The Highest Paid Jobs in America – Your Complete Guide


While there may not be one overarching sector with the highest paid jobs in America, there’s a few sectors that stand out above the rest. Healthcare, for example, is widely recognized as one of the highest paying sectors in the U.S. Healthcare occupations are expected to grow 18% by 2026, including the addition of 2.4 million new jobs to the existing market. Computer science and engineering were also found among the highest paid careers, though medical professions seem to lead the pack.



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If you’re looking for a new start in your career, use our guide to help inspire your goals to achieve not only a high paying job, but a fulfilling one. Below are some of the most lucrative professions in today’s market.



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Wherever you are in your career, remember that salary is not everything. What matters is that you find work that satisfies your true interests and inspires you. The trick is to not only set goals, but to plan realistic ways to achieve them.


Whether you are a medical student, pre-law, or into computer science, your future is always in your own hands. Speak with an academic advisor, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and dive into the extra-curricular world of your field. And remember that it is never too soon to begin working on your own professional development!



Highest Paid Medical Jobs

  • Physician
    • Salary Range: $119,000 – $303,000 / year
  • Pharmacist
    • Salary Range: $113,000 – $142,000 / year
  • Nurse Practitioner
    • Salary Range: $105,000 – $138,000 / year
  • Occupational Therapist
    • Salary Range: $60,000 – $109,000 / year
  • Speech Language Pathologist
    • Salary Range: $49,000 – $93,000 / year



Highest Paid Legal Jobs:

  • Members of Congress
    • Salary Range: $174,000 – $194,000 / year
  • Real Estate Attorney
    • Salary Range: $74,000 – $145,000 / year
  • Employment and Labor Attorney
    • Salary Range: $87,000 – $185,000 / year
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
    • Salary Range: $137,000 – $197,000 / year
  • Tax Attorney
    • Salary Range: $99,000 – $200,000 / year



Highest Paid Tech Jobs:

  • Database Administrator
    • Median Salary: $81,710 / year
  • Computer Systems Analyst
    • Median Salary: $90,120 / year
  • Information Security Analyst
    • Median Salary: $100,240 / year
  • Software Applications Developer
    • Median Salary: $102,160 / year
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
    • Median Salary: $111,730 / year


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In today’s society, the workforce is more globalized than ever. Because we have become so connected, international boundaries are shifting as people have more access to ideas and career opportunities around the world. More than that, you may even be able to find higher-paying jobs overseas, depending on the field.


For those considering new opportunities abroad or who live outside of the United States, we’ve organized the following list of professions and their average yearly salaries around the world.



Highest Paid Professions Around the World


1. Surgeon

  • United States: $396,000
  • Canada: $310,000
  • Germany: $248,000
  • United Kingdom: $220,000


2. Dentist

  • United States: $225,000
  • Canada: $180,000
  • United Kingdom: $135,000
  • Germany: $120,000


3. Engineering Manager

  • Canada: $190,000
  • Germany: $173,000
  • United States: $156,000
  • United Kingdom: $136,000


4. Computer Hardware Engineer

  • United States: $144,000
  • Germany: $95,000
  • Canada: $88,000
  • United Kingdom: $55,000


5. IT Systems Manager

  • United States: $133,000
  • Germany: $98,000
  • Canada: $94,000
  • United Kingdom: $78,000


When applying for jobs, don’t be discouraged by the qualifications or requirements. Yes, your degree will often determine which professions you are qualified for, and your GPA may influence the opinion of the interviewer. However, it is your determination, and your ability to confidently portray your own experiences, that will impress your future employers. Even those without higher or formal education, it can be possible to find inspiring and rewarding career opportunities.



Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree Requirement:

  • Transportation/Storage/Distribution Manager
    • Median Annual Wage: $94,730
    • 2026 Projected Job Growth: 7%
  • First-Line Supervisor (Police/Detective)
    • Median Annual Wage: $89,030
    • 2026 Projected Job Growth: 7%
  • Commercial Pilots
    • Median Annual Wage: $82,240
    • 2026 Projected Job Growth: 4%
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators
    • Median Annual Wage: $81,920
    • 2026 Projected Job Growth: 5%
  • Media Equipment Installation and Repair
    • Median Annual Wage: $79,580
    • 2026 Projected Job Growth: 8%


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Impressing your Future Employer

To start, try to focus applications on jobs for which you are already qualified. If you studied business or economics, for example, you will likely find relevant jobs in fields like finance, business development, or marketing. If, alternatively, you are interested in jobs slightly different from your academic background, make sure to carefully read the job description.


Research the organization thoroughly before the interview and be prepared to answer questions about your genuine interest in the position and your unique added value. For those already well established in their chosen fields and looking for a career boost, you may consider pursuing further education. Whether you prefer to take time off to return to school or to accommodate your degree into your existing career, the right path is out there for you!


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Wrapping Up

While healthcare jobs may be among the highest paid, at least in America, the others certainly should not be ignored. As a student, the best thing you can do is find something that interests you and stick with it. Once you earn your degree, you may be surprised by the amount of career opportunities ahead. At the end of the day, remember that financial stress comes and goes, but your future is always in your own hands!




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