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What Is Unity Game Development? How To Get Started

What Is Unity Game Development How To Get Started

If you’re interested in a career in gaming, like creating video games, then you might be interested in Unity game development. So, if you want to know how to get started with Unity game development, keep reading to find out more.
What Is Unity Game Development?

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Unity is a tool that allows you to accomplish different types of tasks related to the game production process. Unity provides game developers with a 2D and 3D platform to create video games.

What makes Unity so appealing to developers is that it’s simple to use so that you don’t need to start from scratch. Unity takes care of things like 3D rendering, physics, and collision detection. Essentially, Unity has the physics built-in so that developers don’t need to take care of every last detail.

For example, there’s an Asset Store where developers can go to upload their own creations and download ones from other developers in the Unity community. You can look for things like effects, such as a fire or tilt control, giving you a lot more time to spend developing and designing your video game.

Who is Unity For?

Unity isn’t the only game development platform out there, so that means it’s not ideal for every type of user. Still, Unity is ideal for certain kinds of game development.

1. Game Prototyping

Due to Unity’s Asset Store and its real-time 3D rendering, it’s an ideal platform for developers to use to prototype games.

Unity can also be used to test out AR and VR so it’s ideal to test out game architecture or simulations. This also makes Unity great for testing out user experience to ensure that players have a great game-play.

2. Making Games

The second main use for Unity is to actually create fully functioning video games.

Unity is particularly suited to indie games from developers who don’t have access to large-scale development tools.

Unity is very flexible and can be used to make any type of video game, so this is a great platform for developers who are just getting started or beginner developers who want to try building their first game.

Which Coding Language Does Unity Use?

There are many different coding languages out there and some are more particularly suited to specific scenarios. In Unity, you’ll need to know C# to understand the code and logic.

Still, users don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge to be able to use Unity. C# is relatively beginner-friendly, so you can get by without using a lot of code, but Unity will give you a good introduction to C# if it’s new to you or you want more exposure to the language.

That being said, using code will open the door to more options and allow you to be more flexible in how you customize your game. Therefore, it’s a good idea to learn C# before you start developing games with Unity.

Unity vs. Other Game Development Engines

Unity isn’t the only game development platform out there, so how does it measure up to its competition? Other popular game development engines include Cryengine or Unreal, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For starters, Unity works well as both a 3D and 2D development tool. Additionally, Unity handles graphics really well so that you can even adjust gaming experiences to lower-grade hardware.

Plus, Unity can be used to develop games across multiple platforms, such as PC, iOS, and other game consoles.

However, like any engine, Unity game development has its weaknesses. While the graphics are good, they don’t lend themselves as well to top-end graphics. But, when compared to other engines like Cryengine or Unreal which aren’t as beginner-friendly, Unity is more welcoming to developers of all skill levels.

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The Best Unity Courses

Just because Unity game development is beginner-friendly doesn’t mean you should forego a course to learn the ins-and-outs of the platform.

Taking a course will save you a lot of time in guessing and learning the ropes. You’ll also be able to learn all the small details of the engine so that you can create a better video game.

So, which are the best Unity courses you can take to enhance your skills and get started as soon as possible? Let’s take a look at some of the top Unity courses:

How to Get Started with Unity Game Development

After learning C# and completing an online course, it’s relatively simple to get started with Unity game development. All you need to do is download Unity and get a license. There are free versions for you to get started with, or paid versions if you need more functionality or you’re on a team and you need more seats.

Unity can run on Windows, OS X, and Linux, so make sure you have a compatible device.

Beyond that, your skills or video game production background doesn’t really matter all that much since Unity can be used by anybody, from beginners to developers with more experience. So download the engine and get started to see what it’s all about.

To Wrap Up

Whether you’re ready to dive headfirst into a career in gaming, or you simply want to dabble in game creation during your spare time to see what it’s all about, Unity game development is a great way to accomplish your goals.

If you want to gain more robust knowledge about gaming and video game development, you’ll likely need further education and more specific degrees. We suggest starting out with a degree related to web development or something like computer sciences. At University of the People, we offer a tuition-free online degree in computer science so that you can learn the basics in a more substantial way before focusing on video game development.