Uopeople Continues to Stand Behind Haiti

Rapidly approaching is the anniversary of the Haitian earthquake of 2010. This catastrophic event on January 12th 2010 claimed 316,000 lives and the homes of 1,000,000 victims. The destruction from the earthquake was cataclysmic in every way possible.

The event can be glossed over as a problem of the past, but this is not the reality. Haiti is still deeply affected by the calamity. The well-being and development of the entire country was immobilized. 28 of 32 universities were completely destroyed, the education of the future generation was hindered, and the brightest and most skilled youth fled in search of better outcomes for their futures.

The voids left in Haitian society were sizable. The earthquake, and cholera outbreak that followed soon after, left a desolate country, physically, mentally, and in terms of hope of the entire population. Haiti became dependent on the generosity of others. Food, water, all kinds of relief flowed in, but these aids were temporary, not long-lasting. The true rebuilding had to come from with-in.

UoPeople recognized the necessity of a long-term, liberating solution. We have fostered hope through giving access to tuition-free higher education to Haitians – almost 100 have been accepted to date. These students were given the gift and responsibility of leading their nation in the upward climb of rehabilitation and rejuvenation. The ability to develop pertinent skills is allowing these students the empowerment to help themselves and their beloved country — improving the future of Haiti.

UoPeople recognized education as the key to replenishing and reviving Haiti. These new educated young leaders promise a bright future to the entire country. Haiti will be independent and economically viable once again.

On the anniversary of the earthquake, UoPeople is commemorating and continuing their efforts to educate more leaders and invest in the future of the entire country.

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