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What Is It Like to Study Health Science at UoPeople?

What Is It Like to Study Health Science at UoPeople (1)

Helping others in their moment of need. Participating in groundbreaking research. Working to improve the health of a community. The reasons for pursuing a career in health sciences run the gamut. Whether you are interested in patient care or healthcare policies, a Health Science degree can provide the education you need to be positioned for various careers in the field. 

Health science is a booming field, it is expected that healthcare support jobs, healthcare practitioners, and technical occupations will generate 2 million new jobs through 2031. Job security is high and plenty of positions are available for those who choose to study Health Science. In addition, Health Science provides a range of job roles for all skills whether direct patient care, research opportunities, or community health. 

So, what is Health Science? This wide field applies science specifically to health problems and outcomes, according to U.S. News & World Report. Health Science improves healthcare systems and policies by applying advances in technology and science to various aspects of healthcare. This is a wide field that looks to improve medical care from clinical care to research to community health through the use of scientific advances. Unlike degrees in basic science (biology, chemistry, etc.) that also explore fields outside of health, a Health Science degree focuses on how that science impacts various aspects of healthcare and policy. With healthcare needs higher than ever, students who pursue a Health Science degree can position themselves well for a robust, rewarding career.  

Options for Health Science Degrees 

For students interested in Health Science, multiple education and degree options are available. Whether you are looking to lay the foundation for a career in Health Science, advance your existing career or sharpen your skills in a specific area, UoPeople provides a range of degree and certificate programs in Health Sciences for every need.  

Programs in Health Science are broad with certain degrees focusing more on specific areas of the healthcare field. In general, courses that students may take cover subjects such as infectious diseases, human anatomy, psychology, nutrition, and community health. Our programs can help you reach your goals no matter your time commitment or career ambitions.  

Bachelor of Science in Health Science 

If you are looking to pursue a master’s degree or advance your career, UoPeople offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Science that can be completed online in as little as 50 months. Students will learn about the causes of illness (social or biological), work with other students to build leadership skills and explore the ethics in healthcare policy. 

Associate of Science in Health Science 

For a great introduction to healthcare or to lay the groundwork for a bachelor’s degree, our Associate of Science in Health Science covers a wide range of health-focused topics, including disease prevention, public healthcare, and global health. In as little as 24 months, students can earn their associate’s degree, learn how to analyze health data, explore the connections between society and health and have a holistic view of mental health. 

Certificate Programs in Health Science 

UoPeople also offers a variety of certificate programs in Health Science for those who want to sharpen their professional skills in a specific area and within a shorter timeframe. 

These programs include: 

  • Public Health and Health Services 
  • Human Biology 
  • Epidemiology 
  • Behavioral Health 

Career Opportunities in Health Science 

The field of Health Sciences is diverse and encompasses everything from clinical work with patients to office work at a corporation. Health Sciences aims to improve healthcare for patients and communities by applying science and scientific research to all aspects of healthcare.  

The best career in Health Science depends on what is most important to an individual. A higher-paying job might not be the best career for you if it doesn’t fit your skill set and career goals. When is comes to salary, the highest paying jobs according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are medical and health services manager, biomedical engineer, radiation therapist, dental hygienist, and dietician or nutritionist. 

Studying Health Science opens the doors to many job opportunities in areas such as research, insurance, or medicine. This field has solid job prospects for the future, with a great need for healthcare professionals, and provides well-paying jobs that only require an undergraduate degree.  

Some of the career options available with a Health Science degree include: 

  • Community health educator 
  • Community health worker 
  • Patient care advocate 
  • Healthcare interpreter 
  • Healthcare administrator 
  • Patient service representative 
  • Wellness Coordinator 

Studying Health Science at UoPeople 

Regardless of the degree or certificate you choose to pursue, anyone who chooses to study Health Science at UofPeople will reap the benefits that our university provides. All of our programs are 100% online, giving you the flexibility to learn when and where you want. Small class sizes allow students from around the world to work together and learn from each other. 

UoPeople is an accredited online university and has been a leader in 100% online education for more than 12 years. As a student, you’ll study Health Science with academic leadership from scholars at top universities around the world. Plus, UoPeople is tuition-free, you only pay minimal fees for your classes as you go and never pay upfront. 

Start Your Health Science Degree 

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career or improve your knowledge in the health arena, UoPeople is here to help. Our application process is simple — all we require is a high school degree, proficient English, and for applicants to be at least 16 years old. Start your journey to making a difference in the health of your community, country, and the world today.