Health Administration Jobs That Look Great On Your CV!

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Say the word healthcare and it’s likely that doctors and nurses come to mind. But, without health administration jobs and those who work them, there would be no healthcare system or patient care. Health administration professionals administer, lead, and manage healthcare systems, including hospital networks, hospitals, and big healthcare systems. 


Healthcare administration jobs offer a rewarding path for individuals who want to play a role in promoting and providing a healthy community. 



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What is Healthcare Administration?


Healthcare administrators are responsible for overseeing that hospitals, hospital systems, and healthcare organizations run smoothly. Their job duties are expansive and may involve:


  • Planning and coordination of services 
  • Supervising assistant administrators 
  • Overseeing staff scheduling, salary issues, patient billing, and supply inventory 
  • Staying aware of healthcare trends and politics to prevent issues in advance and remain agile 
  • Communicating with heads of departments 
  • Helping to achieve financial effectiveness 


Healthcare Administration Job Outlook 


The field of healthcare administration is promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expected to grow much faster than average, at 32% between 2019 and 2029. 


Healthcare administrators have the benefit of getting to work directly with people in a large setting. Their successful communication and organization skills contribute to people receiving the care they deserve and operations running as they should within medical facilities and related systems. 


Who Hires for Jobs in Health Administration?


It’s true that many healthcare administrators work in hospitals. However, this isn’t the only type of employer for these positions. Many administrators can go into private practice and oversee groups of physicians. Or, they can work for clinics and labs. 


Here’s a look at some of the types of employers of health administration professionals:


  • Hospitals
  • Private practice groups 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Ambulatory services 
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical companies 
  • Health insurance providers



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Best Healthcare Administration Jobs 


The growing field spans many types of positions that fall under the category of healthcare administration. With a degree in health care administration, you can consider the following health administration jobs:

  • Nursing home administrator:

    A nursing home administrator works to ensure that administrative and clinical work within a nursing home is happening as it should be. They may be responsible for: training, management, overseeing finances, staffing and hiring, and supervising medical care. 

  • Clinic administrator:

    A clinic administrator (also known as a manager or supervisor) works at a medical clinic to oversee hiring and training, hold staff meetings, and assign schedules. Some of their work may also include developing marketing plans, overseeing billing, and executing policies. 

  • Healthcare program director:

    If you enjoy the study of healthcare administration but want to apply your knowledge on a school campus, then you should consider becoming a healthcare program director. These professionals ensure that the quality of learning and education regarding course curricula for health is up to par. 

  • Social welfare administrator:

    Working to coordinate social services programs or outreach organizations, a social welfare administrator supports individuals and communities through direct service. They perform needs evaluations, resolve complaints, and may serve as advocates. They often also oversee volunteers and employees within programs. 

  • Hospice administrator:

    Hospices provide end-of-life care to patients who may be suffering from disease or managing pain. A hospice administrator manages financial operations within a hospice, meaning they are responsible for budgeting, setting service rates, and managing accounting. They also work to respond to the needs of their communities and develop policies that help those in need. 


Those wishing to work in health administration jobs can major in this exact discipline or related degrees like health science. If you’re looking to attend an affordable and accessible university, consider learning more about University of the People’s tuition-free online degree program in Health Science. 


Parting Words 


The world of healthcare cannot function without health administration jobs. While it’s common to envision working within a hospital setting, it’s not the only option available. 

The rapidly expanding field of health administration means that there are healthcare administration jobs available in a variety of settings including hospice, schools, insurance companies, and more.