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What Are The 9 Easiest College Classes For Success?


College classes can be tough, but they don’t always have to be! There’s a chance that you’ve asked yourself, “What are the easiest college classes?” because you want to boost your GPA or you just want to take it easy. No matter your reason for wanting to take some of the easiest college classes, you can make it a reality by exploring some of these options.

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9 Easiest College Classes For Success

Take a look over this list and see if anything suits your interests. If so, be sure to check out your college’s catalog to see what’s offered. Also, it may be the case that the difficulty level of these classes vary based on where you’re learning. You can always check online forums or ask peers about their experience in such classes before enrolling.

That being said, here’s a look at some college classes that tend to be easier than some core classes.

1. Film History

If you’re imagining that you’ll be sitting in a theatre and watching films all the time, then you’re only somewhat wrong. There’s no doubt that you’ll be tasked with watching films in film history, but you’ll go deeper than what meets the eye. You’ll learn about film theory and the ways in which society influences the art of filmmaking. You will take a look at how films are made behind the scenes, from acting to producing and in between. In fact, you will likely gain so many new perspectives from film history that you may never watch a film the same way again after you complete this class.

2. Creative Writing

There are infinite ways to tell a story. Creative writing classes will help you to unleash the power of storytelling and the art of writing. From journal entries to long-form fiction and poetry, creative writing classes are a fun place to express your creativity. And, the best part is, you don’t have to be a great writer to be a part of it! You’ll learn along the way.

3. Physical Education

Boost your GPA and get a workout? Sign up by enrolling in a physical education class. College P.E. classes aren’t like the ones you’re used to from high school. There are different activities that fall into this category, so you can even check for classes like yoga, kickboxing, or rock climbing.

4. Psychology

If you’re interested in understanding more about how people think, then psychology is a great elective course for you. It may even spark an unknown passion and lead you to major in the field! Psychology classes also help to understand communication and the motives behind people’s actions, which can greatly help you along your future professional journey.

5. Public Speaking

This is a class that anyone can benefit from, no matter their major. While public speaking sounds like it may only help you stand in front of a big audience and share a monologue, it actually can prepare you for so much more. Public speaking helps to boost many necessary skills like teaching you how to be articulate, communicate well, and use persuasion as a tool.

6. Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of cultures and societies. Most history majors have to take anthropology, but even if it doesn’t line up with your major, it can provide you with interesting insight behind the formation of societies.

7. Art History

Art history provides you with context surrounding some of your favorite works of art. You’ll learn about different art techniques and certain periods of art. Art informs society and society informs art, so you will learn beyond a painting or sculpture and be able to connect the dots in between.

8. Acting

Like public speaking, acting will provide you with the opportunity to be in front of people! Introduction to acting classes generally give students time to be on stage with one another and learn how to act or do improv. It’s a very fun, interactive, and engaging elective to choose.

9. Photography

If you’re not in art school or trying to become a professional photographer, taking a photography class can still provide you with valuable lessons. You’ll learn about lighting, framing, perspective, and various techniques to capture the perfect photo. While you can do a lot with cameras on cell phones these days, a photography class will open your lens (pun intended) to different types of cameras.

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Ways To Boost My GPA

If you’re looking for the easiest college classes to boost your GPA, then you may need to also consider trying these methods to keep yourself in good academic standing. Your GPA will matter greatly if you intend to apply to a graduate program, so it’s always the best idea to do as well as you can in school.

Here are some more ideas on how you can achieve success in college:

  • Don’t Skip Class: Whether you attend an online college or a traditional college, lectures exist for a reason. Don’t skip them even if attendance doesn’t matter because what you learn in class will obviously affect how well you perform. No matter what style of learning you prefer, attending lectures provide you with the foundational knowledge you need in a subject to continue building.
  • Organization: Try to stay as organized as possible. No matter how many classes you take per quarter or semester, you’ll want to keep your notes and documents organized for easy references. Label folders on your computer to store notes and study material by subject. Also, try to use post-its or annotate with highlighters and pencils when you’re reading information from a book.
  • Office Hours: Don’t be afraid to attend your professor or teacher assistant’s office hours. They are there to help you answer questions and understand the material.
  • Work With Peers: Create study groups and work with your peers! Sometimes, one person may understand a certain topic better than another and you can help succeed with the power of numbers. Even online schools like the University of the People provide students who are learning digitally with online forums to connect and learn with their peers.
  • Weekly Study Reviews: Take your education step-by-step. Rather than leaving everything until the last minute to cram and learn before a test, study weekly. That way, you can be sure you fully understand material as you learn it so it doesn’t become too overwhelming and lead you to give up.
  • Set Goals: Set short-term goals, achieve them, and repeat. Every small step to success continues to build upon the last to lead you in the right direction. By setting bite-sized goals, you can make action plans and stay on track to earning good grades.

The Bottom Line

Finding and enrolling in the easiest college classes can be a way to boost your GPA, explore courses outside your major, or just set yourself up to have some extra fun during college. Indeed, colleges do require students to take classes outside of their major to offer a well-rounded educational experience. It just may be the case that you sign up for an “easy” college class and it lights a spark in you to find your passion!