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8 Personal Finance Blogs for College Students

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When you have questions, you probably look to the Internet to find some answers. When it comes to learning about money, there is a wide range of informative resources online. Personal finance blogs can help you better manage your money, earn more money, reduce debt, invest smarter, choose financial tools more wisely, among other benefits.

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But in a world wide web of resources, where do you get started? Have no fear! We’re going to share some of the best finance blogs that are worthwhile to follow. They are broken down based on financial goals and target audiences. Before we jump into that, let’s quickly define what personal finance means.

Put simply, personal finance is every practice and activity that is related to how you manage your money. It includes investing, saving, budgeting, insurance, mortgages, retirement planning, tax and estate planning, and banking.

Personal finance can easily become overwhelming. Whether you have a small amount of money that you wish to grow or a large sum of money that you want to make the most of, personal finance tips and tricks will help you accomplish your financial goals.

Personal Finance Blogs Worth Following

So, let’s talk about money! There’s likely to be a blog about money about any topic you’re looking to learn. You can also find blogs that align with your identity or current life stage. For example, if you’re a college student looking to avoid student loan debt, then a blog post about debt relief, saving for school, or choosing loans wisely can help you. 

Here are some personal finance blogs that can guide you along your personal finance journey so you can have what it takes to be in control of your own money.

1.Mr. Money Mustache 

Looking for a veteran in the game? Mr. Money Mustache is run by Pete Adeney. Fun fact about Pete: he and his wife retired at 30 years old! A few years later, they launched Mr. Money Mustache and amassed a group of followers known as Mustachians. With a focus on stock market index funds, Mustachians can learn all about financial independence from a guy who achieved it himself. For online and offline content, subscribers can also make use of the Mr. Money Mustache mobile app. 

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2. Debt Free Guys

David and John, a married couple, aim to “help other queer people live fabulously.” Their idea of living fabulously means that you can donate money and time to causes you care about, have time for personal endeavors, drive your dream car, travel, and more. Combined with their podcast, Queer Money, their blog Debt Free Guys is highly rated amongst the LGBTQ community. They created a 7-step system that helped them to pay off $51,000 in credit card debt. 

3. Inspired Budget

On a budget or want to learn how to create a budget that can work for your needs? Allison Baggerly’s blog, Inspired Budget, compiles a long list of lessons that she and her husband learned along their journey to pay off their debt in five years. With a mission to help women better manage their money and establish financial freedom, the blog is replete with free budgeting resources. Allison provides a free budget class. She also has an Instagram account that offers extra advice. 

4. Frugal Rules 

Have an array of financial goals or hopes and dreams? Frugal Rules is all about finding financial freedom, so as soon as you enter the blog, you get to choose your goal and go from there. It was founded by John Schmoll, who overcame paying off $50,000  in debt. His blog is full of best practices on multiple topics, including: investing, budgeting, and financial literacy, to name a few. 

5. Money Under 30 

When it comes to money, starting to manage it as early as possible can end up paying dividends in the future. David Weliver started the blog to share how he overcame $80,000 in debt. Since then, it’s turned into a money management resource for young adults. Readers can learn about banking, loans, investing, credit cards, insurance, and personal finance.

6. Millennial Money Man

With a similar target audience as Money Under 30,  Millennial Money Man is written by Bobby Hoyt who shares insights and information about making money, paying off debt, and investing money. He also often provides reviews of financial tools. It’s a great resource for any young adult looking to make wise decisions from the beginning. If you’re a college student, this blog will also serve as a great guide. 

7. The Penny Hoarder 

As the name implies, The Penny Hoarder takes every bit of money seriously! The blog was founded in 2010 and was named the #1 Fastest Growing Private Media Company by the Inc. 5000. Readers turn to the blog to learn about budgeting, making money, saving money, retirement, credit scores, debt, investing, banking, home buying, taxes, and insurance. By sharing these tips, The Penny Hoarder is on a mission to empower people to take action toward their financial goals. 

8. Money Saving Mom

Created by Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom is all about how to raise a family on a budget. Crystal shares all her tips about how to save more money and find deals. She provides readers with sections on store deals, online deals, mobile savings, managing money, earning income, freebies, and recipes on a budget. 

More Money, Fewer Problems 

These eight personal finance blogs are bound to have something in store for you. Take some time to look over the ones that call out your name or your financial goal so you can start picking up knowledge. 

The great thing about reading blogs is that you get to connect with a community of like-minded people who share your goals. This way, you will not only get to learn how to be financially independent, overcome debt, save money, and invest, but you will also be able to make new connections with fellow people who are trying to do the same thing! And, as shared, some of these blogs come along with podcasts, forums, events, and social media pages where you can dive even deeper into the subject matter and networking opportunities. 

You’ll find anything you are looking for on the Internet, so if you need a different type of blog or another subject, don’t hesitate to perform a quick Google search to find it! 

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