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The UoPeople Alumni Survey 2021, was sent to over 1400 graduates in order to see how they felt about their unique learning experience. They shared with us the many reasons why choosing UoPeople was the right choice to help them achieve their career goals. 

The University of the People was founded with the mission to provide affordable education to anyone who seeking to earn their degree. Not only does UoPeople strive to create tuition-free accredited education that fits any schedule, but we want our students to love learning with us. That’s one of the many reasons we conduct an annual graduate survey to hear how our students felt about their experience, the challenges they faced, and the aspects they enjoyed most. 

Overall Experience 

Did you have a positive experience at UoPeople?

89% of graduates had a great time studying with UoPeople. After taking a look at the survey details, it is apparent that alumni were most impressed with certain aspects of UoPeople including: peer to peer assessment learning, support of our prestigious academic instructors, and networking with a diverse global community to name a few. 

Would you recommend UoPeople to a friend?  

We are pleased to hear that 88.7% of our graduates enjoyed learning at UoPeople and would recommend us to a friend. This information is also reflected in the UoPeople Student Experience Survey 2021 where 8 out of 9 students said they were  proud to study at UoPeople.  It matters to us that alumni enjoyed their academic journey at UoPeople, and we want to ensure every student continues to feel this way.

Career Preparation 

One of the main reason’s students earn a degree is for career development and advancement. We take time to prepare students for life after college, with career guidance and support from program advisors, and our helpful Career Service Center where we provide students with resume skills, interview techniques, and advanced job searching capabilities. It’s no surprise that our graduates are now employed at leading companies across the globe. 

Did you find employment after graduation?

85% of UoPeople graduates have gone on to gain employment and lead successful careers. It’s important to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed for life after college and at UoPeople, we want to ensure our students are adequately prepared for the job market.  

Do you feel that UoPeople helped prepare you for your current career?

76.4% of alumni responded that UoPeople prepared them for their current career. Students at UoPeople learn the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their future careers. Students are also given guidance and support from their Program Advisor from the first day of class to graduation. The Career Service Center helps prepare them for life after college by cultivating important workplace etiquette, and tips for interviewing and acquiring employment. 

Earning a college degree can have a huge impact in the workforce. In fact, over half of UoPeople graduates responded that UoPeople impacted their employment in one of the following ways: 

No matter what career path you are pursuing, UoPeople offers an affordable educational route for you to advance in your career, get the promotion or raise you’ve always wanted, or to completely change your career. 

Workplace Satisfaction  

Alumni at UoPeople shared with us that they learned the skills and knowledge needed to take their employment to the next level. Graduates are employed with leading companies across every industry all over the world, from Amazon to Y&R.  

Over half of our graduates have become managers, and 10% executives upon graduation. 

Given your experience and level of education, do you think your job is appropriate for your level of qualifications?

67% of UoPeople graduates feel that their job is appropriate for their qualifications. That’s over half of UoPeople alumni! It’s important to feel that the work you are doing is appropriate for your level of skill and knowledge.

How satisfied are you with your current job?

This year has been exceptionally difficult for the global workforce. The pandemic effected almost every aspect of life as we know it. It’s easy to let stress spill over into the workplace. That’s why we are so excited to hear that 67% of our graduates are satisfied with their current employment.

UoPeople offers degrees in Health Sciences, Computer Science, Education and Business Administration. Students learn the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their chosen career fields. 

We are incredibly proud and humbled to know that, not only are our current students satisfied but, also from a post-graduation perspective, our alumni are still enjoying the effects of our university. 

Achieve Your Career Goals 

The curriculum at UoPeople is purposefully designed by top-notch instructors and leading academics from around the globe to position graduates to succeed in their future.  

After graduating from UoPeople, students have the option to study at prominent universities due to our academic partnerships with Harvard Business School Online, McGill University, Effat University, New York University, International Baccalaureate, UC Berkeley and the University of Edinburgh.  

While it’s possible to transfer to other universities through our partnerships, a degree earned from University of the People is well-respected and accredited. Our academic partnerships are completely optional, and we are proud to have created these stimulating opportunities for our students.   

Unique Benefits of Studying at UoPeople  

The University of the People has a revolutionary educational model that relies on the help of volunteers from all around the globe. Because UoPeople is 100% online, the overhead costs for running the institution remain as low as possible and tuition-free. 

This means at UoPeople there are no costs for instruction, books, or campus costs. Imagine earning your degree debt-free and 95% less than the cost of a traditional American university. UoPeople understands that college should fit around your schedule – so don’t worry about missing your daughter’s piano recital, being late to your second job, or missing that doctor’s appointment.  

You can study at UoPeople anytime, anywhere.  

Ready to jumpstart your career with UoPeople?  

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