UoPeople Ranked Top 10 In The StuDocu World University Ranking!

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If you’ve ever looked at most publications’ “Best College” rankings, you’ll be hard pressed not to find Harvard, MIT and Ivy League colleges at the top of the list. Most of these lists are driven by profit or compiled from mounds of data. But, thanks to the StuDocu World University Ranking, the first-ever for-students and by-students college ranking has been unveiled! Coming in at number ten is our very own University of the People..


Based on both opinions and personal experiences from 100,000 students across 1,500 universities, the ranking system was created by StuDocu, a platform that offers free resources for remote students. The final rankings were reached by assessing schools according to 15 different criteria spanning quality and safety to academic reputation (all based on a 0-10 scale).


StuDocu then applied their Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique (SMOTE) algorithm to process responses that were statistically in line with the overarching trend based on students’ scores. This ensured that the results are statistically significant (given the sample size). And, it’s safe to say that they are!


Among the important aspects considered were: Job opportunities, ability to study remotely, quality of life, quality of courses and accessibility.


Based on the results, students demonstrated the importance of certain key features of their respective schools including:

  • Diversity
  • Remote learning
  • Safety
  • Financial aid
  • Sports
  • Greek life
  • Housing
  • Dietary accommodations

On average, every university on the list received feedback from roughly 60 students.


Of course, when it comes to Greek life or sports, the University of the People isn’t a go-to because we operate fully online, but that’s our entire point. As the first accredited, fully online and tuition-free university, the University of the People offers degrees in four disciplines: Health Science, Computer Science, Education and Business Administration.


The University of the People was created to ensure that all students, no matter their situation, have access and to affordable higher education.


We are honored to be regarded as one of the top ten best universities in the U.S. and Canada by StuDocu because this opinion is based on those who truly matter to our mission – our students!