Join the People 2019
Terms & Conditions


Please make sure you read and understand the Terms & Conditions before you participate.


“Join the People 2019” invites any existing students or graduates of University of the People to refer their friends, family and community to apply and become students. Upon a successful referral, the referee will be rewarded. For a definition of “successful referral”, please keep reading.


About the Offer

The offer is available to existing students and graduates of University of the People only. A “successful referral” is a referral that results in a new student who successfully signed their enrolment agreement to be a UoPeople student during the relevant term.


* The deadline is the end of term 5, 2019.


** Only those referees who have signed their enrollment agreement for Term 1, 2020, will be counted.



Referrer: UoPeople Ambassador.

Referee: New inquirer who enrolls at UoPeople.



  • To participate, “referrals” must be sent out through UoPeople Student Ambassadors’ Platform.
  • “Referees” must be new inquirer (never applied to UoPeople previously).
  • Referees must use your unique referral link to be counted (this can be found in the referal section in the UoPeople Student Ambassadors’ platform).


Reward for the Top Ten Referrers:

  • As a Top Ten referrer you will win one of our exclusive packs of UoPeople branded merchandise.


What if…

  • If the person you refer is or has been a UoPeople applicant or student, you will not be eligible for the giveaway;
  • If two referrers bring in the same referee, the referrer who submitted the form first will receive the reward.
  • If your referred friend was not enrolled with the University, you will unfortunately not be eligible to receive a reward
  • If you have referred a friend who has applied or been accepted to the University, but he didn’t use your link, unfortunately we will not be able to track this, and you will not receive a reward.


Some other points

  • You can’t refer yourself!
  • Each new student can only be referred once. Anyone who uses multiple email addresses to create multiple application for the same referee will be disqualified.
  • The University reserves the right to disqualify a referrer from winning if, at any time it has reasonable grounds to suspect that: a. you have been awarded on the basis of false statements, misrepresentation or fraudulent actions; or b. you have encouraged or induced another applicant to make false statements, misrepresentations or fraudulent actions. The University of the People reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms of this promotion at any point.
  • The University will disqualify anyone that incentivizes a referee through the use of monetary or any other compensation contrary to the spirit of the campaign to enroll at UoPeople.
  • UoPeople excludes all liability howsoever arising connected with the promotion and all warranties, conditions, undertakings, terms and obligations implied by law (whether by statue, common law or otherwise).
  • If you do not wish to participate in this contest, your decision will be fully respected by the University and will not in any way impact your scholarship, academic records, or academic standing. If you have any questions or concerns, contact [email protected].
  • The branded merchandises awarded is not for resale.
  • When taking part of the Join the People campaign, you may not imply in any way that you are an official employee or representative of UoPeople.
  • Refer a friend by typing their information in the form on the Referrals page. For those entering the personal information of someone else: By clicking submit on this form, you are personally guaranteeing that they have consented to giving their personal information to University of the People, including name, and email. In addition, you have confirmed that they consent to have their data processed by University of the People, and that they have read and reviewed the UoPeople policies, and terms and conditions.