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How UoPeople Makes a Difference for Students in Brazil


Online university is revolutionizing the way people learn; read stories how UoPeople makes a difference for students in Brazil and worldwide.

Since its beginning in 2009, University of the People established a revolutionary model for education, which has made a difference for students in Brazil and around the world. University President Shai Reshef brought his vision for quality and affordable education to life when he created the global online institution, which has been recognized by the United Nations, White House, and even the Pope!

With students from over 200 countries and territories in attendance, the 100% online, accredited American university provides accessible, affordable, and quality education to students anywhere, anytime, supporting the belief that education is a human right.

How does the institution accomplish this?

UoPeople is one-of-a-kind in its approach. It’s geared towards collaboration and puts the responsibility in the hands of the students as to when, where, and how they choose to learn. It also is designed for its students to work closely together in an online environment. It has leveraged the capability of technology to make education accessible and collaborative. With nothing more than an internet connection, students can learn from anywhere in the world. The only time more than a mobile device is needed is during course assessments.

What’s more is that the online nature of the program is designed to optimize interaction between students. The courses work around forums that are overseen by top-quality professors from notable global institutions, but students grade one another and interact often.

Additionally, the degree programs are geared towards employability. For example, there are four current program offerings, and they are in fields with high and growing demand, including Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science, and Education.

Through its personalized approach and low-cost mode, the University continues to provide life-changing opportunities to anyone with the desire to learn and advance. Take it directly from Brazilian graduates with their stories of how the university has changed their lives.

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Pursuing Your Dreams While Raising a Family

As a young woman, Aline Bastos struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. She sought to study Computer Science at one of the best programs in Porto Alegre, but she felt set back by the idea and pressure associated with the course load.

After she gave birth to her daughter Giovanna, she felt even more constrained because of the time it takes to earn a degree and raise a family. She was close to giving up on her dream of earning her degree.

It wasn’t until she came across UoPeople’s Computer Science degree program in a Facebook group that things changed. Once she performed research on the University, she decided to enroll and says that once she realized she could go to college without sacrificing her commitments, she says she literally cried of joy. With a $60 application fee and proof of English proficiency, she enrolled and earned her Associate degree in Computer Science, fulfilling a lifelong dream, thanks to the flexibility and online nature of the program.

An Education Without Compromising Work

In the same vein, Debbie Time also felt constrained by similar pressures in that she had to maintain a job while studying. Although she attempted to earn her degree directly after high school in America, she had to sacrifice school to continue working.

However, the desire for a degree in Business Administration did not subside. So, when she discovered that University of the People offers an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s in Business Administration for no tuition costs, she enrolled and never looked back!

Additionally, she represents a percentage of students who paid zero fees during enrollment. Now, Debbie works in health insurance administration.

She shares, “Honestly, it was the best education I could ever want. The University of the People has made it possible to study schedules flexibly and have contact with people from other parts of the world.”

UoPeople believes that nothing should stop a person from earning their education. While many people feel constrained by costs, time and may feel unqualified based on high barriers to entry at other institutions, UoPeople has an open-door mentality so that any student can afford and access higher education.

Learning With People Around the World

For example, Jose Cezario, a waiter in Brazil, enrolled and shares his story of why he was successful in the online program. For starters, he worked as a waiter on a cruise ship, so his command of English was in good working order. Additionally, he shares how the communication with students from around the world, including Russia, Africa, and India, in his small class size offer an intriguing way to learn because students share different perspectives and can offer valuable feedback on each other’s work.

Jose is aware of and thankful for the democratic approach to education that UoPeople offers because there’s no hierarchy of learning. Even with the pedagogical model, students teach each other while teachers facilitate forums, so the system is set up to be interactive and open to dialogue, feedback, and learning.

Although UoPeople is tuition-free, there are still some costs associated with the application, as well as course assessment fees. For undergraduates, course assessment fees cost $100 per course, and for graduate degrees, they are $200 per course.

For this reason, there’s the option to apply for various scholarships, including the Botari Women’s Scholarship. The Botari Women’s Scholarship is particularly reserved for Brazilian women pursuing an associate’s degree at UoPeople. The scholarship will cover the cost of 10 assessment fees and eligible applicants can apply once they’ve submitted an enrollment application to the University.

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With over 1,000 volunteers and faculty from some of the top universities around the world, UoPeople’s quality of education is undeniable. These three stories from Brazil are just the tip of the iceberg in explaining how the institution is opening the doors to ensuring education is a basic human right for everyone. Students from countries all over have experienced the benefits of earning their degree from University of the People, including refugees.

If you’re looking to advance in your career, take a second chance in your life, or earn your first degree to accomplish your dreams, University of the People is likely to be the perfect place for you!

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