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M.Ed. Student, Mohammed Y. Wants To Be An Education Technologist

Mohammed Y., M.Ed., Nigeria

Mohammed Y., M.Ed., Nigeria

Mohammed Y. was born into a large family in Nigeria. His father is a retired civil servant and his mother a passionate business woman. “I was raised to be independent. I knew from the start that others around me weren’t as fortunate. I had to be prepared for the future,” he says.

Despite being a very curious and dedicated student, Mohammed didn’t have an easy educational journey. “I had major difficulties with reasoning, arithmetic, reading and spelling. What kept me going was my faith in my own abilities. My slow but steady progress surprised everyone when I ended completed my degree in Mathematics from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. That someone like me could pass with flying colors was inspiring to those around me,” Mohammed says with a sense of personal accomplishment.

He is currently teaching at one of the Federal Government Unity Colleges in Nigeria. “I decided I wanted to become a teacher to inspire a new generation of learners. I like to mix new ways of teaching with traditional educational methods to make studying an engaging process for my students,” he says. Mohammed has all of the latest digital learning tools at his fingertips.

“My favorite digital learning tool is Google Classroom integrated with other Google products for online teaching, learning, curriculum mapping, assessment and evaluation. I love using advanced digital learning tools to help equip students so they have the skills and knowledge to face tomorrow’s challenges,” he shared with us.

How did Mohammed find out about University of the People? “I saw UoPeople featured in one of the Facebook stories in 2020. It was perfect timing. I had been searching for flexible higher education opportunities that would allow me to learn from anywhere. I knew I needed a fully online university that could help me earn an M.Ed. on my own schedule,” he explains.

Mohammed is able to study at a pace that works best for him. He began the M.Ed. program at UoPeople in 2020 and his goal is to graduate in 2023. What does Mohammed think of UoPeople? It is “…inclusive, diverse and innovative. I highly recommend University of the People to prospective students because of the flexibility offered. UoPeople provides high-quality learning resources and the instructors are knowledgeable and experienced academics from some of the top educational universities and colleges. This adds to the high-quality of education you receive and general learning through peer-to-peer interaction,” he explains.

What is Mohammed doing now? He is busy juggling a full-time teaching job, family responsibilities, and education at UoPeople. How does he do it? By managing his time and sticking to a routine. “I keep my focus on meeting my goals and I also know my limitations. I have a schedule that includes time for family, studies and work. I believe in multitasking whenever I see an opportunity, but mostly I stick to doing one thing at a time,” he says.

The big question, what does Mohammed see in his future? “I want to become an Education Technologist and work in the booming EdTech industry. I love using technology to impart knowledge. I think progressive educational models are the future. These are models that are designed around the students’ needs and interests. Technology can greatly contribute to teaching in various ways to teaching, especially during assessment and evaluation as these aspects are very time-consuming,” he shares. Mohammed would like to pursue additional degrees and certificates in the field of education after earning his M.Ed. We wish him well and can’t wait to see him succeed at his goals.

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