Online Certificate Programs for Career Growth

A certificate program is a good alternative to a degree program. Certificates can be completed in as little as 5 months, and provide specialized training in particular skills. These programs are very useful for people just starting a career, looking to advance their career, or those going through a career transition. Completing a certificate may help boost your skill set, increase your earning power, or help you stand out in the job market.



Certificates in Health Science 


Demand for employees in the health science field has seen huge growth in recent years. It’s important to stay connected to advancements in health science to maintain your skillset, and specialized area of expertise. A certificate in Health Science will prepare you for an industry that is ever-changing by learning new information and techniques to apply to real-world scenarios. Certificates in Health Science are relevant for anyone looking for career change, career advancement or who is interested in learning more about healthcare. 



Certificate in Human Biology 


Gain a comprehensive understanding of human biology, ecology, biodiversity, human anatomy, genetics and physiology. A Certificate in Human Biology prepares you for understanding human development on a global scale and applying your knowledge to develop solutions to real world problems. This program may be relevant for Research Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, Biologists, or Health Consultants, among others.


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Certificate in Public Health and Health Services 


Explore the impact of environmental factors on global public health and investigate health management as a whole. A Certificate in Public Health and Health Services examines health, fitness, social inequalities, and public health programming while enhancing your career skills and knowledge. This program may be relevant for Emergency Specialists, Public Health Nurses, Natural Science Managers, Healthcare Managers, and Public Health Educators, among others.  


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Certificate in Epidemiology 


Design and interpret studies using a range of methods, interpret biostatistics, and learn about human diseases and infection control with a Certificate in Epidemiology. Discover the impact illnesses have on global health and develop solutions to managing disease. This program would be interesting for anyone in the field of epidemiology including Academic Research Epidemiologists, Infection Control Epidemiologists, Field Epidemiologists, or Disaster Epidemiologists.  


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Certificate in Behavioral Health 


Analyze human development in a global perspective from infancy to death and examine social scientific aspects of global mental health and bioethical issues. This program would be interesting for anyone in the field of behavioral health including those working as Behavioral Health Clinicians, Behavioral Therapists, Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses, or Mental Health Counselors, among others.  


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