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10 Best Bachelor of Science Degrees to Study for Success

Updated: July 16, 2024 | Published: June 11, 2021

Updated: July 16, 2024

Published: June 11, 2021

6 Best Bachelor Of Science Degrees To Study For Success

A Bachelor of Science is awarded to students who complete a relevant undergraduate degree, usually in fields related to science and technology. 

However, not all programs have to be specifically related to science and technology. Some universities consider certain programs a BA, or Bachelor of Arts, while others might consider the very same program a BSc, or Bachelor of Science.

So, if you’re interested in getting a Bachelor of Science degree, which are the best programs to study? Keep reading to discover which BSc degrees you can study that lead to successful careers.

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What is a Bachelor of Science Degree?

A Bachelor of Science degree often focuses on technical courses. The program overall is meant to expose students to as many classes as possible that are related to a chosen major in order to provide a student with relevant experience.

Bachelor of Science degrees can fall in a few different fields, such as social science, technology, health science, computer programming, and more. While some of these programs will also be offered as a BA, studying them as a BSc will likely set you on a different career path due to the difference in both types of degrees. Which brings us to our next question…

What is the Difference Between a BA and a BSc?

You can do a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, or you can do a Bachelor of Science in psychology, however, these wouldn’t necessarily be the same degrees. The difference between the two often boils down to methodology and the desired focus of the program.

Students studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree are often encouraged to take more credits in classes outside their chosen major in order to benefit from a more broad education. Most often, BA students take classes in a variety of liberal arts fields. 

On the other hand, Bachelor of Science students are more focused on a specific subject. BSc students generally spend less time and credits on classes that are not directly related to their chosen program, instead focusing more closely on technical and practical elements of their major.

Going back to the example of majoring in psychology, as a BA student you might finish your degree and wind up in a career such as counseling, but with a BSc in psychology, you’re more likely to end up in a research position. 

What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Science Degree?

Since a Bachelor of Science degree can refer to a number of different subjects, there are a lot of things you can do as a career with a BSc. 

A BSc will allow you to work in fields such as business, education, sciences, or technology. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science have worked in a huge variety of fields like engineering, computer programming, chemistry, finance, biology, and a lot more. 

Of course, certain careers might require further education, such as a master’s degree or even a doctorate, but a BSc is often a good launching point for those who want a career that is more focused on science, technology, and research.

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10 Best Bachelor of Science Degrees

If you favor a Bachelor of Science over a BA, then you might be wondering which specific degrees you can obtain. Here’s a list of some of the most popular BSc degrees that you can study. 

Computer Science

Computer science degrees focus on things like programming and web development. In a BSc of computer sciences, students can expect to study coding in multiple programming languages, learn how to debug and fix problems, and may also focus on specialized fields like security, analytics, or software engineering. 

Business Administration

A BSc in business administration helps prepare students for the world of business. In this program, students can expect to study the fundamentals of business, including business ethics, operation, finance, management, and human resources. Since business is a very broad field, students can also specialize in more focused areas, like international management, accounting, or entrepreneurship


If you want to study the stock market or financial institutions, then getting a Bachelor of Science in finance is the right move for you. In this program, you can expect to take classes that cover topics such as investment banking, financial planning, accounting, and insurance, among others. Graduates with this degree often work in positions that allow them to help businesses stay profitable, such as financial analysts or a finance manager.

Information Technology

Information technology, otherwise known as IT, is a popular area of study for students who want a career that’s in high demand. In an information technology degree, students will study different subjects related to information systems and computers, such as databases, networks, and project management. Since so many companies today rely on IT systems to run their business, there are a lot of different career options with this degree.


If you’ve ever wanted to do research in a lab and study cells and organisms, then a BSc in biology is probably the best path for you. In a biology degree, you can study different topics like ecology and evolution, genetics, microbiology, and molecular biology, just to name a few. Students often choose a specialization in this major since it’s such a broad field. After graduating with a BSc in biology, students can go on to work in scientific research, education, lab work, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Are you interested in the intricacies of construction, machinery, and building things from scratch? Then a BSc in mechanical engineering might be of interest to you. In this program, you’ll study complex subjects such as thermodynamics, mechanical design, and technical drawing, among others. Mechanical engineering students go on to work for companies in roles that allow them to work on a team focused on building new structures or components of them.


Psychology students study human behavior and ultimately work to assess, diagnose, and treat mental conditions. In a BSc program, psychology students can expect to cover a range of topics like social and clinical psychology, behavioral studies, neural studies, and developmental psychology. With a BSc in psychology, students can go on to higher education and get jobs working in labs, research positions, or technical roles.

Electrical Engineering

Unlike mechanical engineering, electrical engineering involves working with electrical systems as opposed to working with machinery or building things. In this degree, students will learn how to work with circuits, electronic testing, control systems, electrodynamics, and a lot more. Once completing a BSc in electrical engineering, students can work in exciting fields like manufacturing, renewable energy, transport networks, and more.


A BSc in chemistry allows students to explore working with organic and inorganic compounds. In this degree, students can expect to cover topics such as calculus, physical chemistry, physics, analytic chemistry, and more. In terms of careers, many students who graduate with a degree in chemistry go on to work in research positions in labs, in education, or working for companies on consumer projects. 


Mathematics covers a lot of different subjects, so a degree in this field is broader and covers more than a degree in a more specific math topic, like statistics or calculus. In this major, students can take classes related to many different math topics, like linear algebra, modern geometry, probability, differential equations, and much more. In terms of career prospects, graduates with a mathematics degree can work as actuaries, professors, economists, financial analysts, and more. 

To Wrap Up

Bachelor of Science degrees fall into many different categories, so if you’re keen on doing specific research and gaining technical skills during your undergraduate degree, then this might be a better option for you than a Bachelor of Arts.

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