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Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?

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Take a look around you. In fact, look at whatever you’re using to read this article. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone, or computer, there’s no doubt that technology is all around us these days. With the growth of technological devices and systems, you may find yourself asking, “Is technology a good career path?”

We’re here to share some more information about a career in tech, some of the best technology careers, and how to start a career in technology should it be of interest to you.

So, power on your focusing efforts and let’s get to it.

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How Do You Evaluate a Career Path?

Before we answer, “Is technology a good career path” let’s ask and answer the pressing question of “What constitutes a good career path?”

But, the answer isn’t black-and-white. It really varies by person and depends on what matters most to you. For some, a good career path is one that makes a lot of money and can afford their desired lifestyle. For others, it’s having a solid work/life balance.

To define what matters most to you, it’s good to consider your overall goals, what drives you, what you’re passionate about.

What Makes Technology a Good Career Path?

In the case of technology, there are a lot of advantages to choosing a career in this ever-evolving and growing field.

Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

Solid Earning Potential

Careers in tech tend to be high-paying. The salary will naturally depend on your education, level of expertise, job title, and location. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $91,250 as of May 2020. While that’s an average, you can consider that computer and information research scientists with a master’s degree can expect to earn an average of $126,830. As you can already see and will see more in-depth below, positions within the tech industry are relatively lucrative.

Many Job Options

The field of tech encompasses so many different job opportunities. For example, if you are interested in web applications and development, you can become a web developer. Or, if you prefer to work with networks and data security, you can explore a job within information technology. Some other career paths within the field of technology include information and cybersecurity, technical support, database administration, applications development, graphic design, systems analysis, and more.

Job Security and Job Growth

Given that we exist within the digital age and the job growth in tech is expected to grow much faster than average at 13% through 2030, you can rest assured knowing that there is high demand for these types of positions. That means that earning your degree in computer science or a related field can set you up with high prospects of obtaining a job upon graduation.

Challenging and Exciting Career Path

It’s likely impossible that you’ll experience two of the same days working in a tech-related field. That’s because there’s always new innovation, updates, and challenges to learn and resolve. For this reason, a career path in tech tends to be exciting and invigorating.

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Best Technology Careers

Now that you know some of the reasons why a career in tech is desirable, we can take a look at some of the best technology careers.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is a developer who can manage both frontend and backend development. They create server-side and client-side functions, such as websites and databases. Full-stack developers have knowledge of multiple programming languages, database technologies, and API development, to name a few. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a full-stack developer is $99,274. 

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers test and build software with automation capabilities. They take care of managing resources, monitoring the performance of software updates, and overseeing network operations. Glassdoor reports that the average salary for this role is $112,000 in the United States.

Data Scientist

With the immense volume of data traveling to, from, and within organizations, more and more businesses are relying on data scientists to help gain insights from raw data. Data scientists analyze and present information such that business leaders and people can make better decisions. The average salary is $74.647, per Indeed.

IoT Solutions Architect

An Internet of Things (IoT) solutions architect is responsible for working with sales teams and engineers to establish efficient processes using the aid of technology. The solutions architect may be tasked with getting the buy-in from executives to deploy a new technology within an organization, for example. This is a great role for someone who enjoys the blend of business, technology, and strategy. The average salary for an IoT architect is $132,462, as per ZipRecruiter.

Cybersecurity Analyst

With the rise of technological systems and applications, the threat of security breaches is only growing. That’s why there’s a huge demand for cybersecurity analysts and specialists. Cybersecurity analysts protect a company’s software, hardware, and networks from threats and breaches. They need to understand how the infrastructure is set up and evaluate risks to plan for protection and prevention. Per Glassdoor, the average salary for this position is $80,078. 

How to Start a Career in Technology?

If you’re interested in a career in technology, then you can follow these steps to get going.

Earn a degree or certificate

Most positions will require at least a bachelor’s degree. You can obtain a degree in subjects like computer science, information technology, or a related field to work in positions in tech. Or, if you already have a job in the field and are looking to expand your skills and knowledge, you can enroll in a certificate program.

Develop your skills

Whether you have earned your degree already or are in the process, you should always work on developing and strengthening your skills. As mentioned, this could be done by taking a certificate program. Or, it could be by enrolling in a boot camp dedicated to your field of choice, or by practicing on your own time.

Expand experience

Gain experience through freelance gigs, internships, and even paid positions. For roles like web developers, it’s great to build a portfolio to showcase your work. For other positions, you can expand your network through your experiences so you have references when it comes time to apply for your dream job.

Apply to jobs

With education and experience, it’s time to apply for jobs! You’ll need to prepare a resume or CV and get ready to interview. 

Earning Your Degree Online

Before you go, did you know that you can earn your degree entirely online? There are institutions like the University of the People, for one, that offers degree programs to prepare graduates to enter a career in tech.

At the University of the People, you can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in computer science or a master’s degree in information technology (MSIT). Here’s a look at the big differences between those two specializations.

Closing Thoughts

With the high earning potential, job opportunities, and benefit to society, most people would agree to answer “yes” if asked, “Is technology a good career path?” Depending on your own interests and career goals, take time to explore more about the best technology careers to find one that fits your list of requirements.