UoPeople’s Unique Learning Method

UoPeople’s groundbreaking learning method makes the University unique and successful. Our method equips students with an excellent, well-rounded, and hands-on learning experience. Here’s how:

Online Learning

University of the People’s is an online learning university, providing students with access to some of the top university lecturers worldwide. It also allows students to study on a flexible time schedule, offers hands-on experience, and encourages ‘out of the box’ thinking.


Collaborative and Peer to Peer learning 

University of the People’s pedagogical model is based on an online collaborative learning environment that promotes peer-to-peer learning and utilizes open-source technology along with open educational resources (OER).


American Accredited University

The University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and follows a traditional American University model, entirely online. 


Top Academics and Professionals

Leadership includes esteemed academics from Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, NYU, UC Berkeley, Georgetown University and more. More than 5,000 professionals have volunteered for the University, filling key UoPeople leadership positions including University President, Provost, Academic Deans, Course Developers, Academic Advisers and Course Instructors. 


Global Community

The University of the People student body hails from over 194 countries worldwide, inspiring interesting dialogue between peers, and offers students alternative perspectives to their own.


Personal Attention 

Students learn in small online classrooms (25 students) to make sure professors can focus on each student’s needs. Each UoPeople student will be allocated with a personal Program Advisor from the moment they begin their studies, who will continue alongside them until their graduation. The student’s personal Program Advisor will be the student’s support system, answer any questions the student may have, discuss course selection, and encourage them throughout their studies.