an object, allowing unlimited personalization and method creation. Using a combination of coding and short phrases, you can create a program to handle a variety of tasks.

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Resources to Learn to Code for Beginners 

Coding is the job of the future. Whether you want to learn coding to build a game, simplify your routine, or start a career, there are many resources available to assist you. A simple internet search will offer tons of free websites and boot camps, promising to make you a master coder. But it is difficult to replace the rigorous coursework and instructor interaction offered by UoPeople.  

Whatever your career goals may be, UoPeople has the courses you need to obtain the certificates and degrees for your future. Coding for beginners is only the tip of the iceberg; enroll in a class today to dig deeper into the digital world!