Is Computer Science for Me? Why Study It?

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Do you question if computer science is for me? Keep reading to find out why you should study computer science, potential jobs and how to get started today.


Have you always loved playing around with computers, intrigued by how they work? Ever thought is computer science for me? If you are one of the many interested in this fast-growing field, continue reading to learn more about what computer science is, is it for you, and why you should study it.



What Is Computer Science Anyway?

Merriam-Webster states that computer science is “a branch of science that deals with the theory of computation or the design of computers.” What does that mean? That means that computer science includes not only programming but also the study of computers.


Within computer science, you will learn the way to build computer systems, solve problems in new ways, various computer languages, and master skills that include making computer graphics, working on operating systems, and develop better systems for human to computer interactions. In other words, a computer scientist makes a complicated computer system easy for people who do not understand these systems to use. This is especially important in to today’s technological society especially as we begin to develop new technologies. Someone needs to be able to make these technologies accessible to the public. That is where a computer scientists comes in.



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Computer scientists find fun new ways to help people connect with computers whether it be for business or pleasure. Computer scientists are responsible for video games, mobile apps, websites, databases, and anything thing else you can think of that have to do with computers. Computer scientists contribute greatly to the digital and technological world we live in. They are the ones changing the way people live their lives based on new technology that emerges.



Is Computer Science for Me?

Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you decide whether computer science is right for you or not:

  • Do you love tinkering with computers?
  • Are you a good problem solver?
  • Are you a good independent worker, but also a team player?
  • Do you think you’d enjoy learning new languages to communicate with computers?
  • Are you creative, logical and persistent?
  • Do you enjoy being able to solve challenging problems?
  • Do you like to create tools that increase productivity?
  • Do the latest technologies excite you?
  • Are you excited thinking about creating the next great technologies?

Did you answer yes to most of these questions? If so, then you might have a future in computer science.



Why Study Computer Science?

With a a degree in computer science, you can make a change in the world through cutting-edge technology. Technology has a way to change the way people act on a daily basis, and you can impact that through the study of computer science and be part of technology of the future.


Have an idea of a mobile app that will make people more productive? Studying computer science will give you the tools needed to create that app and change the way people work.


Having a degree in computer science makes you a marketable candidate to employers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that computer and information technology employment is expected to grow 12% from 2014-2024. It is a growing job market with many opportunities for new graduates to enter into and grow.


Not only are you a sought-after candidate, but you can work anywhere in the world. Computers are part of every society making a computer scientist useful in many countries.



What Jobs Can I Get With a Computer Science Degree?

There are many different jobs that you can get with a degree in computer science.


Some possible jobs include, but are not limited to: software engineer, computer programmer, mobile app developer, web developer, and database administrator. Each job serves a different function.


A software engineer is the one that creates and manages computer programs. They have to talk with their employer to understand the needs of the client to create the best program for the target audience. The average annual salary for a software engineer, according to Indeed, is $107,066.


A computer programmer takes the designs from the software engineer and graphic designer then writes the code for devices to understand. The average salary for a computer programmer, according to Indeed, is about $60,000.


A mobile app developer creates mobile apps using coding languages to create an app based on the client’s needs and their target audience. The average salary for a mobile app developer, according to Indeed, is $84,313.



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A web developer creates websites by working with the client to figure out their needs and the needs of the target audience. They take the design from a graphic designer and turn it into code and make sure that it is user friendly. The average salary for a web developer, according to Indeed, is $76,564.


A database administrator protects the data and organizes the data that companies collect through their websites and mobile apps. Database administrators keep sensitive customer information safe. The average salary of a database administrator, according to Indeed, is $94,536.



How Do I Get Started?

There are many ways to get started such as searching for schools that have degrees in computer science like University of the People. At University of the People it is possible to earn a bachelor’s or an associate degree in computer science on your own time. Enjoy the freedom to take courses from anywhere in the world on any internet-connected device through UoPeople’s online classes. All courses are created by an academic leadership team of professors from the best universities around the world. Build your network with people from around the globe as you take online courses with classmates in various countries. Take advantage of all of this without the cost of tuition.


Now that you know a little bit more about computer science, you can determine whether or not computer science is for you. If you choose to go down that path, you could develop new mobile applications, or become a software engineer and impact people’s everyday lives. What are you waiting for? Get started learning computer science today.