Best Accredited Online College Courses

Here’s a list of some of the best accredited online college courses to help you progress in your new career.


In order to help you decide on which online degree to do, we have compiled a list of the 10 best accredited online college courses. The list has been compiled taking into account a host of relevant factors, including cost, quality of education, pathways to learning, international collaboration, and credit transfer.



Facts and Figures About Degrees

According to a 2018 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median weekly earnings of someone who has graduated with a high school diploma is $712, an Associate degree, $836, a Bachelor’s degree, $1,173, and a Master’s degree, $1,401.



Educational Attainment Median Usual Weekly Earnings Unemployment Rate
Doctoral Degree $1,743 1.5%
Professional Degree $1,836 1.5%
Master’s Degree $1,401 2.2%
Bachelor’s Degree $1,173 2.5%
Associate Degree $836 3.4%
Some college, no degree $774 4.0%
High School Diploma, no college $712 4.6%
Less than High School Diploma $520 6.5%


Note: Data are for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers.


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey.



The facts and figures prove “the more you learn, the more you earn”.



Source: L.J.



Best accredited online college courses

If you want to earn more money, get a rewarding job, and live your dream, you most likely need to get a degree. You can study full-time, part-time, or you can select accredited online college courses in the subject of your choice. Full-time college education can be a wonderful experience in which you can make new friends, build lifetime relationships and get a great education. But there can be disadvantages and barriers to higher education for many people, for example:


  • Students who live in a country in which there are simply not enough available places in universities.
  • Students who are refugees whereby geographic and political constraints are a barrier to education.
  • Students who cannot give the major time commitment involved in an on campus university degree.
  • Students who will be unable to repay the student debt.


You will not be able to work full-time while studying and holding down a part-time job may also be a challenge. An accredited online college course could be the perfect solution for you. It will give you the opportunity to study for a degree, improve your career prospects and job opportunities, and keep your day job without disrupting your family commitments. See 7 tips for returning to college.



What accreditation means

Employers value online degrees no less than “brick and mortar” ones, but they will discriminate against non-accredited degrees. Stigmas are now outdated with the growing number of highly respected academic institutions offering online alternatives to their highly regarded, rigorous, and challenging courses.


Accreditation is equivalent to a badge of excellence and is the primary means of ensuring educational quality, qualified instructors, appropriate facilities and equipment, ethical recruitment and admission policies, and operates on a sound financial basis.



List of 10 best accredited online college courses

Best for good value

1. University of the People


The world’s first non-profit, tuition-free accredited American online university. It is dedicated to opening access to higher education globally and to overcome financial, geographic, political and personal constraints to education. UoPeople offers Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science and provides a Master’s in Education.



Best for quality and prestige

2. Harvard University Extension School


According to the World University Rankings 2018, Harvard is the top university in the world and has topped the rankings since 2011. Harvard has produced 42 Nobel Laureates and 32 Heads of State. Harvard’s online branch, known as Harvard Extension School, has over 400 courses. You can view the Harvard Extension School course catalog here.



3. University of London International


The prestigious University of London International Department runs excellent accredited online college courses on various levels from short courses to undergraduate, postgraduate, and up to PhD level. There are over 400 courses to choose from which include: Business, Computing, Economics, Education, Health, Humanities, International Relations, Law, Mathematics, Languages, and Veterinary Science. These accredited college courses are under academic direction of London’s top UK universities including LSE, Goldsmiths, City, and more. The University of London came 16th in the World University Rankings 2018.



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Best for their experience with adult students who need flexibility

4. Drexel Online University


Drexel Online University ranks as one of the best online universities and is committed to helping students who cannot fit traditional campus education into their lifestyle. They offer an array of accredited online college degrees ranging from certificate programs to BA programs and Master’s programs. Drexel also gives students the opportunity to gain credit for prior learning and enjoy plenty of networking and collaboration. Their course catalog is available here.



5. The Open University


The Open University runs flexible, accessible distance learning degrees and has an excellent reputation for accommodating people who are returning to study and those who need to fit their study around family commitments. It provides 600 modules and 180 qualifications. The Open University has one of the most user-friendly websites making it simple and easy to access information like entry requirements, course fees, course details, and career information. It is the largest academic institution in the UK and the only university dedicated to distance learning only.



6. Arizona State University


Arizona State University is one of the largest and oldest USA universities with over 80,000 students enrolled in 5 campuses. It provides over 150 undergraduate and graduate degrees and offers students the same interactive and innovative programs as students who are studying on campus. ASU uses state-of-the art tools and technology and courses are taught by award-winning faculty. Students also have access to vast research and academic and career resources.



Best for blended learning

7. University of Manchester


University of Manchester is ranked as 18th in the UK university national league tables. They offer a selection of master’s degrees which you can study on campus, online or via blended learning. Blended learning gives you the best of both worlds. You can study online without disrupting any of your work or family commitments but you also have the great advantage of being able to combine your online study with campus learning, so you get to meet other students and teachers as well as network and enjoy the atmosphere of campus life.



Best for credit transfer:

8. Franklin University


Franklin University is one of the best universities for flexibility, credit transfer, and accommodating the needs of adult students. You can transfer up to 94 credits from previous study towards your degree and the university is committed to making the transfer process as simple and efficient as possible. They even have a transfer-friendly credit tool to help you assess the value of your previous credits. Their degrees are flexible and you can study entirely online or if you prefer, one night a week on campus.



Best for international collaboration:

9. University of Liverpool


University of Liverpool is one of Europe’s largest providers of postgraduate online learning. It has highly international online classrooms connecting students from 160 countries worldwide giving diverse global perspectives and real-life collaboration. It has a large selection of master’s degrees in management and business in addition to degrees in health, computer science, law, and psychology. Many of their master’s programs also have professional accreditations.



Best for Fast-track:

10. London School of International Business


The London School of International Business (LSIB) has some of the best accredited fast-track degrees in the fields of business, accounting, and management. It also offers professional certificate and diploma courses if you don’t want to do a full degree or if you want to start off with a taster course. If you are looking to move up the career ladder as fast as possible, LSIB is the school for you. They have Business Management undergraduate degrees that can be done in as little as 18 months, with the option of 24 or 36 months. If you are looking to do a master’s degree, you can do an online MBA in just 12 months.


If you are looking for the best accredited online college course, there is a wide selection to choose from. Some are more expensive than others, some are more prestigious than others, and some are more cost-effective. Decide which aspects are most important for you and apply today!





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