Academic Leadership


Our deans are prominent academics who provide leadership and guidance to ensure UoPeople offers the highest quality degree programs.

Provost & Vice Provost

The Provost and Vice Provosts are distinguished professionals who utilize their vast knowledge and experience to guide the academic programs of the University.

advisory board – business administration

The Business Administration Advisory Board is comprised of leading academics and professionals who contribute their decades of experience and knowledge to supervising the program activities and development.

advisory board – computer science

The Computer Science Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished industry professionals and academics working to maintain the high level of quality in our online degree program. Leading and overseeing various developments and activities within the computer science program, they assure a high standard of education.

advisory board – health science

The Health Science Advisory Board leadership includes an advisory board, comprising of academic and business professionals in the Health Science field.

advisory board – education

The Education in Advanced Teaching Advisory Board is made up of professionals and academics overseeing and leading the degree programs activities and development.

library services

University of the People Library and Resource Center (ULRC) provides students and faculty access to various collections of quality academic resources and services to support the University’s academic programs.