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Reasons You Should Study Computer Science

Updated: February 15, 2023 | Published: February 27, 2019

Updated: February 15, 2023

Published: February 27, 2019

Is Computer Science for Me Why Study It

Many people often wonder, ‘why study computer science?’ Well, computer Science is a relevant course to pursue with guaranteed job opportunities after graduating. With the world embracing technology and everything moving to the digital space, computers have become an integral part of our lives. But, ever wondered, is computer science is for me? And if yes, why study computer science? Well, worry no more because this article sheds more light on what computer science is, the best computer science fields, why you should study it, and the computer science degree offered at the University of the People.

What is Computer Science?

According to Merriam-Webster, computer science is a branch of science that deals with the theory of computation or the design of computers. This essentially means that, unlike other courses where you learn programming and coding, computer science goes in-depth to study how and why computers work. It combines the principles of mathematics, engineering, and science to research and develop computers, software, networks, databases, and much more. One of the most common questions is, ‘what do you learn in computer science?’ At our university, you will learn how to build computer systems, the different computer languages, solve problems, and master skills such as working on operating systems and making computer graphics. Once you graduate with a computer science degree, you can make complicated computer systems easily used by anyone and everyone. You may ask yourself, ‘why is computer science important?’ Computer scientists are responsible for everything used on the internet today, including websites, mobile apps, video games, and databases. They are at the forefront of developing new creative ideas and ensuring our lives are made easy by technology.

Why Study Computer Science Anyway?

Computer Scientists are among the most sought-after experts in the current world that we live in. Almost every company and business has an Information Technology department that a computer scientist can only occupy. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology-related employment is expected to grow 12 percent from 2014 – 2024.

The computer science degree you will get at our institution will give you a deep understanding of computers and emerging technologies. This deep knowledge will allow you to develop the right solutions that address today’s challenges.

According to the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), which is the professional organization for computer scientists, there are several major reasons why you should pursue a computer science degree including:

1. Computing is Part of Everything We Do

With the world moving into the digital space, our lives revolve around computers. From the way we run businesses, to the cars we drive and the movies we watch. Having a basic knowledge in computing will give you an added advantage against your peers.

2. Computing Has Many Lucrative Jobs

In the 21st century, computing jobs are among the highest paid jobs in the world. Every company or organization requires a Computer scientist which means that there are plenty of jobs available. Possibilities for innovative developments are growing and expected to be greater in the future than they have been before.

3. Computing Enables One to Make a Positive Impact in The World.

Computing is behind notable positive initiatives such as AIDS vaccine research and the human genome project among others.  If your goal is to make a positive impact in the world then you should pursue computer science.

4. Computing Enables You to Provide Solutions to Complex Problems

Computing enhances one’s capability to solve complex and challenging problems. With everyone shifting to the digital space, they might encounter problems that can only be solved by a computer scientist.

5. Computing Offers Great Future Opportunities

The digital industry is still growing and developing each and every day. New inventions and innovations are yet to come and it is the work of computer scientists to pioneer that. The future of computing is promising and without boundaries.

6. Computing Pushes You to Be More Innovative and Creative

Computing requires one to unleash a high level of creativity in order to solve complex problems. If you desire to be more creative and innovative then you should study computer science.

7. Computing is A Sign of Academic Well-Roundedness

Computing is an important part of well-rounded academic preparation. An increasing number of employers consider the successful completion of a computer science degree as a sign of one being academically smart.

8. Computing Helps You Even if Your Career Choice is In Another Field

Having expertise in computing will help you even if your primary career choice is something different. Studying computer science will give you a strong foundation in problem-solving, logical knowledge, and critical thinking.

Is Computer Science For me?

If you get intrigued by technology or computer devices, you should not ask, ‘why study computer science?’ or ‘why is computer science important?’ Anyone can only study computer science if they have a passion for it. Pursuing a computer science degree will have you apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills daily. Computer science expertise can be applied in almost all fields, including law enforcement, education, health care, and economics. For example, If you are a healthcare professional, you can use learn computer science and develop software that allows patients to order drugs online and deliver them to their doorstep. If you are in law enforcement, you can get computing skills and develop artificial intelligence that detects the movements of criminals. A computer science degree is valuable and can be pursued by anyone willing to learn more about technology. You can make it your primary career or pursue it as a second degree to make a difference in your sector.

What Can I Do With a Computer Science Degree?

A computer science degree offered at our institution is highly marketable, and one can get a job in almost all sectors. Some possible careers you can take include; software engineer, computer programmer, web developer, mobile app developer, and database administrator.

Software Developer

Software development is among the best computer science fields. A software developer is tasked with creating and developing programs, websites, and other applications found on computers, laptops, or mobile phones. They must talk with their employer to understand the client’s needs to deliver effectively. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a software developer pockets around USD 105,000 per year.

Web Developer

A web developer creates highly professional websites through programming and coding. They talk to the client and understand what they want and then take the design from a graphic designer and turn it into a user-friendly website. According to Indeed, a web developer pockets up to USD 76,564 annually

Video Game Developer

These experts are the people behind your favorite games on the computer or mobile phone. They use coding skills on various systems to conceptualize with other developers, and the results are playable games. According to Indeed, a video game developer earns around USD 65,000 per year.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developers are almost similar to web developers, only that they create mobile apps instead of websites. They use coding skills to develop a mobile app based on the client’s target audience and preferences. According to Indeed, the average salary for a mobile app developer is USD 84,313 per year.

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer develops new hardware products and computer systems such as monitors, circuit boards, and routers. He can also perform updates on older computer equipment to make it compatible with more modern applications and software. Indeed reports that a hardware engineer earns an average of USD 71,418 per year.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is an information technology expert who evaluates and analyzes how people use data. In addition, he helps merge existing databases with new databases using computer programs. According to Indeed, the average salary of a Database administrator is USD 54,165 per year.

Network Architect

A network architect evaluates and develops communication systems and computer networks. They can also perform tests on existing systems and networks to identify areas of potential improvement and maintenance. According to Indeed, a network architect earns up to USD 88,174 per year.

Get Started With a Computer Science Degree Today

Now that we have answered your question on ‘why study computer science?’ The first step to take in your journey to becoming a computer scientist is to enroll in the course. At the University of the People, you can acquire either a bachelor’s or an associate degree in computer science offered conveniently. It doesn’t matter where you are situated worldwide; you can take the courses from anywhere on any internet-connected device through our online classes. Our course is developed by a team of renowned academicians lectured by highly qualified professors. Therefore, the computer science degree is highly valuable, and you are guaranteed a lucrative job opportunity immediately after you graduate with us. So what are you waiting for? Get started with our affordable course today and become the next web developer, software engineer, or network architect.