Student Discounts: How to Save During Your College Years

Don’t let financial stress ruin your college experience! See these tips to learn how to find the best student discounts.


Dealing with high costs of tuition and student loans can be tough. As of 2016, the average college student averaged a sum of $37,172 in debt. Considering the high costs of tuition, it is no surprise that students across the world struggle with financial stress during school. Although the costs of student debt are unavoidable, the burden can be lightened by utilizing student discounts and scholarships throughout your college experience.



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Keeping a budget is a great way to manage your financial stress during school. Money management apps like Mint or PocketGuard will track all of your financial accounts and spending, comparing your budget month-by-month. Once you understand both your ongoing and more sporadic expenses, separate your wants from your needs.


You can also save by applying for financial aid and researching local scholarship opportunities in your home city or your school’s city. Work-study programs are a great way to save on tuition without even having to leave campus. And, by utilizing various student discounts, you can cut back on the rest of your spending as well!


You might be surprised by how many businesses offer unadvertised discounts to students. When you create your next budget for the upcoming semester, think about the following areas and how you can cut back.



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Where should you look for student discounts?


1. Cell Phone Plans


Before you begin your college years, check out student options with different phone providers like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, and think about these features when choosing your plan:

  • Coverage options
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Phone prices
  • Monthly charges


2. Books and Magazines


Most major magazines and book stores offer huge student discounts. Before making your next purchase, ask about student discounts at the register. The New York Times, for example, offers $0.99 subscriptions for students during the first four weeks, and then a 50% discount off the regular rate. Students can also enjoy at least 75% off regular rates from The Wall Street Journal, including print, online, and mobile delivery. Check with your school’s library as they may be able to give you a list of companies already registered with the university.



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3. Transportation


Take advantage of public transportation. Greyhound, Amtrak, Coach USA, and Rail Europe all offer discounted deals to college students. Whether you are travelling between home and school, or on an international exploration, present your student ID card to any of the following companies to receive their discounted prices:


4. Electronics


Apple Education Pricing is available to current and newly accepted college students, including their families and their school’s faculties. Discounts on software are readily available as well through companies like Adobe, Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, and Microsoft Office.



5. Clothing


Even if it is not clearly advertised, ask your favorite stores about student prices. Keep in mind that discounts will typically range from 10% to 20% and are offered by many brand-name stores, including:



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6. Entertainment


Major league baseball teams may offer student specials in your area. Theaters, bowling alleys, and even concert venues may offer student discounts as well. Find attractions near your university and their package deals for students, like Six Flags, or the Rocky Mountain Super Pass in Colorado. You might also find student deals at local movie theaters, and on your Spotify and Hulu accounts.



7. Food and Drink


As a college student, your ID card can get you more than just textbook discounts. Ask local vendors about their student deals and check online for coupons and vouchers! Across the US, countless food chains like Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Chipotle, and Subway (to name a few) typically offer 10% discounts when you present your student ID card.



8. Beauty


Before the start of a new school year, you might want to stock up on your favorite beauty products. This can be tough on a student budget, but you can save by taking advantage of rewards programs and popular discount sites like UNiDAYS! Try these options for discounted beauty products:


Known for their sleek packaging and clean products, you can enjoy 15% off all day every day, and free shipping to Canada on orders over $100!


Take advantage of Sigma’s 15% discount if you order through UNiDAYS. You can stock up on makeup brushes, even with a 40% discount on certain packages.


GHD, or Good Hair Day, offers a free gift with certain purchases and a 15% discount on hair products, from straighteners, to dryers, to curlers.


Students can stock up on health and beauty products, like hair care, makeup, and nutrition. With free shipping on all orders, college students should make the most of these bundle deals and 10% discount.



9. Home & School Supplies


If you are just beginning your degree and planning to move into student housing, check out for inclusive packages of dorm essentials! From bedding to desk organization, closet storage to silverware, you can find the complete set of your college necessities here.



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For those living off campus, you might want to consider signing up for websites like Amazon, who offer 50% student discounts and two-day shipping. Prime Student works with hundreds of vendors to find the best deals just for students. Utilize Amazon’s competitive discounts for all your home, academic, and entertainment needs!


When preparing for your upcoming semester, you might want to order directly from websites like Discount School Supply and Dollar Days to save on school supplies. Whether you are studying on a campus or from home, don’t forget to bring your student ID card and ask local stores like Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, and Target about discounts for students.



10. Insurance


Insurance companies will often offer programs for students rewarding good grades with discounted insurance costs. If you’re not sure where to start, try the Insurance Center for quick and easy quotes on auto, home, and health insurance plans. The companies below also offer comprehensive plans for students at competitive prices! Compare the rates and choose the one that is best for you:



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Wrapping Up

It comes as no surprise that college can be a financially stressful time, whether you are just starting out or already advanced in your degree. Luckily, you can find creative and effective ways to save by doing a little research and asking questions. Your student ID card is more than just your access to campus buildings. It can save you countless dollars on all of your necessary purchases for school and home, entertainment, and self-care. Don’t be hesitant to present it at the counter next time you find yourself in a bookstore or eating at a restaurant. Follow these tips on how to save during your college years and remember to make the most of your college experience!




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