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10 Computer Science Facts – Number 3 Will Surprise You!

Updated: August 7, 2023 | Published: December 27, 2019

Updated: August 7, 2023

Published: December 27, 2019


When you think of computer science, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you will see a person coding in a dark room. You may even think that computer science is all about difficult math and numbers. But there are many computer science facts that may surprise you.

For starters, computer scientists often focus more on theory whereas computer engineers focus on hardware and developers on software. However, computer science is a big umbrella with a lot of subjects and career possibilities underneath it.

In this article, we touch on some interesting facts about computer science degrees, job prospects, interesting statistics, surprising skills, and some fun historical facts.

Let’s get going!

Creative space and industries that rely on computer science

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1. Computer Science is a Booming Market

When it comes to earning a degree in computer science, it takes hard work and commitment. That’s why it’s good to know what may happen after you graduate. Computer scientists work in a variety of industries. This is because the world is becoming more and more dependent on computers and technology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of computer science is growing much faster than average at 16% growth per year. Computer scientists can work in a wide array of job titles, including: software developer, computer and information systems manager, computer programmer, web developer, and more.

2. It’s Very High Paying

It is also of importance to note that the careers within the field are high paying. In fact, the degree leads to some of the highest paying positions of all undergraduate degrees.

The national average of worker’s wages in America in 2019 is $47,060. Jobs in computer science often start at double that. For example, the average salary for a software developer in 2018 was $105,590.

The high demand, high pay, and high amount of positions within the field of computer science make it a worthwhile degree to pursue.

Motion graphics animation equipment

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3. There’s Tons of Career Paths

Working in computer science means that there are many industries and career paths that will need you. These don’t include only the obvious positions like in information technology and software development.

They also include artistic pursuits like movie animation. Creating animation is a subset of computer graphics and animation. More and more, movies are using 3D graphics and computer-generated imagery (CGI). As such, if you have the dream of being behind the scenes and making images come to life, computer science could be your calling.

Another interesting consideration is performing research and development for the computing industry as a whole. There have to be people to build, grow, and innovate systems and hardware. For these pursuits, you could literally change the world as a computer scientist who performs research and development.

4. Famous People Do It, Too

Some of your favorite celebrities and industry leaders earned their stripes as computer science majors. Some of them may feel obvious, like Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and Founder of Facebook). Mark Zuckerberg was Forbes’ youngest self-made millionaire, earning the title at age 23. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, plus Larry Page and Sergey Brin, CEOs of Google, are additional famous people where the connection between computer science and their current positions highly correlates.

However, there are some more celebrities who have either studied or are currently studying computer science and coding. Although Jimmy Fallon and Chris Bosh never completed their degrees, they both started their degrees within the field and know how to code. Former Victoria’s Secret Angel and model Karlie Kloss codes and often shares her coding work on her Instagram.

5. You Can Specialize

Most jobs within the field will require at least a bachelor degree. However, under the field of computer science, there is further specialization that can be accomplished through a master’s degree. When earning either degree, you will touch upon many subjects, including: algorithms, programming, bioinformatics, software engineering, computer policy, and more.

Degree programs vary by location and enrollment status. Additionally, you can earn computer science degrees online, which offer a lot of flexibility. At the University of the People, you can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the field. Plus, our degrees are tuition-free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

6. Men Still Dominate the Field

It’s true — computer science is still dominated by men. Over the coming years, roughly 1.7 million jobs related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) will be added. More men are expected to fill the positions. This trend starts early in education. To exemplify, although girls take more AP (Advanced Placement) tests than boys in high school, men still outnumber women 4:1 in AP Computer Science test-taking.

Furthermore, the growth of the field is undeniable. The largest STEM occupation that continues to grow is applications software developers. Additionally, over half a million jobs are attributed to computer support specialists and systems analysts.

The top 3 universities worldwide that teach computer science are: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – United States; Stanford University – United States; and University of Oxford – United Kingdom.

7. Computer Scientists Don’t Work Alone

Computer scientists rarely work in isolation. Whether they work for private companies, public organizations, government agencies, the entertainment industry, or for themselves, they have to be in contact with internal and external stakeholders. This includes clients!

Therefore, communication is key. Computer scientists may even be teachers, in which case, both patience and communication are of utmost importance.

8. It’s Much More than Math

It’s important to realize that the field is more than science and math. Even if you don’t consider yourself a math whiz, you can still major in the discipline. The degree and field requires strong problem-solving abilities and analytical skills.

Furthermore, if you have good logic and can understand the bigger picture ideas, as well as details, then computer science may be a good fit.

9. The Opportunities are Endless Around the World

Majoring in computer science allows you to both study and work internationally. The need for computer science is not designated to one region. Although there are hubs around the world where computer science is peaking, such as Silicon Valley in California, there are opportunities everywhere to work in the field.

In fact, computer science is one of the most studied subjects in many countries, including: the United Kingdom, Greece, and Germany.

10. The Learning Never Stops

Because technology is always evolving, there are always new techniques to learn. Additionally, new problems and challenges continue to arise. Therefore, those who have knowledge in computer science can help to overcome such challenges and make a difference in the field.

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Bonus: Fun Historical Facts

There are many interesting historical facts about computer science and computers themselves that have impacted the progression of the field.

Here are some of the most interesting and surprising truths:

  • Roughly 10% of the world’s money is physical. The rest exists digitally.
  • Every month, over 5,000 new computer viruses are released.
  • HP, Microsoft, and Apple all began in a garage.
  • Intel’s first microprocessor was intended for a calculator. Look where it’s led!
  • The first harddrive was made in 1979. It held 5 MB of data.
  • The internet was created by Sir Tim Burner Lee in 1989.
  • More than 17 billion devices worldwide are connected to the internet.

Processing It All

Computer science is a world unto itself. Earning a degree in the field can set you up for success. This is because there are many different job titles and opportunities within the realm of computer science. Additionally, they tend to be high-paid positions because they require dense skill sets.

However, it’s important to remember that computer science is not only for people who love math or coding. There is a lot of variety and those who are endlessly curious, up for a challenge, and enjoy problem-solving may make the best computer scientists!

Hopefully these computer science facts have shed a new light on what it means to study within the field and pursue a rewarding career to follow.

If you’re interested in getting started on your journey to earn a degree in Computer Science, check out the tuition-free program from the University of the People!