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What Are The 13 Easiest Degrees To Get For Success?

Updated: July 12, 2022 | Published: November 30, 2020

Updated: July 12, 2022

Published: November 30, 2020


Enrolling in college shouldn’t be hard and neither should earning your degree. However, for many students who apply to traditional and competitive campuses, they are faced with challenges like affordability and acceptability. Luckily, with the rise of online colleges, more students have been able to earn their degree! If you’re questioning what is the easiest degree to get once you get accepted into college, then we have some ideas for you!

Why Get A College Degree?

Choosing to get a college degree comes with specific intentions. There are many benefits to having a college degree, including the fact that you can:

  • Make more money
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Increase you career opportunities
  • Enhance your job security
  • Learn transferable skills
  • Network with people from all over the world

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Major

While ease of a college major may be one criteria by which you choose a major, it’s not the only thing to take into consideration. These are some questions to ask yourself when deciding on your major:

  • Passion: What am I naturally interested and curious to learn about?
  • Natural Talent: Do I possess special skills or talents that would bode well in a profession or specific subject?
  • Career Opportunities: How will this degree help open up possible career opportunities?
  • Financial Gains: What are the financial prospects of the position I want to hold?
Majoring in education to become a teacher
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What Are The 13 Easiest Degrees To Get?

Before we dive into the easiest college degrees you can get, let’s remind ourselves that it is not a good idea to get a degree JUST because it’s easy. Of course, you want to do well in your major classes and have a good GPA. But if you major in something without considering the aforementioned questions, then it could lead to a dead end.

That being said, these degrees do offer many great career opportunities and are well-suited for those who are genuinely interested in pursuing them. Let’s get to it!

1. Theatre

Do you like to be on stage and in front of people? While natural talent isn’t a prerequisite for theatre majors, it does help to be a passionate actor. With this degree, you will learn about plays, dance, acting methods, and more.

2. Creative Writing

Break out your pens and notepads and get ready to write! A degree in creative writing can open the door to professions like journalism or a role in publishing. Creative writers can also land roles in public relations, communications departments, or on marketing teams. You’ll learn about other writers and spend the majority of time creating your own pieces of work.

3. Social Work

Social work is not for the faint of heart and it is a degree that leads directly into the profession of helping others. Social workers spend their time working with vulnerable populations in various settings, from their home to hospitals to schools. One reason why it’s considered an “easy major” is because it doesn’t require hard sciences or math to complete, which are typically considered to be challenging subject areas.

4. History

You know how the old saying goes, “history repeats itself.” By majoring in history, you’ll understand the past by learning about events since the beginning of recorded time up until now. You’ll also dive deep into why things happened the way they did. This lends insight into modern times and can create the path to becoming a lawyer, teacher, historian, or journalist, to name a few.

5. Communications and PR

The title of the communications major may be a bit misleading because it’s not all about talking. In fact, communications and public relations has a lot to do with reading, research, critical thinking, and writing. Most people who major in this field go on to work in marketing, business management, or public relations.

6. Women’s Studies

Diving into women’s studies offers a perspective on history from the female point of view. In most universities, the major GPA requirements are lower than most, sometimes at 2.0. With this degree, you can find jobs in counseling, human resources, teaching, or social studies.

7. Religious Studies

There are many different religions and beliefs that exist in the world. If you’re someone who wants to know more about the history of religions and their belief patterns, then a religious studies major will fit the bill. The biggest challenge in the degree is that there is no one right or wrong answer, but you will undoubtedly learn more about cultures and religious ideology.

8. Foreign Language

Majoring in a foreign language can be considered easy for some and extremely difficult for others. If you major in a language, not only will you be able to speak, read, and write it fluently, but you will also be able to help others understand information. That’s why language majors often go on to work as translators for advertising agencies, publishing houses, airlines, or foreign civil services.

9. Education

Want to become a teacher? You can technically major in whatever you want, but with an education major, you will dive deep into the theories of education and be able to get hands-on practice while learning. You can go on to earn your Master’s of Education to hold specific positions in administration or to become a professor for college students.

10. English Literature

As an English literature major, you will gain mastery in writing, reading, and comprehension. English literature majors tend to have high GPAs because most of the work involves reading. However, finding a career with this major could prove more challenging than the degree itself. It’s beneficial to gain extra knowledge by taking summer classes or boosting marketable skills through a second major or a minor.

11. Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of cultures and human societies. Anthropology majors tend to have a special affinity for the subject which is why they choose it as their major. However, like English literature majors, it’s not the easiest degree to land a position in the workplace. The exception is for those who wish to work in museums or research labs.

12. Sports Management

Sports management has a lot of similarities and overlapping coursework with business administration. You will learn about public relations, sports, and the human body. The major positions graduates to work in management, PR, or as part of professional sports teams.

13. Art

Your creativity could land you a college degree! If you’re an artist, then you can major in the field which will lead to classes of studying paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, and other artistic mediums.

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Online Opportunities

When looking for easy degrees to get, you’ll come across the opportunity to enroll in online colleges. While it is a myth that online degrees are easier than traditional on-campus degrees, they can provide an easier set-up with less stress. This is because online degrees offer students a way to earn their higher education degrees on their own schedule.

At University of the People, for example, courses are designed so that students can log into their portal to learn whenever and wherever they want. With a flexible schedule and 100% online classes that are tuition-free, students can earn their degrees at their own pace.

Wrapping Up

Choosing an easy college degree is just one factor in the decision-making process of attending college. Many students end up changing their majors multiple times before landing on the right fit.

So, in an effort to not waste time or money, take time to consider your career prospects and goals, the effort you’re willing to commit to learning, and what subjects you are most interested in before choosing your major.

If you think online college is the way to go, then take a look at our degree programs at the University of the People! While they are not technically part of the “easiest college degrees,” they will definitely set you up with all you need to know to land a lucrative job in your desired field. Plus, they are tuition-free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!