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How To Survive A Boring Class (And Still Get Good Grades)


Not all classes are created equally. Throughout your academic experience, you may find yourself in a class that you find to be unengaging. The challenge will be to still get a good grade and complete the course. But how do you survive a boring class? What works for some won’t work for others.

To help you get through, we’ve compiled some of the best tips and proven practices that help students get through boring classes.

14 Tips To Survive A Boring Class

Bored students in class
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Before Class

1. Sleep Well

Your sleep is inherently tied to your ability to focus. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep so that your brain has what it needs to function and focus.

2. Read Material

Things are more engaging when they make sense. It’s likely that your teacher/professor will assign reading material that’s related to the lecture for the day. If you’ve read the material, then you will be able to better understand the topic and may feel more willing to remain engaged.

3. Create Questions In Advance

When you enter class prepared, you can also write up questions to ask before the class so that you’re actively participating. It will aid in passing the time!

4. Prepare Yourself For A Mentally-Draining Class

If you already know that this class is boring or leaves you feeling drained, then try not to have another expectation. That way, you won’t feel disappointed. The best-case scenario is that the class goes well and you instead feel surprised.

During Class

5. Sit Up Front

Just like in real estate, your location matters! If you’re attending a class in-person and have the choice of where to sit, then position yourself up front. You may be inclined to pick a seat in the back, but when you sit up front, you’ll be closer to the teacher. This will make you more accountable to pay attention and dissuade you from getting lost in distractions like your phone.

6. If You Are On Your Laptop, Don’t Check Social Media

Let’s repeat this one — don’t check social media. It’s a rabbit hole that will lead you so far in that you’ll forget where you started. If you feel you can’t control yourself, then use a third-party monitoring app like KeepMeOut which allows you to lock yourself out of whatever site you want for whatever period of time you designate.

7. Enjoy A Cold Beverage During Class

Cold air helps to keep people awake. In the same vein, drinking a cold beverage can help to stimulate your senses and help you stay in the moment.

8. Sit With An Enthusiastic Classmate

Sit nearby a student who demonstrates their interest or care for the class. This way, you can hopefully feed off of their energy.

9. Take Notes During Class

Remember what we said about being engaged and participating before? By taking notes, you will not only better absorb the material, but you will be able to use your notes as a resource to study for upcoming exams.

10. Take A Quick Bathroom Break

If the class is dragging on and you need a quick refresh, step outside to use the bathroom and come back. Use the short break to remind yourself that you need to walk back to the room (or computer, if you’re taking an online class) with intention.

After Class

11. Do Your Homework!

Doing your homework will most likely be reflected as a part of your grade. So, you’ll have to do it if you want to get a good grade in the class. Furthermore, doing your homework will help you to better understand material and give yourself a bigger incentive to pay attention during class time.

12. Figure Out The Root Of Your Problem

Why do you find the class so boring? It is not challenging enough or is it too challenging? Is it not being counted towards your major? Ask yourself what about the class is making it feel boring and try to address the root cause.

13. Pinpoint A Topic In The Subject That Interests You

Put in the effort to find something about the subject that you find interesting. Once you find interest, you may experience a domino effect and start to care more about other parts of the class.

14. Adjust Your Perspective

Realize that this is temporary and it all contributes to your future self. Even if the class is boring, you will be able to gain valuable lessons about yourself and the subject while attending. Focus yourself on the positive attributes rather than the negative and more good will come your way!

Student who is staying engaged in class online
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Taking Online Classes?

Are you bored and attending school online? Try these tips:

  • Designated Workspace: Just like where you sit in a classroom setting will affect your attention levels, so will the environment in which you learn from home, a coffee shop, a library, etc. Choose a workspace that is built for your educational needs, meaning it may be quiet, clutter-free, and only used for the purpose of learning.
  • Remove Distractions: Leave your phone in a different place and limit distractions. If you have kids, try to study when they are not around or plan an activity to keep them occupied while you are in class. Here’s a look at some of our best tips for studying at home.
  • Organize Your Schedule: Design your schedule based on your needs and preferences. If you’re a morning person, then get your schoolwork done in the morning when you feel energized. If you prefer to learn at night, log in when it gets dark out! Choose what’s right for your needs.
  • Take Breaks: Don’t forget to take breaks. Being an online high school or college student depends on proper time management. Time management involves being productive and also knowing when to take a step back and breathe. Study breaks can provide you with the necessary energy to jump back in with a stronger will.

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Stay Present, Stay Focused

Remind yourself that you have the power to be present as you choose to be. Even if you’re taking a boring class or it’s one that you dread attending, you can take actions and make choices that will work in your favor. Try one, some, or all of the aforementioned best practices and see how your class can transform from dull to dynamic!

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