Academic Leadership

Business Administration

Our Business Administration leadership is made up of deans, associate deans, and an advisory board comprised of distinguished academics and professionals; the role of the advisory board is to utilize their knowledge and expertise to ensure the program’s standard remains high, and that it stays hands on and relevant to industry trends.

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Computer Science

Our Computer Science leadership advises, promotes and guides us in our mission to maintain the first class level of our Computer Science Program, and is comprised of deans, associate deans and a highly-respected advisory board of academics and professionals.

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Arts and Sciences

Our Arts and Sciences leadership was formed in order to help shape UoPeople’s Liberal Arts program into the highly relevant and hands on program that it is today. The Arts and Sciences leadership includes an advisory board (comprising of academic and business professionals in the Liberal Arts field) a dean and an associate dean.

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Library Services

Our Library Services advisory board, comprises of leading academics and professionals – their role is to share their knowledge and expertise to provide guidance, and ensure that useful resources are provided to all students.

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