Global Employment Network

Networking is vital in the quest to build a successful career, no matter the field. At UoPeople our international community of faculty and students provides a global networking community. With faculty hailing from some of the top universities, corporations and foundations worldwide, and students hailing from over 194 countries, the networking potential at UoPeople is immense!


Our global employment network aids in broadening the career opportunities as well as strengthening the career options for our students, providing each student with a classroom of international learners and peers, to create an extensive professional network. Outside the classroom, UoPeople partners with world renowned corporations, to open the door to excellent networking opportunities for our students, which in turn, broadens their employment opportunities.


UoPeople develops students’ networking abilities, by offering a thriving global community. Combined with internship and mentorship programs, students gain the skills to utilize these connections, in real life work experience.


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