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8 Best Spelling Games for Adults

Updated: July 11, 2022 | Published: July 26, 2021

Updated: July 11, 2022

Published: July 26, 2021

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Spelling can be difficult. The English language has silent letters, strange patterns, and exceptions to many spelling rules. All of these aspects and more can make it challenging to become a great speller. Despite the challenges, it’s very possible to do with practice and dedication. Want to make learning how to spell fun? We’ve compiled some of the best spelling games for adults.

Who Can Spelling Games Help?

No matter how old you are, you could have a hard time spelling. In fact, dyslexia can persist from childhood into adulthood. Whether you have dyslexia or not, spelling games can help.

Paid and free spelling games for adults can help ESL learners, dyslexic learners, or anyone who just wants to practice and improve their spelling skills.

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How Spelling Games Can Help

Games are a great way to learn. When you combine learning and game playing, you can feel relaxed while you accomplish what would otherwise be hard work. Since you enjoy the process, you may even spend more time doing it per day. It’s in this type of consistency and effort that results arrive.

When you get better at spelling, you also are likely to improve your reading and writing skills at the same time.

Best Spelling Games for Adults

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, it’s time to talk about all the fun and games you can have at your fingertips.

1. Scrabble Go 

Scrabble has been a family-favorite game for a long time. The traditional game consists of a board and tiles with letters. Each player gets to place letters to make a word on the board. Then, the subsequent player needs to create another word that connects to an existing word that has already been played. With Scrabble Go, the game has become digital.

What makes Scrabble a great spelling game is that the word will only work and fit in the tiles when it is spelled correctly. Additionally, you have to think of words that you can spell with the tiles you’ve been given, as well as the tiles that are on the board.

Scrabble Go gives users the options to join leagues, play in tournaments, take challenges, and even play against friends.

2. Spelling Master

Spelling Master is a game that’s intended to help you master spelling (pretty aptly named, isn’t it?) The game is set up to move in progression with multiple levels of challenges. Once you complete one level of spelling, you then can unlock the next level. This type of set-up ensures that players have the foundational spelling knowledge that they need in order to keep improving and building.

The game also has a spelling quiz, which allows players to review their mistakes upon completion so that they can learn from them. Every time you complete a quiz and properly spell words, you can earn points.

There’s also a listen-and-spell feature which makes it easy to learn how to pronounce words properly.

3. Correct Spelling 

Correct Spelling is an app that is really beneficial for non-native English speakers. This app is intended to teach you how to pronounce words and spell them properly. Once you’ve spelled a word, the app will let you know whether or not it is correct.

Through practice and repetition, users learn how to spell English words and say them out loud.

4. English Spelling Rules 

If you’ve already been on a journey to learn to spell in English, then you are aware of some of its rules and exceptions. For example, you may have heard, “i before e, except after c.” Even though that rule holds true in most instances, they are cases where it doesn’t, like in the word “their.”

English Spelling Rules is an app that teaches you about rules and commonly misspelled words. (Fun fact: misspelled can be considered a commonly misspelled word).

5. Word Battle

WordBattle is an online multiplayer game that takes place in real-time. You can connect with friends and family via Facebook to challenge them in a game.

Each player is provided with the same 9 random letters. You are then given 40 seconds to spell a word that will be worth the most points. Every letter has its own points associated, so your goal is to outwit your competition and strategically spell a higher-scoring word.

6. New York Times Crossword

The New York Times crossword puzzle has etched its place into American life since it debuted in the Sunday paper during the 1940s. The New York Times created an app for the crossword. Each day, the clues become more difficult, with the easiest puzzles on Monday and the hardest on Saturday.

This game/app helps you learn to spell because you have clues and have to fill in the squares with the right word. The puzzle can only be completed once every word is spelled correctly. Not only do you get to boost your spelling skills, but you also can increase your knowledge of history, art, culture, facts, and more.

7. Letter Tycoon

If you’re looking for a game that isn’t on your phone and rather meant to be played in-person with others, then Letter Tycoon is a great option! With 2-5 players, each player gets to have their turn at spelling a word using a seven-card hand with a three-card community pool. Based on the word they play, they earn stock.

With the stock they’ve earned, they can buy patents for their words so that any time another player uses that word, they earn money. At the end of the game, you add up the patents, money, and stocks to see who won.

8. Spelling Notebook

SpellingNotebook is like a digital notebook for your spelling goals. You can create your own list of words to practice and test your spelling. Along with testing your own spelling, the SpellingNotebook can read the words out loud so that you can hear them being spoken.

It makes it easy to take your spelling words on the go anywhere and test yourself without seeing the word. There’s a built-in spelling dictionary to utilize, too. Or, you can input your own words.

It’s Time to Spell

The above list of eight spelling games for adults is just a preview into what’s available in both app and brick-and-mortar stores to learn how to spell!

Spelling games provide a fun way to learn and remain consistent in your endeavors to become the best speller you can be.