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How a Degree at UoPeople Can Change Your Life

Updated: July 25, 2022 | Published: January 21, 2019

Updated: July 25, 2022

Published: January 21, 2019


Higher education offers unlimited possibilities for a better future. See how UoPeople can change your life with stories from past students.

Ranging from financial to personal, there is a long list of reasons why students choose to pursue their higher education degrees. Some of the top reasons why students opt to increase their education is to achieve a higher salary, expand their employment opportunities, broaden their network, discover their passion, and learn life skills. For over 18,500 students, these reasons have and continue to depict how a degree from UoPeople can change your life.

In recent years, the accessibility and affordability of higher education is becoming more democratized, thanks to technology. High-quality, accredited, online universities are transforming education by opening up the opportunity for students around the world to learn and earn their degrees. Online universities lower the barrier to entry and create an environment where education is made possible with nothing more than an internet connection.

Particularly, in 2009, University of the People opened with the mission to create an education revolution and provide high-quality education for everyone around the world. As the first of its kind, UoPeople is a tuition-free, accredited and online American university that continues to make headlines as it expands globally.

The model of UoPeople is unique in supporting all the reasons why people want to get their degree because it’s accessible, low cost, and prioritizes employability. Ultimately, it is designed around providing its students with the means to create a better future for themselves.

Here are some inspiring stories from current and past graduates of UoPeople’s degree programs that showcase how the school has changed their lives for the better.

1. Gain Employment and Expand Horizons

Most employers require degrees, and if not, they surely pay their employees with degrees more than those without them.

Hailing from Egypt, Omar Abdelgaber Ramadan is a young man who faced a scarcity of universities within his country of birth. He wanted a quality education, but was geographically constrained.

However, with UoPeople, this was no longer an issue as the online degrees are offered to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection. He shared, “I am a person who is passionate about science and learning. This degree helps me find a job faster.” With his degree, his goal is to land a job in the field of computer science and work with big companies like Google and Facebook.

2. A Second Chance, Plus More Opportunity

Even students who have a degree and work experience already sometimes want a change. For example, Hymns Chu from Hong Kong, worked as a journalist and editor with his degree from another university. After a year in the workplace, he felt like each day was the same as the next, and he was looking for a job that would offer stable and challenging employment.

While he wanted to pursue more education, the cost of a local university proved to be too high, as each year costs about $11,500-$34,000. His monthly salary was just $1,700. However, after finding UoPeople, he enrolled to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. At the same time, he is learning how to code on the side with courses in Computer Science so that he can open up his job prospects even wider upon graduation. As he studies, the flexibility of the program allows for him to continue to learn even outside of his degree program. Starting as a journalist and moving into business and computer science offers Hymns a second chance he could have otherwise not afforded.

3. Provide a Better Quality of Life

As a young mother, Sharon Leung from Hong Kong had to work 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week to support her family. With a young baby, she barely slept. Since her son is now older, she enrolled in UoPeople’s Health Sciences program to earn her Bachelor’s degree.

She said, “Studying at UoPeople requires a lot of hard work, but with the continuous motivation from the friendly and helpful faculty, the entire experience is so rewarding.” She doesn’t plan to stop learning with her Bachelor’s, either. Sharon is working towards her doctorate degree in Psychology. She shares how her degrees have helped her set a “good example” for her son and show him that regardless of hardship, you can take negative circumstances and turn them into something positive. She exclaimed, “Everything would not have been possible without UoPeople.”

4. Be Your Own Boss

While it’s not a goal for everyone, some people dream of working for themselves. The knowledge that a degree in higher education offers not only gives you credibility, but it also teaches many of the skills necessary to run one’s own business, including time management, organization, and communication.

Just take a look at Said Neder. Said is a 38-year-old small business owner in the Dominican Republic. Said says that his biggest constraint in life is time. Because of UoPeople’s flexible degree program in Business Administration, he said that UoPeople “makes it a lot easier [to earn one’s degree] without losing the sense of formality and commitment.”

Since he runs his own business, he has experience in the field, but he still says that he has achieved immense personal growth and also expanded his opportunities globally because of the degree. The programs in the Dominican Republic are less efficient than the universal and international structure of an American program like that from UoPeople.

One Choice Breeds Boundless Opportunity

Regardless of why you choose to pursue a degree in higher education, the flexibility, affordability, and quality of UoPeople’s programs are unparalleled.

With over 18,500 students from more than 200 countries and territories around the world, our graduates prove why and how earning their degree at UoPeople has changed their lives for the better.

And you could be next. With nothing more than an application, you can get started on changing your future today!