How Much Do Computer Scientists Make? Salaries From Around the Globe

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Computer science jobs are growing faster than average. How much do computer scientists make? Take a look at salaries from around the globe.


Computer science is both a growing and broad field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field will add over half a million new jobs by 2026. The sector is growing faster than average at 13% from 2016 to 2026 because the nature of the world continues to rely more heavily on technology and computer systems. The job is challenging and rewarding, and in most, cases lucrative. So, how much do computer scientists make?


With such a high influx of job openings, it’s a good time to look into what the field entails, those who hire computer scientists and the average salaries from around the world.



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What Is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computational systems, including their hardware and software. With virtually every industry requiring computer scientists, degree programs teach the practical and theoretical knowledge to understand the design, development, and programming languages that computer systems require to function.


Computer science majors enter the workforce with professional titles like: computer research scientist, computer systems analysts, computer network architect, software developer, web developer, database administrator, and computer programmer, to name a few.


Computer science jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree; however, some positions like system administrations and web developers can find employment with an associate degree or relevant experience. The choice is yours as to how much education you want to receive in order to apply for your dream position, and this choice will also affect your salary outlook.



How to Become a Computer Scientist

Regardless of where you live or where you want to work, the opportunity to become a computer scientist is available whether you choose a traditional university setting or by taking courses online to earn your degree.


For example, at UoPeople, you can choose between earning an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in Computer Science. This decision should hinge on the title you want in your career, as well as the time you have to invest to your studies. The program begins with 11 general education classes, including College Algebra, Programming 1, Programming 2, and Software Engineering 1, to name a few. The Computer Science degree program is designed with three major goals in mind:


  1. Provide students with the background knowledge and understanding of computer systems
  2. Develop the technical knowledge and skills to tackle practical problems within computing systems in various ways
  3. Enhance critical thinking in computer security, ethics, and privacy


Upon graduating from UoPeople or the college of your choice, you will be prepared with the knowledge and skills to enter the computer science field in a variety of positions, including as a computer programmer, software developer, IT manager, database administrator, and more. Depending on your own interests, you can choose courses that relate more specifically to the position you want to land upon graduation. Additionally, you have the option to intern and work with a career advisor throughout your studies to better prepare you to enter the workforce with connections and skills.



Who Employs Computer Scientists?

Various industries hire computer scientists. As the world continues to rely more heavily on data and automation, those with knowledge in this field have many job prospects, ranging from working for the government to the private sector to starting one’s own business. Industries like the financial sector, healthcare, consulting, aeronautics and defense, and hardware design are always sourcing good computer scientists.


By the numbers, the industry of computer systems design employs the most graduates in this field, followed by universities and institutions, and then insurance companies. Whereas the highest paying careers are in internet publishing, broadcasting, and web search portals. However, the majority of those who study in the field become software developers (about 20%) and computer programmers.


In America, the data shows that the highest number of those employed in the computer science field are located in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.



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What Can You Earn?

As the job opportunities are high in the field of computer science, the skilled knowledge also commands a lucrative career. However, the salaries vary by location, employer and position title, naturally.


Let’s take a look at some of the average salaries from around the world that computer scientists earn:



United States


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the annual mean salary ranges from $50,000 to $130,000. Keep in mind that the numbers of course vary by location, employer, experience, and degree level. Here’s a look at the yearly salaries of some computer science positions:

  • Computer Programmer: $87,530
  • Computer Support Specialist: $52,160
  • Web Developer: $74,110
  • Computer Systems Administrator: $79,700
  • Database Administrator: $89,050
  • Software Developer: $106,710
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $92,740
  • Information Security Analyst: $99,690
  • Computer Network Architect: $107,870
  • IT Manager: $135,800


United Kingdom

  • Information Technology Directors: £76,061
  • IT Business Analysts: £35,543
  • Programmers: £30,400
  • Software Development Managers: £52,099


To get salaries from around the world, we looked at one consistent source for information, PayScale. PayScale is one of the world’s most advanced compensation systems that uses big data and algorithms to serve as a compensation leader and resource for salary research. With their data, we took a look at the average annual salary of those with a computer scientist title from different countries in the world.


Here’s what it showed in other regions around the world:



South Africa $20,512
Australia $46,136
Switzerland $85,709
Norway $70,776
Denmark $70,082
UK $59,268
Germany $57,345
Sweden $53,469
Netherland $51,488




While America tends to offer the highest earning potential for computer science graduates, the field is growing globally and the need for computer scientists is as strong as ever. There is opportunity to land a position in any country with a computer science degree because of globalization and the far-reaching accessibility that technology affords. In addition to the high earning potential, computer science jobs create satisfied workers because the challenging and ever-changing nature of the job.