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Are Online Degrees Respected by Employers?

Are Online Degrees Respected by Employers copy


The rise of online education was a growing trend before the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the pandemic certainly expedited the volume of students who chose to learn online and the investment in education technology (ed-tech) is on an upward trajectory. This all begs the question: “Are online degrees respected?”


To be able to answer, “Are online degrees worth it?” and if they are respected, we’ll first look at the benefits of learning online. Then, we’ll touch on how to choose online institutions that will be respected by employers.



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Benefits of an Online Degree


The digital transformation of nearly every industry is upon us, and education is no outlier. There’s a good reason why so many students are opting to earn their degrees online.


Here are a few of the benefits of doing so:






If you are to attend a traditional on-campus university, then you’ll have a pre-set schedule as to when your courses are offered. You’ll be expected to show up in person at whatever time of day, which means that you will set your social and professional schedule around your school schedule. On the other hand, when you attend an online university like the University of the People, for example, you get to choose when and where you learn. Not only does this save you money and time in terms of preventing any need to commute, but you also get to have immense flexibility within your schedule. It’s up to you then how to manage your time.






According to, the cost of online college is an average of $10,776 less than that of a traditional in-person college. One of the main reasons why online colleges are less expensive is because there are fewer overhead costs associated with operating online. This is how online universities, like the University of the People, can be tuition-free. Did you know that even if you attend an online university, you can get financial aid to help you cover the costs associated with your higher education?




Array of options


When looking for traditional and in-person colleges, there is a lot to consider. Since attending a public university in your own state or country is cheaper than one outside of your borders, you may find yourself constrained geographically. Or, it could be the case that you have responsibilities that are keeping you close to home. Whatever the constraint may be, attending a physical campus location could require you to narrow down your options. Alternatively, when you choose to earn your degree online, you can basically remove any physical or geographical constraint. This opens the door, or should we say online window, to more options!




Unique learning experience


You’ve likely heard the term used before because many college graduates will refer to their “college experience.” While that may involve attending sporting events or college frat parties, there’s still something to be said about the unique learning experience online. You get to essentially learn from wherever you want and at whatever time suits you best. Not only that, but you will be attending school with people from all over the world, which allows you to gain different perspectives on life. Some online schools operate using a pedagogical model, which promotes peer-to-peer learning.



Increased career prospects


With your online degree, you can qualify for more job opportunities because many employers require a university degree to work. Combined with increasing your job opportunities, you will also end up increasing your earning potential. The data shows that millennials with a high school diploma earn just 62% of what a typical college graduate earns.




Practical coursework

The coursework of online programs is designed to teach practical knowledge and skills so that graduates are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. For example, at the University of the People, professionals and volunteer educators from world-renowned universities come together to create curricula that are expertly designed to equip students with what they need to succeed in their careers.



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Are Online Degrees Respected? Choosing Online Colleges


Knowing all the benefits of online colleges may still leave you skeptical and asking, “Are online degrees respected by employers?”


The answer is yes! But, there are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing what online institution to attend because they aren’t all looked upon in equal favor.


To make sure that you’re choosing an institution that is well-respected, look for the following:


  • Accreditation: Accreditation is when a third-party and verified source ensures that the institution is indeed equipped to provide everything it promises. Since it’s a third-party seal of approval, it can be trusted by employers and other academic institutions alike.
  • Completion rates: Check out the completion rate of your online institution of choice. The completion rate represents how many students end up earning their degree out of the total who enrolled. This is a great representation of how successful the programs are and how well they are designed.
  • Feedback: Another great idea is to consider the student feedback of those who have attended the online institution of your choice. There’s no better way to understand the student experience than to hear it from the students themselves. Here are some reviews from the University of the People’s students for example.




How to Position Yourself as an Ideal Candidate?


Along with your degree, when you are ready to apply for a job in your chosen field of choice, make sure that you have prepared a stellar:



You may also need to provide references to your employer, which could be professors or previous bosses. When doing so, be sure to ask your references beforehand if they are okay with you putting their name and contact information down for this purpose.




Online Degrees are the Future!


It’s no doubt that the resounding answer is “Yes” when you ask, “Are online degrees respected?” The reason is simple: online degrees are designed to prepare you for the workplace just like in-person and traditional degrees are. They just happen to take place digitally, which provides students with extra benefits like being more affordable and granting extra flexibility.


When looking for your online institution of choice, don’t forget about the key considerations that we list above. Good luck on your digital journey of higher education – we are rooting for you!


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