A College Education Offers Unimaginable Benefits

Ever attended college graduation and wondered how you could become one of the happy people at graduation? There’s a reason why college graduates accept their degree smiling, and it is often because of the college education benefits they have earned.


Looking to be a part of that crowd? In this article, we will share the various benefits of a college degree and take a look at the personal benefits of going to college. This way, you can decide if the path of higher education is the path that you wish to pursue.



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Professional Benefits of a College Degree


Some of the primary reasons why students choose to seek a higher education degree is the professional incentives that it comes along with.


The professional benefits of earning a college degree include:



Becoming a More Marketable Candidate


When applying for jobs, there’s often a large pool of candidates who are vying for the same position. That’s why cover letters and resumes play such an important role in the process. On your resume, if you have a college degree, employers will place you in the category of being a degree holder. In more cases than not, when compared to another candidate without a degree, you will be placed ahead in the ranking because a college degree serves as a single to employers. It signifies that you are persistent, determined, and able to reach goals.




Having More Job Opportunities


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs with the most job openings between 2019 and 2029 will require at least a bachelor’s degree. While it is possible to hold positions with a high school diploma or associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree will widen your job opportunities the most.




Increasing Your Earning Potential


Beyond gaining access to more job possibilities, you will also increase your earning potential by having a degree. It’s an unfortunate but true statistic that the gap between the lifetime earnings of a college graduate and a non-college graduate varies by sex. To illustrate, men with bachelor’s degrees are expected to earn $655,000 more in median lifetime earnings when compared to high school graduates. Women with the same degree are expected to earn $450,000 more in median lifetime earnings than high school diploma holders.




Enhancing Your Ability to Change Careers


It’s very common for people to change their careers after starting in one field. For example, in the United States, about half the workforce changes their careers every one to five years. And, the third most common barrier for changing careers is attributed to having a lack of education (37% share that this is their reason to remain in a career that they are not satisfied with). That being said, it’s clear to understand how earning a college degree will provide you with what you need to make a career shift, no matter how young or old you may be.




Widening Your Networking Opportunities


The financial opportunities, career options, and flexibility provided when earning a college degree are all compounded by one’s networking opportunities. College campuses and online colleges are a melting pot of people who come together from around the world to invest in their shared goal of bettering themselves. This presents immense networking opportunities for students. The people that you meet in college, as well as their respective networks, could be your foot in the door for internship opportunities, research projects, and even paid positions.

Experiencing a Positive Return on Investment (ROI)


The lifetime return on investment for every level of a college degree (i.e. associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate) is positive over the span of 20 years and one’s lifetime. Take a look at the data that tells this story from That means that what you put into college, in terms of finances, will pay out positively with your lifetime earnings, making a college degree worth it. Plus, if you want to earn a degree without breaking the bank, you can do so at online colleges like the University of the People, which is tuition-free. This way, you can truly maximize your lifetime earnings.



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Personal Benefits of Going to College


The happiest college students don’t only get to experience the professional benefits of a college degree. They also get to partake in the personal benefits of going to college.


Some of these upsides include:


  • The ability to foster one ‘s independence: Going to college may mean leaving home for the first time, becoming responsible for your own schedule, and having to manage your own finances. These all make you more independent and ready to enter the “real world” after college.
  • The opportunity to meet new friends: With student bodies that are diverse, students get to make friends with people who come from different or similar walks of life.
  • The chance to develop one’s leadership skills: Every college degree will help you to hone transferable skills, such as leadership skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and more.
  • The unparalleled years of college life: The “college experience” is probably something that you’ve heard about before and is often touted as some people’s favorite years of life. This is partially attributed to the fact that you’re learning about yourself, making new friends, taking on new challenges, and becoming independent during this time.
  • The immense feeling of accomplishment: After spending two to four (plus) years working towards a goal, earning a college degree provides a great feeling of pride and accomplishment. And, it’s rightfully so!
  • The expansion of one’s knowledge base: With more years of education, you get to increase your knowledge base and deepen your level of understanding. This is true of general education topics and the subject that you choose as your major.



A College Degree is Full of Upsides


After reading this article, you can see that there is a wide array of college education benefits to be had. Regardless of what you choose to study, you will be able to enhance your career, expand your personal and professional skill set, and have an experience unlike any other as a college student.


So, is it your time to become one of the happiest college students? It’s up to you to decide! The many advantages await.

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