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How University of the People is Breaking Down the Barriers to Higher Education

How University of the People is Breaking Down the Barriers to Higher Education copy

The one thing that no one can take away from anyone is their education (and knowledge). The importance of education has led to revolutionary new ways of teaching and learning, such as online colleges.

When it comes to higher education, institutions were once intended to be exclusive and reserved for the privilege of the few. Nowadays, educational institutions, such as University of the People, are doing as much as they can to continue breaking education barriers to make education accessible for all.

Interested to know what University of the People is doing to break barriers to education? We’re going to share all you’d want to know so you can explore your higher education possibilities!

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What is University of the People?

University of the People (UoPeople) is the first-of-its-kind, tuition-free, non-profit, American, and accredited online university. It was founded in 2009 and gained its accreditation in February 2014. 

According to UNESCO, an estimated 100 million young people will be unable to find actual seats in traditional universities. In an effort to provide educational access for students around the world, University of the People created an educational revolution. By offering degree-granting programs and non-degree certificate options, University of the People operates entirely online. 

By being an online institution for higher education that’s also a non-profit, UoPeople is committed to being tuition-free and can do so with the help of volunteers and donors. 

The Mission Behind the Institution 

Besides being tuition-free and online, the mission that moves UoPeople forward is what also sets us apart. We strive to make quality accredited education accessible to all eligible students. Through flexible, online programs we are able to give our graduates the opportunity to lead successful, fulfilling lives, both as individuals and as members of society. 

The programs we offer are designed to engage our students in a continual process of improvement while leveraging the power of technology to improve the student experience. 

Students from any background can enroll in our programs with distant education offerings that only require the internet. With minimal costs and fees, along with robust financial assistance opportunities, we are breaking barriers in education programs. 

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Enrollment Requirements and Academic Opportunities 

Our wide range of academic programs include:

Master’s Programs 

  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Education (M.Ed)
  • Information Technology (MSIT)

Bachelor’s Programs 

  • Business Administration
  • Health Science
  • Computer Science

Associate’s Programs 

  • Business Administration 
  • Health Science
  • Computer Science

Certificate Programs 

Along with the tuition-free nature of our programs, another way we are breaking education barriers is by having minimal requirements to enroll. The main two necessities to apply are proof of high school completion and English proficiency. While some programs may require a few additional items, the intention is such that anyone is welcome to start learning today!

Breaking Barriers: The UoPeople Difference

We’ve mentioned most of the benefits of attending University of the People already throughout this article, but to sum up the main advantages, take a look at this list:


That’s right! When you attend University of the People, you don’t have tuition costs to do so. There are minimal fees associated with enrollment, but there are also scholarships and financial assistance programs to help cover such fees. 


Since everything takes place online, you can learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. 

Highly accessible 

Given the few requirements, location-independent setup, and tuition-free model, UoPeople is made to be highly accessible for all. 


Should any of our students wish to apply for scholarships, here’s a look at some scholarships that we offer. 

Why UoPoeople is Special: Get to Know Our Student Body 

Our student body is composed of people from over 200 countries and territories from every walk of life.

Our Founder, Shai Reshef, shared that he opened University of the People, “to create an alternative to those who have no other… [to] open the gates to higher education for every qualified student, regardless of what they earn, where they live, or what society says about them… Every student with a high school diploma, sufficient English and Internet connection can study with us.” 

Students who are enrolled at University of the People have immense flexibility and freedom to learn when and where they want to. This enables everyone to be able to gain their higher education without having to make sacrifices. For example, our students are: 

  • Career-changers: Those who have earned a degree or worked in a field and are seeking a shift in their career. 
  • Asylum-seekers/refugees: If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having to flee a country, you’re welcome to enroll in our institution in an alternative manner that doesn’t require original diplomas or transcripts. 
  • International students: As alluded to, students from all over the world join our international student body and get to network with peers from different countries and cities. 
  • Parents: Being a parent with familial responsibilities doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream to learn. Since everything is online and the schedule is flexible, you can have a family while earning your degree or certificate and work around whatever schedule is in your favor. 
  • Business owners: Given the immense flexibility, business owners who wish to further excel in their education or learn new skills can also take part in our programs. 

The Bottom Line

No matter who you are or where you’re from, University of the People is breaking barriers in education. With a mission rooted in providing accessible, affordable, and quality education, our non-profit, accredited, and online institution is made for you to achieve your dreams! 

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