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A sports management degree can open up many exciting avenues to a career in the sports field. In this article, we’ll outline the basics of sports management, sports management degrees and education, sports management jobs, and the projected sports management salary that you can expect if you choose to pursue this dynamic line of work.

What is Sports Management?

Sports management is the business aspect of sports and physical activities.

Professionals in the field might be involved in planning, organizing, budgeting, or managing sports events and facilities. They make up the behind-the-scenes organization for all levels of sports, such as recreational sports, sports facilities, social organizations, ameateur, college, and professional sports.

Formal Education In Sports Management

A degree in sports management prepares students to enter the field of athletics after graduation. However, the degree is focused on the business aspect of the field, and therefore, can be applied to many other fields. Students learn the basics of business administration, including laws, ethics, management, and business finances.

A degree in sports management also prepares students for leadership roles and communication skills. Depending on the concentration, the degree may focus on marketing and public relations, or stick more to event and facility management.

Some example courses in the degree might include Sports Marketing, Sports Finance, Sports Law and Ethics, Contemporary Issues in Sports, Sports Facility and Event Management, etc.

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Benefits of a Sports Management Degree

A degree in sports management opens up many career paths for graduates. Students can consider going into traditional sports management roles such as analysts, event coordinators, and managers, or work directly with athletes as coaches and scouts.

Careers in sports management are projected to increase in demand and offer great salaries and room for growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is an above-average projected growth for sports management careers. Roles such as sports coaches and scouts can expect an 11% growth between the years 2019-2029.

5 Schools with a Great Sports Management Degree Program

1. University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina is a great choice for sports management degrees. First off, the University has an affordable program, with each credit costing $296. Straight after graduation, graduates earn an average of $100,000 a year, so the program prepares students for a profitable career. UNC is known for one the best sports management undergraduate programs in the country, with a built-in graduate program for students who want to further their education.

2. University of Florida

University of Florida is a large research institution located in Gainesville, Florida with over 150 different research centers. The sports management degree is a 120-credit program with an emphasis on critical thinking and a full semester internship program in which students work for 13 weeks in the field.

3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of Michigan is a prestigious, public university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their sports management program is split into two tracks: Sports Policy and Analytics or Sports Marketing and Management. Along with its internship opportunities, University of Michigan maintains a 98% job placement rate after graduation. Graduates of the sports management program have attained jobs in the NFL, ESPN, and more.

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4. Indiana University

Indiana University is a “Public Ivy” school in Bloomington, Indiana. It has a strong athletics program, including one of the best men’s basketball programs in the country. The sports management program at Indiana University is part of their Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology as a major in Sports Marketing and Management. This program, therefore, has an emphasis on athletics and body movement, along with the business side of the field.

5. University of Texas

The University of Texas in its state capitol, Austin, is a large institution with over 51,000 students. It is a leading institution in research, as well as computer science and engineering studies. Its 120-credit sports management program includes a semester internship or fieldwork in their desired field. Some internship opportunities include jobs in sports business, entertainment sports, agent work, and more.

Sports Management Jobs

There are many interesting jobs and roles in sports management. Not all are involved in events and facilities; some roles are more directly involved with athletes and teams, while others are focused on marketing and business. Below are a few of the common roles that you can achieve with a sports management degree.

Sports marketer

Similar to jobs in the marketing industry, a sports marketer works with athletes, brands, products, and teams to make them desirable to the public. They create advertisements for their clients, including television interviews, endorsement deals, and social networking such as public events and public relations. They also help buy and sell individual athletes, teams, and sponsors in the field.

Sports scout

Sports scouts find and assess ameteur and professional athletes in order to determine their skills and recommend them to a team or organization. Sports scouts might work for an academic institution or professional sports teams. A sports scout may find athletes by consulting school coaches and watching games to assess the players. They may also meet with the players and their families in order to get a better idea of their personality and background.

Sports facilities manager

Sports facility managers operate all kinds of sports facilities, from gyms to large stadiums. They keep the facilities functioning efficiently by overseeing daily maintenance, ensuring quality and safety of equipment, implementing facility protocols, and creating yearly budgets. Other jobs may include ensuring the maintenance and repair of security systems and sports equipment on the premises.

Sports manager

Sports managers are in charge of organizing and scheduling their clients. Their clients may be an individual athlete, or an athletic team. As a manager, they may coordinate between an athlete and their team, take care of public image, and ensure that the athlete is receiving enough training. They may also take care of the business and organizational side so that their client can focus on their sport.

Athletics director

An athletics director is the head of large sports organizations. This may include sports teams in high schools, colleges, or professional sports. Their job entails facility management, hiring coaches and other staff, and generally overseeing the athletic program and budgets. They work with staff to schedule practices, games, tournaments, and other activities. Athletics directors also manage budgeting and funding for the equipment, facilities, staff, and other expenses required for the organization.

Sports Management Salary

Sports management is a lucrative field with many high-paying jobs. A sports marketer makes an average of $76,000 a year; a sports scout makes an average of $44,000 a year; a sports facilities manager makes $80,000 a year; a sports manager averages $56,000 a year, and an athletics director makes an average of $101,000 a year.

Wrapping Up

A sports management degree opens up many career options for business-minded and sport-enthusiast students. A sports management degree includes studies in business administration, sports ethics, and marketing tools. A career in sports management can be quite dynamic, exciting, and fulfilling in the long run.

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