Fun Jobs That Pay Well Can Be Yours!


The difference between business and pleasure doesn’t have to be all that far apart. When you’re in the job market, it makes sense that you’d want to be applying for fun jobs. So, you may find yourself wondering what fun careers are and how to find fun jobs that pay well. 


We’re here to share 5 easy steps to finding (and defining) a fun job. Then, we’ll take a look at some fun jobs to give you some inspiration as you move forward in your job search. 


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5 Easy Steps to Find a Fun Job 


Before we get to some job titles and descriptions, let’s consider what it means to apply to fun jobs in the first place. The job market is enormous and filled with many different types of opportunities. So, consider the following when you are job searching: 



1.Define Fun (and Happiness) for Yourself 


Fun jobs mean something different for everyone. For some people, a fun job would be one where you get paid for your passion. For others, a fun job consists of a lot of time in front of other people with face-to-face communication. For another person, a fun job may mean one that is constantly challenging and super fast-paced. The possibility of finding a fun job calls for the need to define what fun (and happiness) means to you on a personal level. 



2. Consider the Company Culture 


When it comes to any job, the company culture can make a huge difference between an employee’s (or contractor’s) happiness versus frustration. Company culture includes all the systems, behaviors, and values that inform how work gets done. To learn more about the company culture before applying to any position, you can read employee reviews on websites like Glassdoor



3. Get the Inside Scoop 


Check out your professional and personal network to see if anyone you know works for the company. This way, you can ask your questions about the company straight from the source. Consider leveraging platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or any alumni networks that you may be part of. 



4. Prepare for the Interview 


When you’re applying for jobs, the goal is to be hired. But first, you’ll likely have to take part in one or several interviews. Knowing this, you can prepare in advance. Keep in mind that interviews should be two-way streets, meaning that you are also seeing if the position is a good fit for you. So, not only should you be ready to answer common interview questions, but you should also prepare your own questions about the company, job role, and culture. 



5. Focus on Your Strengths 


There are various philosophies on whether success prompts happiness or happiness prompts success. What many people find in the workplace is that when they are successful and get the job done well, they feel more satisfied, happy, and have more fun. To help find a fun career, focus on your strengths. When you find jobs that complement your strengths, you are more likely to perform well and reap joy from doing so. Plus, with better performance comes a higher chance of being promoted, which contributes to your professional development and also your paycheck!  



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Get Inspired: Fun Jobs That Pay Well 


Ready to learn more about some popular positions that are considered to be fun jobs? 


Well, you’re in the right place! 


Let’s check the most fun careers out there. 



Concert Promoter 


A concert promoter works in the music industry to organize and promote concerts. They cover all the bases from establishing concert ticket prices to marketing the show up until the event itself. According to, concert promoters earn an average of $78,553.




Are you a wine connoisseur? Winemakers get to work with laboratory technicians and grape harvesters to oversee the process of making wine. Winemakers learn all about the different varieties of grapes and regions of growth to ensure the best quality product. The average salary for winemakers is $60,920 per year — cheers to that! 



Creative Director 


Creative directors apply their creativity daily to oversee creative departments for companies, agencies, or brands. Creative directors have to work their way up and gain experience as designers first, in most cases. But, once they do, they have the freedom to lead teams and establish brand standards. What’s more is that this fun career can fetch a six-figure salary, with the average sitting at $126,082



Food Scientist 


If you have a knack for science and a love of food, then the career of a food scientist could be a match made in culinary heaven. Food scientists use chemistry,  biology, and other sciences to analyze the nutritional content of food and ensure food safety. Payscale reports that the average food scientist salary is $66,514. 



Music Therapist 


For those with musical talent and the desire to help others, becoming a music therapist could pave the way to a fun and fulfilling career. Music therapists assess their patients’ physical and mental wellbeing, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through their responses to music. They may work with patients on songwriting and lyric discussion, for example. The top 20% of music therapists earn roughly $78,000. 



Ready to Find Fun Jobs? 


Once you have your own definition of fun in mind, then it’s time to start assessing your own skills, experience, and education to see what type of fun jobs you qualify for. 


It could be the case that you’re ready to change careers to one that will be more fun, but you could be missing the necessary education to do so.  If that’s your situation, consider attending online college to help you get to where you want to be. The benefits of online college are plenty, including lower costs (compared to traditional colleges), schedule flexibility, and the option to learn at your own pace. 


Once you have all the requirements to apply for the position you wish to fill, then you’ll be one step closer to obtaining the job of your dreams! 


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