Certificate in Strategy





Certificate programs demonstrate professional competency for specific skills in a shorter time frame than a traditional undergraduate degree. A professional certificate may:

  • Enhance expertise
  • Increase professional opportunities
  • Build reputation
  • Increase ability to deliver high-quality work.


The Strategy Certificate provides the student with a foundational understanding of the development and advancement of strategic, innovative management methods and practices. Certificate programs are non-degree and achieved after completing classes and training in a specific area or skill. Certificates are generally completed in approximately 5 months or two terms.


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Program Goals


A professional certificate program should be completed with the following goals to enhance expertise, significantly increase earning power, reputation, and the ability to deliver high-quality work.  


Students are provided with the opportunity to sharpen their skills and knowledge in the field of Business Administration. Courses for the Strategy Certificate will focus on the following:

  • Examine multinational management functions including planning, organizing, leading and controlling across globally diverse environments and organizations.  
  • Analyze strategic planning, leadership, and human resource management.  
  • Explore the inter-relationships between business and society. 
  • Develop competitive analysis for strategic planning and insight. 

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Program Requirements


The Certificate in Strategy program requires:

  • The completion of the required 9 credits, and all courses listed for the course requirements for the specific program.  
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in all coursework attempted at UoPeople. 
  • Earn an overall grade point average of at least 2.0 in all courses taken. 
  • Complete all required exams.  

Certificate programs are non-degree and achieved after completing classes and training in a specific area or skill. Certificates are generally completed in under a year.    


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Individual courses are the building blocks of each certificate program. Course requirements for the Strategy Certificate are structured to ensure that student study encompasses a broad range of topics and approaches, with an appropriate balance maintained to enhance career skills and knowledge.    


The Strategy Certificate is a 3-course program establishing that the student has mastered the basic fundamentals of strategy. 


To view the list of courses in the Strategy certificate, click here.


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Admission Requirements


If you would like to earn a non-degree certificate you must first take the usual steps to apply, including meeting basic admission requirements.

To meet admission requirements, applicants must:

  • Be 16 years old or older
  • Have English proficiency

To apply for admissions consideration to UoPeople, applicants must complete an online application, including payment of a $60 non-refundable Application Fee.


Non-Native English Speakers    

UoPeople’s online programs are American accredited and are taught in English. Therefore, non-native English speakers must demonstrate that they have a strong level of proficiency in English before beginning their program at UoPeople. Read more here.


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To succeed in today’s evolving business world, it’s necessary to have a broad range of tools and skills at your disposal in every aspect of business – from accounting and marketing to management and economic theory.   


Students looking to sharpen and enhance their expertise in the field of Strategy will explore areas related to business management, competitive analysis, and developing long-range and short-range strategy goals. Students will also receive vital practical skills to incorporate into their careers.  


Those who earn a Certificate in Strategy may go on to advance their careers in business management. They may also find work in the private sector offering their expertise as strategy consultants for businesses.  


Explore the many career opportunities available to you after earning your certificate here.


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The Certificate Program does not provide transferable academic credit and is excluded from the student recognition for GPA achievements (i.e., President’s List, Dean’s List, Honor’s List).


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Technology Requirements

To complete a certificate at University of the People, students will need to have consistent access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. Most of the learning materials that students will be dealing with in their UoPeople courses are compatible with Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office. Read here to find out more. 


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UoPeople is able to offer our students an online degree tuition-free because of our unique model of online higher education. Our minimal processing fees help to maintain our tuition-free online degree structure—allowing all qualified students to receive their online degree without educational instruction expenses, course material or annual enrollment fees. We ask for a non-refundable application fee of $60, and an assessment fee of $120 to be paid by the end of each course.


The estimated total fees for the Certificate in Strategy are $420.


For more details on cancellations and refunds, click here.


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Why earn a Certificate in Strategy? 

The UoPeople Undergraduate Certificate in Strategy is an excellent choice for working adults who want to learn more about the latest in strategic planning and management practices. Perhaps you are interested in a career as a Strategic PlannerBusiness Manager, or want to prove to your employer that you have a specific expertise in strategy. The Undergraduate Certificate in Strategy can also be completed  more quickly than a full degree program, making it an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend years working toward an undergraduate degree. 



How long will it take to earn my Certificate in Strategy? 

The Certificate in Strategy requires the completion of three 3-credit courses. Students can take two courses per term, which means the certificate can be completed in as little as two terms, or approximately four months. Of course, students can choose to take a single course per term, in which case the certificate would be complete in three terms, or approximately seven months. 



What kinds of assignments will I complete to earn my Certificate in Strategy? 

Each course will have its own unique assignments. In general, students can expect a mix of writing assignments, discussion board posts, exams, and projects. Expect to spend about 15 hours per week on each course to complete readings, research, writing, and study. 



To find out more about our certificate programs, click here.


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