Online Bachelor Degree Programs


UoPeople Offers the Following Online Bachelor Degree Programs:

Why Get a Degree?

In today’s world, there is no stronger asset than a degree from an accredited university or college. Individuals choose to pursue a degree for a number of reasons: to deepen their knowledge, to develop themselves professionally, and to open new doors in their careers. Degree holders gain invaluable training and expertise in their chosen field of study and are more eligible than individuals without degrees for careers in dynamic, specialized professions.


Why Get a Bachelor Degree?

A Bachelor Degree program is typically completed in four years after the completion of around forty courses. Bachelor Degree students will gain a wide base of knowledge in their chosen field of study while also completing general education courses designed to foster a comprehensive context for this education as well as to encourage students’ intellectual and personal development.


Students who complete a Bachelor Degree will find themselves qualified to enter the workforce in their chosen field of study.  The level of specialized knowledge, understanding, and training that they have received will open the doors for a wide range of dynamic career options.


Graduates of Bachelor Degree programs are also qualified to continue studying for a graduate level degree such as a Master’s Degree.


At University of the People, we offer three accredited online Bachelor Degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science.

The total approximate costs to earn a Bachelor’s Degree at UoPeople is $4,860.

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