Top Universities In India For The Adventurous Student

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India is rich with diverse cultures, natural beauty, and vibrant traditions. As such, it has a distinct appeal for adventurous students who want an unconventional study abroad experience. Along with top universities in India that offer many programs and disciplines, the cultural experience is sure to open the door to new perspectives that will last a lifetime.


There are many factors that go into considering and choosing a study abroad destination. Although India’s way of living can be intimidating to some, it offers a rewarding educational experience for those that are up for the challenge.



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Benefits Of Studying In India

Before diving into some of the best universities in India, let’s discuss some of the highlights that make India such a fantastic choice for students spending a semester abroad.



1. High-Quality Education


With the second largest population in the world, India is rapidly expanding in a number of areas, mainly education. Because of a focus on growing its educational offerings, India boasts thousands of globally ranked universities for students to choose from.



2. Affordable Tuition And Living


Perhaps due to the staggering price tag on education in hubs like the US and the UK, the cost of education in a foreign country may feel prohibitive to some. Much like choosing to study online, India also does not pose a problem for cost-conscious students. Thanks to friendly tuition rates and an extremely reasonable cost of living, most students hoping to study in India can cross affordability off their list of concerns.



3. Student-Friendly Cities


India is speckled with over 400 cities, many of which are flourishing, metropolitan study abroad destinations. There are many educational hubs, such as Mumbai, which hosts IIT Bombay, a top 10 university in India, and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Students can also study in Delhi, home of IIT Delhi and Delhi University, among many others. No matter where a student chooses to study, each locale has its own rich history and traditions to create special memories.



4. Scholarships


Due to India’s focus on expanding education, the Indian government offers scholarships to international students who want to pursue studies at some of the best universities in India. The government offers the General Cultural Scholarship Scheme, awarding undergrad, post-grad, and research scholarships to students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Other programs include: the Commonwealth Fellowship Plan, Reciprocal Scholarships Scheme, Cultural Exchange Programme, and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.



5. Diverse Cultures


Students with an appetite for exploring new cultures will not be disappointed in India. Its expansive geography is also made up of expansive cultures and languages. Did you know India has 22 official languages? Just by studying in India, international students will encounter others from all over the country who will introduce them to a diverse selection of mother tongues, traditions, and beliefs.



6. Work Opportunities


Though the Indian government doesn’t allow international students to work in the country while they study, there are plenty of training and internships available to students hoping to get some hands-on experience in their field. There are employment visas available as well for those interested in leveraging the network they set up during their studies to stay in the country post-program.



14 Best Global Universities In India

If India is starting to sound like a fit for your studies, check out this list of some of the best universities in India:



1. Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay

Located just outside the metropolis of Mumbai, IIT Bombay has a reputation for producing some of India’s most revered engineers and scientists at the hand of a faculty full of internationally-renowned professors. In addition to its academic presence, the IIT Bombay campus is close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park where students can stroll and see leopards, panthers, and other wild cats. The university also hosts Techfest, Asia’s largest science and technology festivals, and Mood Indigo, a cultural university festival.



2. Indian Institute of Technology – Ropar

A top 10 university in India, IIT Ropar specializes in STEM programs, with courses available at its three campuses across the city of Rupnagar, in the Punjab region. The university offers 10 departments including chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics, as a well as a multidisciplinary Center for Biomedical Engineering.



3. Indian Institute of Science

The Indian Institute of Science presents a unique undergraduate program model. Under the university’s one undergrad research degree, students spend the first three years studying the humanities along with physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology, capping off with a year spent on a research project of their choice. The Bangalore-based university’s track record speaks for itself, boasting over 75 scholars who have won the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology.



4. University of Hyderabad

The University of Hyderabad is a popular study abroad destination for international students thanks to its reputation for teaching and research. It also boasts 145 programs of study. Coupled with a thriving master’s program and steady stream of educational awards, the University of Hyderabad is a fantastic choice for foreign scholars.



5. Panjab University

One of India’s oldest institutions, Panjab University is located in Chandigarh and houses over 70 departments over 550 acres full of beautiful art and architecture. In addition to eight on-site hostels, the main campus features an open-air theater, botanical gardens, and the Gandhi Bhawan auditorium, a cultural landmark and tribute to Gandhi’s life and work. The city itself boasts world-renowned architecture and is a perfect example of how to balance modernity with nature.



6. Visva-Bharati University

Translating to mean “communion of the world,” Visva-Bharati certainly lives up to its name. Located in West Bengal, the university has become a cultural and educational destination for international students hailing from around the globe.



7. Indian Institute of Technology – Indore

As part of the Institute of Technology network of universities established by the government of India, IIT Indore has access to a vast pool of educational resources. Organized into three schools including basic sciences, engineering, and humanities and social sciences, undergrads have the opportunity to pursue research projects too.



8. Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi

IIT Delhi focuses on public engineering and is one of the newer IIT institutions, having been established in 1961. The expansive 325-acre campus is located in close proximity to iconic Indian monuments such as the Qutub Minar and the Lotus Temple, making it an ideal destination for students looking to soak in some of India’s rich history.



9. Indian Institute of Technology – Madras

In addition to IIT Madras’ solid academic foundation, the campus was also formerly part of the Guindy National Park. The forested borders of parts of its campus are home to many rare species. IIT Madras is also known for its research park that encourages innovation in existing companies, has sourced a series of successful start-ups, and become the model for over 50 similar research parks across the country as part of the government’s Stand Up India initiative.



10. Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur

The first, largest, and most prestigious member of the IIT network, IIT Kharagpur houses 19 undergrad and postgrad departments that offer courses across the sciences and humanities. On top of academia, the university has much to offer in the way of student associations for those interested in entrepreneurship, filmmaking, photography, and more.



11. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Ranked as one of the best universities in India and in South Asia as a whole, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences is a medical school, hospital, and public medical research university. Located in India’s capital New Delhi, the school is in close proximity to all of the cultural entertainment the hub has to offer.



12. Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is known for encouraging interdisciplinary learning by allowing its students to explore more than half of their courses outside their core major. The university also has established links with well-known universities in the US, including the California Institute of Technology, Purdue University, and the University of Michigan.



13. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Banaras Hindu University boasts a 1,300-acre campus with over 30,000 students living on-campus, making it the largest residential university in Asia.



14. University of Delhi

Regarded by many as the best university in India, University of Delhi is known for its high standards in teaching, research, and for its esteemed faculty. With a continually growing campus and student body, this university is a top-notch destination for international students.



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Alternative Options – Online Education

Some students don’t have the desire or the means to study abroad. Whether it’s due to the high cost or they simply wish to stay close to home, these students still may want to get the global perspective and community that comes with a program overseas.


Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities for online learning and global connection through online colleges.


For example, the University of the People is an entirely online and tuition-free institution with four degree-granting programs. Students from over 200 countries and territories log into classes from all over the world daily.


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The Wrap Up

There are endless options for what and where you can choose to study. Studying abroad in India will surely expand your horizons and provide a valuable experience to carry with you for a lifetime.


Consider choosing from this list of the best universities in India for the opportunity to create an experience like no other. Alternatively, take a look at studying online with the University of the People to get a tuition-free degree from anywhere in the world.