Fun Things to do After Graduation Before Getting a Real Job


You’ve finally graduated! After investing so many long hours, and making so many sacrifices, you got the degree that you worked so incredibly hard for. Congrats and very well done! We’re proud of you. Now you are likely wondering what to do after graduating from university, right? Not only are you wondering what to do, but surely are also wondering how to be successful after graduation. You probably think that since you’re done with your studies, it’s time to jump right into the workforce and find yourself a real job. Well, not necessarily, believe it or not. It’s becoming increasingly common for students to make the most of their time after graduating, and take advantage of their newfound freedom, with no shortage of fun things to do after graduation.


So before you sign that contract for that full time job, perhaps you should consider taking some well deserved time off for yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to hang out at the beach all day, but it does mean that you can enjoy yourself while even advancing your career at the same time. It’s really not a black-and-white kind of situation. There is a grey area that you can easily find with our help.


Here are some fun things to do after graduation, that can be both for yourself and your career before you take that big next step, and why it’s important to make that time.



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Why It’s Important to Take Some Time Off

Why is it important to do such a thing for yourself, to take some time off when you could be making money right away? After all, that’s the main reason why you studied, worked so hard, and got a degree in the first place, right? Well, as it turns out, taking this time off could help you in the long run, and could help you be even more successful. It’s important to keep this in mind as you make your future plans after completion of graduation.


It can be hard to think about the big picture, especially with all this excitement and emotion that comes with graduating, but by doing something before you jump into a real job, you can enter it with even more life experience. By taking this time off, you will have the chance to learn more about yourself than you ever could before, and it will give you a better idea of what you want in a job. Perhaps you will find that you have a new passion that you never were aware of before.


In many cases, having a degree isn’t quite enough, unfortunately. Companies want to see that you have real life experience to show for yourself too. Having this extra experience will also help you stand out more in a highly competitive market, and will show that you are a well-rounded person, who has invested in making themselves as ready as possible to enter the workforce.


This well-deserved time off after working so hard will allow you to enter your first job rested, energized, and ready to be fully invested in this new beginning. Otherwise, you run the risk of burnout. No matter how strong and motivated you might be, we all need time to decompress before starting a new chapter. Your family needs you also and wants to spend some quality time with you before you begin another busy period in your life. This is your time to do the things that you love while feeling good about it.



Fun Things To Do After Graduation To Advance Your Career

There is no shortage of fun things that you can do to advance your career after graduating before you start a real job. For starters, there is volunteering. While you gain experience to add to your resume and knowledge, you will also be doing good for others, and have every reason in the world to feel great about yourself. It’s also a chance to learn about new fields that you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to, and when it comes to volunteering, the opportunities are truly endless.


If volunteering isn’t your style, then interning somewhere or even becoming a research assistant is also a great thing to do before you jump into the workforce. Not only will you have priceless experience to add to your resume, but it is also a great chance to establish professional connections. It is an opportunity to meet all kinds of people who would recommend you and vouch for your work in the future, opening doors for yourself in places you never before thought were possible. Who knows, it might lead you to your dream job.


Taking a course is another thing you can do in that in-between time, and is the perfect chance to learn some new skills or study something that you’ve always wanted to. You may have graduated, but learning is a never ending journey. A course is also something that can be done together with your family members, whether it be your spouse or your child, and you can help them advance their career or skills while learning something new yourself too.



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Fun Things To Do After Graduation For Yourself

Doing something after you graduate doesn’t necessarily have to be to specifically to advance your career, and it’s important to remember that. Traveling the world is one of the best and most fun things to do after graduation. Although traveling often comes with the connotation that’s it’s a huge expense, it really doesn’t have to be.


Traveling can actually be something that’s suitable for all budgets, and can be a great chance to make money if you decide to work while abroad or backpack and travel carefully. There are endless options of temporary jobs you can take on, such as working at a hotel or restaurant, which even offers a good chance at a free place to sleep or some free food.


Teaching English is another great way to make money while traveling, or perhaps as a travel guide if you’re adventurous and know your way around. Even working as a nanny or babysitter with a family is a wonderful way to travel without breaking the bank. Traveling is the ideal opportunity to learn about different cultures, and see places you’ve never seen before. Once you start a full-time job, it’s a lot harder to take time off work to travel.


Taking a gap year program is also another fun thing you can do for yourself after graduating. It’s a chance to meet all kinds of people, to learn more about the world and about yourself, and is perhaps also a chance to travel while doing it too. It’s an opportunity to do something you’ve always dreamed of with like-minded people. There are endless gap year programs for all kinds of styles, whether it be living on a farm or even a speciality summer camp.


One of the best things you can do for yourself after graduating is taking your passion to the next level, even if it’s not completely related to the career and job you have in mind for afterwards. Whether you love yoga, pilates, painting, singing, now is the time to invest in it, and in yourself. Even if you see no future in it as a career, it’s worth it to take this time to take a course or a certification in it. Life after graduation is the perfect time to take the time for yourself.


At University of the People, our goal as an online university is to offer you the opportunity to have the time to continue to do the things you love, to pursue your passions, to spend time with your family and loved ones, while still finding the time to get a high quality degree. Just because you’ve finished with your studies, this goal doesn’t end here, and should carry onto your career too.



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