Uopeople Reaches Over 1,000,000 On Facebook

More than a million individuals support University of the People on Facebook, showcasing the exceptional support of UoPeople’s mission to open the gates to higher education for everyone. UoPeople is second in the number of supporters out of all universities on Facebook only to Harvard University.

UoPeople uses the internet culture of Facebook and social networking to bring higher education to the world, tuition-free. As the University is built on the concept of people sharing, learning, teaching, and helping each other online, Facebook is an integral part of the daily activity of UoPeople– from admissions, throughout student’s studies, and all the way through graduation. Applicants and students alike receive feedback on their questions via the University Page and student’s network amongst themselves on student-created UoPeople Facebook groups.

The global presence of UoPeople cannot be understated with support hailing from all corners of the world including Ghana, United States, Iraq, Haiti, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Peru, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Egypt, France, Sri Lanka, Canada, Palestine, Jordan, Hungary, Tunisia, Philippines, Brazil, Morocco, Mauritius, Argentina, Cambodia and more.

UoPeople, as a non-profit, relies on the voices of our supporters to spread the word. Thank you for being a part of opening access to higher education worldwide!

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