Stuck in a Rut? Here are 7 Productivity Hacks to Help You Focus

With these 7 productivity hacks, you are sure to experience improved performance the next time you study.


Are you working extremely hard, putting in extra effort, yet you fail to reach your study goals? We have something that you’ll like to read.


In recent times, we’ve learned about productivity from distinguished researchers who have written about how to make your studying much more effective. The good news is that you can work smarter, not harder. According to Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman, what you need is “a unique box of tools”.


Similarly, Albert Einstein publicized the fact that we cannot keep trying the same thing over again in the hopes of getting a different result. You need to change your approach!


It is expedient that you master certain core skills which will make reading more fun and effective. Thankfully, these skills are easy to pick up. You just need to consciously apply your heart to it and you’ll enjoy the reward in due time.


Here are 7 productivity hacks which will help you focus on your studies.


Productivity Hack 1: Chewing Gum


This is just what you need to beat that caffeine addiction, right? There are several reasons why we believe that chewing gum is an ultimate productivity hack. One is because research has shown that if you chew a particular flavor of gum when you study, chewing the same flavor brings back memories of what you read while you were chewing. Chewing gum is also a wonderful way to keep you from falling asleep.


Productivity Hack 2: Mnemonics


Depending on the type of school you attended as a child, you are likely to remember sentences like “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” for PEMDAS and “My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles” for the 9 planets.


Even if this wasn’t the exact variation you knew, you’re definitely not a stranger to mnemonics. The truth is that it works. It helps you remember key concepts and it also unleashes your creativity. Whether it’s a song, a poem, or just a bunch of sentences, get into the mnemonic spirit!


Productivity Hack 3: Write Your Notes by Hand


There’s nothing wrong with reading on your PC or using your mobile phone as a study companion. However, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice when you do not write down what you have learned. Studies even show that students are more likely to recall what they wrote down with their hands.


Productivity Hack 4: Make a Cheat Sheet


Be calm. Before you think that we’re trying to encourage fraud, listen to this. A cheat sheet is a compendium of all you’ve learned so far. Hence, to create it, you must have a solid understanding of the semester’s syllabus. More so, it takes real skill and genius to be able to compress 4 months of work into a few lines. So, why not try it out? One more thing, it simplifies your revision process.


Productivity Hack 5: Study Early


There are two interpretations of this phrase and we shall go with both. The first is that you should wake up early to read. Why? Your brain is more energized and fresh from relaxation early in the morning. This will cause you to assimilate more than you would at any other time of the day.


The other explanation is to begin reading early in the semester. If possible, cover the required textbooks before resumption. And then as the class progresses, it’ll become easier to understand the course.


Productivity Hack 6: Teach Others


This is, by far, the most difficult productivity hack. Yet, it is the most effective one, especially when you’re teaching your crush (just kidding). Teaching is such a tasking chore which requires a critical understanding of the topic at hand. As a result, you are likely to put in more work when you’re preparing and this will ultimately improve your understanding.


Productivity Hack 7: Drink Water


This is simple, yet profound. Henceforth, monitor the amount of water you take and ensure that it exceeds at least 2 gallons. If you wait till you feel thirsty before you take water, you’re doing yourself more harm than good. This is because dehydration will drain you of energy and limit your ability to study effectively.


One last hack


Because we love you so much and we really want you to succeed, here’s one last productivity hack. Eliminate every form of distraction but make time for it. This sounds counterintuitive but it isn’t. Here’s how it goes.


Make sure your study space is optimized for studying. Put off social media, TV, and even snacks. However, after a while, leave the space and indulge your cravings for a few minutes. Make sure it is timed though. When the time is up, go back to studying. You’ll be happy you did.


See you at the top of your class!

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