NYU Collaboration To Accept UoPeople Transfer Students

When I met Shai last year, I told him that we are so committed to his agenda that we have to be partners. Our mission is spreading our education and knowledge, and if we can find some amazing kids from sub-Saharan Africa or Haiti through this wonderful vehicle of the University of the People and set an example among elite schools with resources, so much the better.

– John Sexton, President of NYU


This could be perhaps one of the biggest milestones for University of the People to date: NYU and UoPeople have established an agreement as announced in The New York Times on June 8 2011.


To have NYU recognize the work we are doing, collaborate with us to identify top students eligible for transfer to NYU – Abu Dhabi Campus, and work to ensure bright UoPeople students receive generous scholarships, is phenomenal. We have worked very hard to strive for quality in our work while opening the gates to higher education for individuals around the world, and now have received the supportive acknowledgement of both our quality and the aptitude of our students from NYU.


Our collaboration with NYU is not only a milestone for UoPeople, but also one within academia itself. For too long, underprivileged youth have been shut out of the opportunity to progress academically, largely because of financial reasons, but also because of the lack of resources available. We are so excited that the time has finally come for those less financially fortunate to be able to seize the opportunity presented and go as far as they can with it, including the potential to transfer to NYU Abu Dhabi – one of the most selective institutions in the world.


Our mission is to democratize higher education worldwide: what an achievement to see the gates of opportunity for our students opening wider, extending out to NYU. For all our students living in tents in Haiti or elsewhere, living as refugees after genocides or expulsion, living in extreme conditions of poverty, struggling to eat a meal but still determined to study – this opportunity is for you more than ever before. Stay focused on your studies; keep your determination to excel at every course and overcome every challenge; and prove to yourself, and the world, that when the playing field to opportunity is leveled, every individual has the capability to progress forward and change our world for the better.

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