Marketing Management – BUS 5112:
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Learn Marketing Management

Course Overview

Effective organizations, whether in the public, private or non-profit sector, seek to attract and retain satisfied customers consistent with their mission and capacity. The course will emphasize the theory and practical skills associated with assessing customer interests, desires and needs; identifying organizational fit; and harnessing the organization’s capacity to respond. It will explore the relationship of marketing to other business functions and consider the challenges faced by organizations seeking to serve international and cross-cultural markets. Examples of how both young and mature organizations gain insight into consumer behavior, market services and engage in business-to-business marketing will be analyzed. Marketing for the e-business sector will be discussed, and students will be introduced to the role of marketing in new ventures, and learn cost-effective ways to do market research and leverage available resources in innovative ways to create new markets.


Preparation Resources

  • Winer, R. & Shar, R. (2011). Marketing Management (4th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall.

Marketing Management – BUS 5112 -Course Schedule and Topics:


Week 1: Unit 1: Developing a Marketing Strategy


Week 2: Unit 2: Understanding Customer Behavior


Week 3: Unit 3: Developing a Global Brand Strategy


Week 4: Unit 4: Marketing Strategy over the Product Life Cycle; New Product Development


Week 5: Unit 5: Pricing and Sales Promotion


Week 6: Unit 6: Communications


Week 7: Unit 7: Channels of Distribution


Week 8: Unit 8: Customer Relationship Management