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Must Know Tips for Student Motivation

Updated: February 24, 2023 | Published: March 3, 2019

Updated: February 24, 2023

Published: March 3, 2019

Must Know Tips for Student Motivation (2)

Lack of motivation in students is one of the biggest problems in the world. It is not only a problem but it is also affecting the education system. If you’ve ever felt like your schoolwork has been a struggle, you’re not alone. Studies show that students across the country are feeling less motivated to learn and more stressed about how their grades will affect their future career options.

New students are filled with will and zeal, slowly fading away, calling for some little prodding to have work done avoidable through student motivation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This blog will cover useful student motivation tips-and it’s never too late to start putting them to use.

What is student motivation?

Motivation is simply a person’s willingness to exert physical or mental effort to complete a predetermined goal. In his quote, Samuel L. Johnson, a writer who made a huge contribution to a dictionary of the English language, about curiosity is in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last, enlighten us that motivation for students is the engine and fuel for prolonged love of learning. It’s therefore paramount to run programs parallel to academics that provide student motivation tips. Three parameters define motivation choice, effort and persistence, categorizing motivation under two levels intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic student motivation?

Intrinsic student motivation

Intrinsic motivation is associated with internal rewards where students learn to value learning due to its merits regardless of external factors. The students’ drive motivates them unconditionally.

Extrinsic student motivation

Extrinsic motivation is characterized by external factors example, the student may be motivated to learn to pass the exams or avoid punishment. Students lose attachment if they are motivated externally.

Intrinsic motivation tips for students

Student’s interest 

Assignments and projects should align with the student’s areas of interest to encourage high student participation. With interest in heart, the student will always endeavor to discover more in that field, boosting their motivation.


Choose rewards that encourage the student’s intrinsic interests. This is after identifying the student’s interests to continue with the pursuit of their interest. Setting rewards and gifts in their interests will motivate the student to do even more. Reward the student’s best performance to encourage them to soar higher.

Student’s encouragement over assignments

Blended learning is a strategy that involves a series of independent learning and whole-class lessons. The students are encouraged to share what they learned in class lessons to build their experiences and lessons with certain topics.

Positive feedback on student assignments

Appreciation works magic with student motivation. The positive feedback that aims to encourage students to do better is a great motivation tip for the students. This is necessary, especially if the student did not generally perform well in the assignment. Therefore, they should be encouraged on what to improve to make their assignments better.


“Curiosity is the mother of all invention.” The student’s curiosity should be harnessed and used to inspire them to further their learning positively. Finding out what the students are curious about and investing in helping them find answers and discover more helps to motivate them in areas of their interests.

Shared enthusiasm 

Trainers and students should have a common ground of synchronized interest. This means that the trainer and the student share similar views towards a topic or a learning field. Hence creating a sense of value for the students. In addition, the student can utilize the online discussion boards for online coursework to interact with the trainer and fellow students. 

Conducive learning environment

A learning environment free of bias, ill-treatment, prejudices, racism and favoritism will give the students a sense of belonging. Be a champion of equality for all by instilling positive relationships within the learning environment. This will consequently encourage the students to build their confidence as a motivation for them. Study shows online learning helps to motivate students. 

Teamwork building 

Sometimes motivation comes from the people around us. They can be our friends, family and peers. Student teamwork building is critical in creating confidence within the students. A student study group with shared activities helps build motivation by sharing common ideas.

Real-life inspiration stories 

Inspirational real-life student stories are always fascinating. They give the students hope, especially with their prevailing conditions and nature. Successful real-life stories motivate students to have courage and determination in their pursuit of learning. Relatable life experiences strike a desire for success within the students by assuring them that their dreams are attainable.

Fun sessions and activities 

Students should be exposed to more than classroom activities to be productive. A trainer s should entail fun elements in the class schedule to lift their spirits and encourage participation. Online games and other social activities should be part of fun sessions. The students can also participate by suggesting their activities.

As much as intrinsic motivation is concerned, the students should also have their motivations. Therefore, the following are motivation tips students should practice.

Be perspective

Sometimes a student may feel a drag on their learning. It’s normal for anyone, but students should always have a purpose for what they want. All the tasks in learning have a common good in the end, and that should be a motivation for the student.

Be competitive

Students should strive to be better by setting goals for themselves. This includes working towards a certain personal best and going beyond. Exploring their best areas and maximizing them is an excellent motivation for the student.

Get your eyes on the prize

A student should always set goals and create timelines for completing the tasks.

Get support

Finally, the student should request support from family, friends and peers on tasks they cannot do independently. They should also indulge their trainers and create a good relationship with them for student motivation. 

The student can also join a motivational class for support. Organizations host these classes’ camps and seminars to help students who lack motivation. It’s also advisable to follow your influential motivational speaker sessions or videos regularly.

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