4 Awesome Facts About Studying Computer Science Masters Programs

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Ever wanted to study a computer science masters program? Here is everything you need to know…


So, you’re thinking of doing a computer science masters program. It seems like a great a idea since it will open many job opportunities. Take it from Donald Knuth, Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University, who once said, “People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on each other, like a wall of mini stones” In other words, it is possible for anyone to achieve success in a master of computer science, since it takes a great deal of people collaborating together to grow the field of computer science. Now is your chance to learn all the awesomeness that awaits you in a computer science masters program.



1. It will supercharge your career

Learn new skills:


You may be thinking, “What could a masters in computer science do for me?” Well, one thing’s for sure is that you will end up learning and mastering new skills, like web programming and computer networking, as you take courses such as programming languages and web development.



Grow your network:


Being a student also provides you the perfect opportunity to grow and broaden your professional network. Everyday you will interact with new contacts that could turn into a potential job or a new collaboration that could lead to the next big mobile app. To start take the time to get to know people and their interests. You might find that you have common goals with your classmates, which could lead to something big in the future. Growing your network is important, you never know who you will meet and what connections they might have. It is only in your best interest to meet and befriend as many people as you can while studying in your computer science masters program.



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Increase your earnings potential:


With new skills and a masters degree comes higher pay. According to Computer Science Zone, a computer scientist with a Bachelors degree can expect to earn between $70,000-$80,000 where a computer scientist with a Masters degree can expect to earn between $90,000-$105,000. Some of these jobs would be an Information Security Analyst, or a Software Developer, or a Computer Network Architect.



2. You will find clarity about your career direction

What interests you?


While studying for your Masters of computer science, you will learn many new areas you could specialize in. By taking a wide array of courses, you can broaden your view of the computer science world. You may find that you prefer app development over web development or have a real knack for algorithm design, just to name a few computer science subjects you might take to.



Open your mind to new areas of computer science:


Some programs have the option to specialize in certain areas that pique your interest. These specialties include artificial intelligence, game development, biocomputation, multimedia and creative technologies, and many more. Choosing a specialty allows you to delve deeper into a specific area of computer science.



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What do you want to do with your masters?


Think about what you want to do with your masters when you get your degree. This will help you choose the right program and school for you so you can head in the right direction. To start ask yourself which industry do you want to go into, which field would you like to specialise in? What does your future job look like?


According to, it is important to make sure that the school offers the topics you are interested in studying and that the faculty are doing research that pique your interest. Also keep in mind what’s right for you, might not be right for your friend or colleague.



3. Learn tricks of the trade from the very best

Did you know some of the Dean’s teaching computer science are also the very same people inventing some of the best and most innovative technologies that changed the world?


If it wasn’t for Anantha P. Chandrakasan’s, Dean of the MIT School of Engineering and the Vannevar Bush Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, “work on low-power chips for portable computers” it would not have made “possible the development of today’s smartphones and other mobile devices”.


Jennifer Widom, Frederick Emmons Terman Dean at Stanford University, isn’t only “an innovator in engineering education”, but “spent her 2016-17 sabbatical traveling the world teaching computer science in developing countries”.


Andrew W. Moore, Dean of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, led projects to improve user experiences in advertising and shopping and to help combat fraud” at Google.


These are just some of the top faculty members that you could learn from, but explore the US News Best Grad Schools Rankings for Computer Science to see who else you could learn from.



4. Improve the way you think and see the world

Among the technical skills learned in a masters of computer science, you will also learn other types of skills. You will learn how to think creatively when trying to solve a problem. After all the practical solutions have been tried, you could be forced to think out of the box and be creative with your solution. Being able to think critically is another advantage of studying computer science as well.



Wrapping Up

A Masters in Computer Science can supercharge your degree, help you find more direction and give you highly desired knowledge that you can learn from the very best.


A career in computer science can open up many new doors. Wondering how to begin your career in computer science? If you already have an undergraduate degree, start by understanding your direction, what do you want to do with the Masters, then look for schools that offer the best subjects in that area.


If you don’t have an undergraduate degree yet, there are many traditional universities offering degrees, or try online degrees such as at the University of the People that are fully accredited and tuition-free and are more affordable and flexible.


So what are you waiting for? Take a leap into the computer science pool and explore all there is to see.