The 6 Best Online Bookkeeping Classes In 2021

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By taking bookkeeping classes, anyone with the desire to become a bookkeeper has the opportunity to do so. Businesses use bookkeepers to maintain records of financial transactions. And so, people with high attention to detail who enjoy critical thinking can be a great fit for this position. 


We’ll review what a bookkeeper does and the benefits of becoming one. Then, we will share some of the best bookkeeping classes online in 2021. 



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What is a Bookkeeper? 


Bookkeepers work in businesses to record and upkeep financial transactions. These transactions include: sales revenue, payments, invoices, and more. They record data into the general ledger so that companies can create important financial statements like the balance sheet and income statement. It’s of utmost importance that these documents are accurate. 


In fact, for publicly traded companies, it’s required by law to share these documents. If there are mistakes, companies run the risk of harming their reputation, paying fines, or even potentially losing their business. 


This is one reason why a bookkeeper must take their job seriously. Possessing financial knowledge along with technical literacy is just one important aspect. 


It’s also helpful to have these skills:

  • Attention to detail 
  • Organization 
  • Basic accounting knowledge 
  • Knowledge of accounting frameworks like GAAP
  • Data entry 
  • Understanding of applications and software systems



Why Become a Bookkeeper? 


Everyone chooses to become a bookkeeper for their own reasons, but there are plenty of good ones. For starters, bookkeepers have the ability to work remotely and online. So, they can find positions from the comfort of their own home. 


Additionally, the pay is solid, especially for a job that doesn’t require a degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay is $41,230. The top ten percent of earners in the field brought in over $62,000. Given you have a passion for the field, then that’s reason enough to become a bookkeeper. 




Bookkeeping vs. Accounting 


When learning more about bookkeeping, you may wonder how it differs from accounting. While it is possible for an accountant to be a bookkeeper, the reverse is not true. 


Bookkeepers maintain the day-to-day transactional records of financial transactions. 


Accountants also oversee financial statements and data, but their role is much more strategic in nature. They provide business owners and leaders with financial insights that are gleaned from the financial data (including bookkeeping).



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Best Online Bookkeeping Classes in 2021


If bookkeeping could be the right career track for you, then consider these top-rated online bookkeeping classes, with and without certification.


  • Ashworth College: Ashworth College offers a bookkeeping course with certification. The cost of the course includes the National Bookkeepers Association Bookkeeper Certification Exam and practice test. Students can choose from two payment options. They can pay in full for $649, or choose to pay monthly installments for a total of $899. The course is broken down into eight different lesson groups for students to learn the basics of accounting and bookkeeping.


  • Udemy: For a cost-effective option, Udemy has a Bookkeeping Basics #1 course for $74.99. As one of the platform’s best-selling offerings, students learn the basics of bookkeeping. It consists of 4.5 hours’ worth of material with more than 50 video lessons. The course is designed for new business owners, managers, and students who are beginning to hone their understanding of bookkeeping.


  • Penn Foster: For anyone seeking a career in the field, Penn Foster College Inc. provides a course that can be paid in full for $689 or in monthly auto-payment installments that amount to $844. Once enrolled, students benefit from: course content, a peer student community, coursework that is mobile-friendly, career services, and study materials. Upon completion, students will ideally have the knowledge they need to gain an entry-level position as a bookkeeper.


  • Coursera: Coursera provides a free course called Financial Accounting Fundamentals. It was developed at the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia). Enrolled students learn about how to use journal entries and summarize transactions, how to prepare financial statements, the most used financial statements, and how to deduce a company’s financial status based on data.


  • Central Wyoming College: Central Wyoming College provides students with a certificate option in Bookkeeping. The total credit hours are 31 and it prepares graduates to enter the field. The certificate course shares basic bookkeeping skills and accounting principles.


  •  Accounting Coach LLC: Accounting Coach LLC is a free online bookkeeping course. Anyone can learn about their desired topic simply by clicking on it. There is also a bookkeeping training video that is broken down into 13 parts. For those who wish to earn a certificate upon completion, there’s a paid option to do so. 



Related Online Degrees


Whether you wish to work as a bookkeeper or not, you may also want to earn a degree. Graduates with a degree open the door to more career opportunities and a higher earning potential. 


At the University of the People (UoPeople), we offer a program in business administration. Students learn basic accounting and a whole lot more to be eligible for multiple career paths in the line of business. 


Plus, all classes take place online and the program is tuition-free. This way, students have the ability to obtain an accredited and quality education without having to break the bank. 



The Bottom Line


Bookkeepers are essential to many businesses. To become a bookkeeper, you can get started with bookkeeping classes that teach the basics of the profession. Once you enter any role, you will undoubtedly sharpen your skills through practical experience.