Asaf Wolff

Senior Vice President of Enrollment 

Mr. Wolff acts as the Senior Vice President for Enrollment, helping UoPeople achieve its ambitious student recruitment goals and gain widespread support internationally. Mr. Wolff administered a 500% growth in student numbers at the university in the last two years, and ensures that the numbers continue to grow at the same rate. Mr. Wolff manages the Marketing and the Public Relations departments, as well as the Admissions and the Financial Aid Offices. In addition, Mr. Wolff is in charge of UoPeople partnerships with organizations such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Intel, and Western Union, among others.


Mr. Asaf Wolff was previously a Senior Manager in a mid-size company for eight years and brings with him a wide range of skills & knowledge that are valuable for any process. During his time at his previous post, Mr. Wolff was in charge of analyzing the company’s strategic movement towards a brand change, heading the steering team and reporting to the CEO. Mr. Wolff was directly involved with major organizational changes the company underwent, including unifying its operations, merging with a local company, and ultimately, being acquired by an American company. From providing tactical advice to building short-term operational plans and a long-term strategic vision, as well as overseeing human resources and marketing, his advisory services are much needed within any organization to reach its goals. Mr. Wolff received his MBA from Tel Aviv University and holds a law degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.