Are Online Degrees Respected by Employers?

Online degrees are no longer a concept of the future and are now fully respected by employers of all sizes and locations. Here are our top 8 reasons.

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Online degrees enable you to combine your busy lifestyle with your study. You can study what you want, when you want and how you want. The online option gives you flexibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience and peace of mind. It is an increasingly popular option for students wishing to enrich their education and progress in their careers.


The online degree has become a highly sought-after option for those seeking to build a career or make a mid-life career change. Online degrees can be much cheaper than traditional degrees with some such as UoPeople offering tuition-free degrees.


But, what do employers feel about online degrees? The answer below may surprise you…


1. Old-fashioned Stigmas Are Now Outdated

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A common concern for potential students is the perception that some employers’ have an outdated stigma of online degrees. Rest assured times have changed as an increasing number of top-ranking universities have started to offer on-line alternatives to their degree programs, the distinction between studying online and in a physical building has become less important. Employers are more interested in what you know and what you can do for them, than what method you used to gain your knowledge.


2. Accreditation Is More Important Than Method of Study

Accreditation matters. Employers will discriminate against students who do not have a degree from an accredited institution. Accreditation is a formal recognition of the high educational and ethical standards of an institution, qualified instructors, adequate facilities and equipment and ethical admissions procedure. In order for your degree to be accepted and respected, you need to ensure that you choose an accredited one. Accreditation puts you ahead of your peers.


3. Transferable Skills, Soft Skills and Your Personality Matter

In today’s world where transferable skills are key, soft skills matter more than ever and switching careers multiple times in a lifetime is the norm, employers are no longer making judgements or decisions based on whether you have studied online or in a brick and mortar university. A future employer’s hiring decision is based on the holistic you, the whole and complete you; your motivation, dedication, time-management, organizational skills, communication skills, personality and interpersonal skills.


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4. Proof of Your High Level of Commitment, Excellent Time Management & Motivation

Studying online requires high motivation, commitment, dedication and time management. An online degree shows employers that you have all of these required qualities and attributes.The knowledge gained is of far greater value to an employer than the method of learning and your soft skills, transferable skills and prior work experience are of no lesser value than the degree itself.


5. The Evolution of E-learning Makes Online Degrees Increasingly Popular, Therefore Cannot Be Ignored or Rejected by Employers

According to Statista, the Statistics Portal, Statistica survey 2017 on growth of e-learning the size of the e-learning market in 2014 was 165 billion dollars and forecasted that by 2022 it will escalate to 243 billion dollars. This demonstrates the evolution of e-learning and that it is here to stay and has been embraced by today’s generation of employers. The stigma that once was is now an outdated, unfashionable and soon-to-be obsolete attitude.


6. Real-world Work Experience Is What Makes You Stand Out

The majority of online students are adults who have had a significant amount of real world experience in the workplace. This gives them an edge over a new college graduate.


In time, your work experience and the knowledge gained through your future employment will ultimately override your qualifications and future employers who may still have their outdated negative bias will be paying less attention to the method that you gained your degree, and more attention to your previous job responsibilities.


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7. Proof of Your Computer Competency, Communication Skills and International Collaboration Skills

When you study for your degree online, you will be required to communicate and collaborate with other students, who are most likely to be an eclectic mix of international students of all ages, levels of experience and ability. English may not be the mother tongue of every student and you will need to use your collaboration, team-working and verbal and written communication skills in order to collaborate with them. When you show an employer that you have studied in this way, you are showing him/her that you have learned these skills.


According to National Institute of Colleges and Employers Survey 2018 of most wanted attributes by employers Job outlook 2018 survey on attributes most in demand by employers, the top 10 results were:


  1. Problem solving skills
  2. Team working skills
  3. Written communication skills
  4. Leadership
  5. Strong work ethic
  6. Analytical/Qualitative skills
  7. Verbal communication skills
  8. Initiative
  9. Detail-oriented
  10. Flexibility/Adaptability


8. If Asked at an Interview Why You Chose Online Study, Prepare Your Legitimate Answer. You Can Really Impress Them With Your Answer.

For example you can tell them that you wanted to gain a degree in order to reach your career goal. You can tell them you are highly motivated and have excellent organizational and time-management skills, and you knew that you would succeed at getting your degree online. Tell them about all the other commitments you have and how you juggled everything to succeed, and don’t forget to mention all the soft skills you learned along the way.


Finish by telling recruiters how much you enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with students all around the world and how it helped you to develop your team-working and communication skills.


Wrapping Up:

An online degree will impress your future employer by showing your competency, commitment, determination, motivation to get ahead, organizational skills, excellent time management and communication skills. Take that first step now to open the door to a brighter future. You will never ever look back.


“Being enrolled at UoPeople already helped me to get a job I used to have and want in the past. The manager interviewing me noticed UoPeople on my CV and he asked me about it. He was, I believe, impressed by my attitude towards education and later I found out that it was one of the reasons I got hired.”


Adrian Boscu, Czech Republic, Bachelor’s in Computer Science, UoPeople



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