What Is A Marketing Degree And Is It Worth It?


Marketing is all about getting people interested in a product, service, company or cause. If you are creative and are interested in people and what makes them tick, marketing might be for you. But what is a marketing degree, and is it worth it? Learn all about marketing degrees here and decide for yourself.



What Is Marketing?

Marketing is all about getting someone interested in a service or product. There are many aspects of marketing, but it is all with the end-game in mind of communicating the value of your product to potential customers, with the hope that they will purchase or lead to a purchase in some way.


Effective marketing requires many stages and many areas of expertise such as strategy, analytics, graphic design, psychology, sociology, economics, and more.



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What Is A Marketing Degree?

Marketing degrees can either be bachelor’s of arts, or bachelor’s of science degrees. The main difference is that the bachelor’s of arts will focus on the humanities fields of marketing, where a bachelor’s of science will emphasize scientific or mathematical aspects of marketing.


Both degrees will give you a general understanding of marketing principles, and may offer you focuses to choose from such as marketing analytics, digital marketing, or marketing design.


An undergraduate marketing degree is taught in the form of lectures, coursework, seminars, projects, and exams, and usually takes four years to complete.



6 Types Of Marketing Degrees

There are several options for marketing degrees, here are the most common ones:



1. Certificate In Marketing


A certificate in marketing is usually offered as a shorter program, with less credits and less time to complete than a full degree program. Many certificates can be specific and focused on one aspect of marketing and are a great way to enhance your resume. 



2. Associate Marketing Degree


This marketing degree is usually a two-year program and may be a good choice for those who have finished high school and are looking for a shorter, less costly investment than a full, four-year degree.



3. Bachelor’s Marketing Degree


Bachelor’s degrees in marketing are the right choice for either high school or AA (Associate of Art) grads, looking to pursue a career in marketing. This is a great start for those looking to get a broad base of knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.



4. Master’s Degree In Marketing


If you are looking for more advanced study in marketing, or for a career change, a master’s degree in marketing may be for you. This degree can help you further your career in marketing, making you eligible for higher positions. It can also be an option for those who studied a related field in undergraduate studies, and are looking to get into marketing later in their career.



5. MBA With Marketing Focus


A Masters of Business Administration with a focus in marketing is one of the most coveted and highly desirable marketing degrees. If you are able to put in the financial and time investment into an MBA in Marketing, this degree will get you far.



6. Doctorate Degree In Marketing


A doctorate degree in marketing is the highest academic degree in marketing that you can achieve. This degree is best for those looking to teach marketing, or to pursue a career in research.



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Should I Get A Marketing Degree?

If you are creative, social, and interested in how people act or what makes them tick, a marketing degree may be the right choice for you. With a marketing degree, you will fine-tune those skills, and become more interpersonal, analytical, and persuasive.


A marketing degree is a great choice for college students of all types because it is broad enough to prepare students for a wide range of career options, but still focused on one of the most in-demand areas of business.



How To Choose A Marketing Degree Program

Each marketing program is unique and may have different specializations, curriculum, admission requirements, and of course, tuition costs. To choose the best marketing degree for you, consider your budget, how long you have to complete the degree, where you want to study, and how flexible you need the program to be. If you are already working, for example, you may consider online study.


Program curriculum and specialized offerings are also very important factors to consider when choosing a marketing degree program. Some schools may be perfect for those looking for digital marketing, others may be better suited for students interested in marketing analytics. Some programs are actually business degrees with a focus in marketing, which is another option to consider.



Marketing Degree Requirements

To be admitted into a marketing degree program, for undergraduate studies, you need to have a high school degree or equivalent and transcripts available, letters of recommendation, an entrance essay, test scores, and pay an application fee. Specific schools and programs will differ in their application requirements, but these are generally required for most college undergraduate admissions.



Marketing Degrees Online

There are plenty of online marketing degrees available today. Studying online is a flexible option for those looking for more freedom while they study. In many cases, studying online may also be less expensive than studying in person. It is also very common to find online business degrees with specializations in marketing, as well as marketing certificates offered fully online. University of the People, for example, offers a fully online B.S. in Business and MBA in Business, both of which offer marketing courses as part of the curriculum.



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What Can I Do With A Marketing Degree?

Almost every business and industry needs marketing. Marketing graduates can seek careers in PR, market research, brand management, and advertising. Check out our full guide on what you can do with a marketing degree.



Marketing Degree Salaries

The average salary for undergraduate degree-holders in business and marketing is $66,000. If you chose to further your studies and get an MBA in Marketing, that figure jumps up to $97,000!


No matter what marketing degree you end up with, it is a very lucrative field to be in, with higher-than-average salaries across the board.



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Are Marketing Degrees A Waste Of Money?

There has been debate about whether or not one can actually ‘study’ marketing, or if it is something inherently understood by a certain lucky few, or something that can be learned on the job. Some say that successful marketers are successful because they know what customers want, not because of any academic degree. While this may be true in some regards, a marketing degree will still give you the tools you need to be able to understand what makes a customer purchase.


Another vital aspect of a marketing degree is the ability to participate in marketing projects with mentors to guide you along the way. While the same may happen on the job, or in an internship, it is unlikely that you will receive the same support and helpful feedback in a job setting, when compared to a school setting.


Overall, a marketing degree will give you the skills and the confidence to pursue a career in any area of marketing. Many employers are only hiring college grads these days, so by getting a marketing degree, you are making yourself a desirable candidate in the applicant pool.




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