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What Are The 10 Best College Students Blogs To Follow?

Updated: July 12, 2022 | Published: March 13, 2021

Updated: July 12, 2022

Published: March 13, 2021


As a college student, you’ll have a lot of questions. While you can rely on college advisors, mentors, friends, and the like, a college blog is an easily accessible and always available resource. College students’ blogs are a great way for students looking to learn from other students, graduates, or professionals.

The great news is that there’s probably an entire blog, or at least an article, dedicated to the information you’re looking to find. College blogs can become like a digital mentor – helping guide you through your college days. They can also be a nice way to take a study break.

We browsed some popular college blogs to bring this list directly to you. Let it be a guide for some of the best content to follow as a college student.

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10 College Blogs for Students You Should Follow

From study hacks to dorm hacks, business ideas and how to save money, these college blogs cover it all. Take a look, give a like, save the page, and get to reading!

1. Study Hacks

The Study Hacks blog is written by Cal Newport, a Computer Science Professor at Georgetown University. He’s written a New York Times bestseller, and he enjoys writing about the intersection of culture and digital technology. On his blog, readers can find videos, posts, and useful lessons that can aid in college life.

For example, he shares lessons in what he calls a Focus Series, like this one on how to take control of your time. As a college student, time management is one of the most important skills you will need to master for success. This skill will follow you into your professional life, so it’s a good start to read Cal Newport’s blog for useful lessons like this one.

2. DormDelicious

Living in a dorm? If the answer is yes, then your dorm will become your home while you’re in school. So, you’ll probably want to make it cozy and comfortable to live, work, and play in. The DormDelicious blog gives tips on how to spruce up your place. More than just dorm tips, the blog also provides readers with tips on how to approach college as a freshman, how to reduce the urge to procrastinate, and how to find the best prices on textbooks, to name a few.

3. College Cures

College Cures is a blog dedicated to the student experience. The content is divided in several categories, including: relationships, work, health, finance, school, partying, and life in college. The blog helps to guide students both during and after their time in college. Founded in 2010, the blog features contributing writers who basically serve as college life advisors.

4. BrokeMillennial

While the content of BrokeMillennial doesn’t only apply to college students, it serves as a great resource for college students who need to balance their finances. Author Erin shares her passion about financial literacy and helps people of all ages get their monetary dealings in order. As a college student, you know that school can be expensive, so it’s best to know some of Erin’s tips to better manage your money.

5. College Entrepreneur 101

College Entrepreneur 101 is exactly what you think it is! The blog consists of wise advice on how to succeed in college and business, sometimes at the same time. The content falls under several categories, like: college hacks, finance, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

6. College Info Geek

Thomas Frank and his team built College Info Geek with the mission to help students learn effectively and be more productive. The blog isn’t only for college students, but as the title reads, it’s geared towards those in college. His topics cover: productivity, career skills, life skills, studying, and how to work remotely. His site is also filled with other useful tidbits like a podcast and even a study music playlist!

7. InternQueen

Lauren Berger is a career expert, author, entrepreneur, and speaker who founded CareerQueen and InternQueen. With her book and her blog, she gives advice on how to land internships. Her blog also shares internship job postings. Her advice spans topics like how to network virtually and resume writing tips.

8. University of the People

If you’re reading this, then you’re clearly already on our blog! Besides giving information about other blogs, our articles cover everything you need to know about a variety of topics. From our own programs to worldly topics, you can utilize our resources to learn about online degrees, financial aid and more.

9. Her Campus

Her Campus is a blog that is focused on women and empowering them to take control of their destiny. They cover more than college topics by adding information on health, career, and even entertainment.

10. College Life Made Easy

College Life Made Easy is a blog filled with information about scholarships, money, dorm-related information, and graduation ideas. From lifestyle content to celebratory ideas, the festive blog is a fun destination for students looking to get creative!

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The Benefits of Blogs

The great thing about blogs is that there is such a broad variety of them. Also, you can find blogs with video content, long content, or short content to suit your needs and desires. Some blogs also boast podcasts, so if you prefer to listen to college advice over reading it, that is also possible.

As a college student, you’ll likely have questions regarding how online college works, how to get financial aid, how to prepare for a job interview, where to apply for graduate school, and much more. The internet is filled with blogs that will answer all your questions! Most of the time, these blogs filled with advice are totally free to access.

Whether you choose to follow a blog written by a student, a recent graduate, a professor, a professional or published by a university, you will be able to rely on the advice of those who know what they are talking about!