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Universities Near Me: Your Search For Success


When searching for universities to attend, you may choose to look for schools with campuses near where you already live. This can make the transition to college life much easier, and can work better for you if you already work full time and are looking to add a college program to your schedule. Check out our guide on how to find universities near me — plus, we let you in on another alternative, one that may be even more convenient than a university near you!

Colleges And Universities Near Me

Most states, countries, and regions will have at least one, if not many, quality choices for higher education. While studying online means you can study from literally anywhere with an internet connection, some prospective students still search for local colleges in their area. When doing the research and compiling your list, make sure you look out for distance from your home, including traffic, and take into consideration gas prices or cost of transportation (including parking).

While studying online is the most flexible, and in many cases, affordable route to take, some prefer to attend a local, in-person college. Benefits of attending universities near you include access to physical campus resources, face-to-face instruction, and in-person peer meetings with students who live nearby.

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How Do I Find Universities Near Me?

You don’t need to be a guidance counselor to be able to access plenty of information about universities near you. There are several ways to find out what universities are available in your area.

Attend College Fairs

Locally, you may be able to find college fairs, especially in the fall. They occur year-round as well. At a college fair, make sure to dress presentably, as you may be meeting with admissions counselors at the booths. Bring any questions you have, and collect any printed materials and contact information from the booths so you can review later.

Visit College Campuses

College campuses all offer visits and tours. In many cases, you may also have the opportunity for a private meeting with an admissions counselor. If there is a local school that offers visits, or meetings, take advantage of them! You can often find everything you need to know about how you’ll feel about a school just from a visit.

Do A Search Online

Having a quick and easy look online is one of the fastest and most accessible ways to get the information you need about universities near me. You can use an online map of your area, or use the resources we’ve gathered below.

Online Resources

College Board

The College Board is a large non-profit organization that helps people find information about colleges across the United States. You can visit the Search Colleges page, and search by zip code to get a list of colleges within a range of miles from your desired location. You can then find further information about admissions, tuition costs, and program information about the schools listed.

U.S. Department of Education

The Department of Education has a school locator that will help you find accredited colleges. You can search by city and state, and the Department of Education will give you basic information about the school, as well as relevant accreditations.

College Navigator

College Navigator is part of the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics. With the College Navigator, you can search for schools within a certain number of miles from a zip code. On this list, College Navigator will present you with information on the schools’ tuition, campus setting, student population, graduation rates, financial aid, and program offerings.

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Studying Online: A Location-Independent Solution

If you are looking for “universities near me,” you may be interested in studying online — after all, your living room can be the closest university there is! With so many accredited universities offering fully online degree programs, there really may not be much of a reason to attend a campus for the same degree. Studying online may offer lower tuition rates as well, but these programs are just as good as the ones taught in-person.

When you study online, your classroom is wherever you (and an internet connection) are. You don’t need to worry about making your work schedule and school schedule align, don’t need to worry about classes during commuting hours, and can travel freely no matter the time of day or year. Online universities, and universities with online programs, truely are the location-independent way to study.

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5 Advantages Of Online Study

1. Flexible Study

When you study online, you no longer have to worry about penciling classes into your agenda (in most cases). Lectures are recorded, assignments are given, and you get the opportunity to choose when, where, and how you attend lectures and complete the assignments. Everything is done online, so if you are your most attentive at night, you can watch lectures at night. If you work during the week, you can get all of your university work done on the weekends. Studying online is the most flexible option for getting a degree today.

2. Doesn’t Matter Where You Live

When you choose an online program for your studies, you can attend universities across the state, country, or globe without worrying about relocation, losing a job, or being far from loved ones. Someone in California can study at a European university, or vice-versa, without ever stepping foot on the campus, much less in the other city or country.

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3. Customizable Learning Environment

Studying online means a fully customizable learning environment. In a traditional class, you sit at a desk in front of an instructor, surrounded by other classmates. This may work for some, but can be distracting and unengaging for others.

At online universities such as University of the People, you can study at home or in whatever learning environment best suits you. Be it in a quiet area of your home, or outdoors in a garden. You get to choose the best place for you to learn and show your skills in assignments.

4. Cut Down on Commute

Never worry about your commute again — at least where school is concerned! With online classes, you don’t need to get anywhere specific for class. You don’t need a car, to pay for gas, to worry about monthly transportation pass costs, or check the transportation schedules to make sure they get you to class on time. Attending from anywhere means you never have to worry about traffic, and you can spend that commute time furthering your education, instead of traveling to get it.

5. It’s Eco-Friendly

Did you know that online courses use 90% less energy and have 85% fewer carbon emissions than in-person courses? This is due to a cut on transportation use, as well as energy use to power the classroom. All you need to study is a computer and an internet connection — in short, it’s minimal consumption and maximum educational benefit.

The Bottom Line

When searching for “universities near me” it can be easy to find a few in your area, but make sure you have all the facts before you commit. And consider studying online, if you really want the most flexible option for you.

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