Your Secret Path To Colleges With High Acceptance Rates


Colleges with high acceptance rates offer stellar educations and well-rounded experiences without a crushing price tag. Want to see how they can help you achieve success? Keep reading!

As you navigate college applications, you will have a lot of information to process, and acceptance rates will be a frequent topic of discussion. You will undoubtedly have someone tell you the myth that schools with low acceptance rates offer a better quality of education. If this isn’t true, does the acceptance rate matter?


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What are College Acceptance Rates?


In a nutshell, an acceptance rate is the number of students accepted to an incoming class compared to the number who applied. The percentage is calculated by taking the number of acceptances and dividing it by the number of applicants.

For example, College A and College B have accepted 1,000 students into their freshman class. College A had 5,000 students apply, and College B had 2,000. College A’s acceptance rate is 20% (1,000/5,000), and College B has a rate of 50% (1,000/2,000), even though the incoming class is the same size.



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Do College Acceptance Rates Matter?


Don’t get too wrapped up in acceptance rates because they don’t give you a whole lot of information beyond the number of applications and acceptances. They don’t reflect students’ grades or test scores, and they certainly don’t tell you about the quality of education you can expect!


Colleges with low acceptance rates work to give the public the false impression that they only accept elite students. These colleges jockey for the best rankings from third parties, and the competition is fierce. Low acceptance rate schools game the system by accepting thousands and thousands of applications, even from students who don’t stand a chance of getting in. The more applications they can reject, the lower their acceptance rate.


The point is that getting into one of the schools with high acceptance rates is something that you can be proud of! What you get out of your education depends a great deal on what you put into it and how you apply yourself. Receiving a world-class education without a hefty price tag starts you on a solid career journey after graduation.




Are Admissions Rates and Acceptance Rates the Same Thing?


Admissions rates and acceptance rates are indeed the same things. Prospective applicants often wonder what a good admissions rate is, and truthfully the answer is subjective. 


Universities with high acceptance rates have many great things going for them. For example, they may have admissions requirements that aren’t as strict, or they may simply have a larger campus that has no problem accommodating larger incoming classes. Or, they could be online colleges, so there is no constraint on how many people can be accepted because of limited physical space within a classroom. Students at these colleges typically find there are more scholarship opportunities and that the cost of education is markedly less than at the so-called elite schools.



Colleges With The Highest Acceptance Rates


Here is a list of some excellent schools with high acceptance rates:


University of the People is an accredited, completely online school that offers four degree-granting programs (Health Science, Education, Computer Science, Business Administration) and nine certificate programs. Our tuition-free, pre-recorded content has created an inclusive learning environment, with students enrolled from over 200 countries and territories. Lower entrance requirements such as proof of English proficiency and a high school diploma or equivalent remove the obstacles that many students face.  


Goddard College is a private liberal arts low-residency school with one campus location in Vermont and two in Washington. Its unique approach to education allows students to create a curriculum around their passions. Goddard offers 6 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 8 Masters of Arts degrees, and 11 concentrations. Goddard College’s acceptance rate is 84%.


Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, is a small college with a student population of around 3,600 and an 80% acceptance rate. Despite its small size, it offers 130 degrees, with 20 being fully online. LC State has made a name for itself because of its social work, nursing, criminal justice, education, and technical programs. It was named the No. 3 top public regional college in the west for 2022 by the U.S. News and World Report.


Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, is a public university offering 50 undergraduate and graduate degrees. Cameron’s small campus fosters a family feeling, and the staff is as invested in education as the students are. It has a 100% acceptance rate, open admissions policy, and affordable tuition, resulting in 65% of students graduating without debt.


Montana State University- Billings is located on 110 beautiful acres in downtown Billings and has a 99% acceptance rate. It’s the State’s third-largest university, and through its five colleges, it offers over 100 associate, bachelor’s, master’s degrees, and professional certifications. Their most popular majors are Business, Marketing, and Related Support Services.


Broward College, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, has a 100% acceptance rate and three campuses spread across Broward County. This public school offers a wide range of degrees and certifications in programs such as arts, business, education, health science, and technology. College Factual ranked it #3 in the best colleges in Florida.


Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska, is one of the 100% acceptance rate schools. It is among the most affordable colleges in Nebraska and offers over 130 undergraduate and graduate programs. One of its most unique offerings is a pathway into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Students study for two years at Wayne State and then are guaranteed admission into UNMC College of Nursing Northern Division.


These are but a few of the colleges with high acceptance rates. More comprehensive lists can be found with an easy internet search.



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What College Should I Apply To?


It helps to list things that you would value in a college experience. Compare schools and how they will address the items on your list. It won’t take long for you to discover that colleges with high acceptance rates will provide you with an excellent, quality education that you can be proud of!


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